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List of Apple hardware

This is a complete list of hardware used in original Intel-based Macintosh computers produced by Apple Inc.


[edit] Processors

  • Pentium 4 660 3.6 GHz
    • Developer Transition Kit (ADP2,1), 2005
  • Pentium M @ 1.0 GHz, "Crofton"
    • Apple TV
  • Intel Core, Core Duo
    • Mac mini
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • LGA 1156
    • Core i5 750, Core i7 860 (iMac 27)
  • LGA 1366
    • Xeon W3565, E5645(Mac Pro)
  • LGA 1155 (Sandy Bridge)
  • LGA 1155 (Ivy Bridge)

[edit] Chipsets

[edit] Intel

[edit] North bridge

This list is incomplete.

[edit] South bridge

[edit] nVidia

[edit] Graphics adapters

[edit] ATI

[edit] Radeon X

[edit] Radeon HD

[edit] nVidia

[edit] GeForce

[edit] Quadro

[edit] Intel

[edit] Ethernet network adapters

[edit] Intel

  • 80003ES2LAN (id: 80861096)

[edit] Marvell Yukon

[edit] Broadcom

  • Broadcom 5701 chipset
    • Mac mini

[edit] Wireless

[edit] AirPort Extreme

[edit] Atheros

  • AR242x (id: 168c001c)
  • AR5001
  • AR5007 chipset
  • AR5008 (id: 168c0024)
  • AR5416 Macbook Pro 2006

[edit] Broadcom

  • BCM4322 chipset
  • BCM5764M chipset
  • BCM4321AG chipset (BCM94321MC mini-PCIe card)
  • BCM43xx chipset

[edit] Bluetooth

[edit] Broadcom

  • BCM20702
    • MacBook Pro 15" 2012

[edit] Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)

    • Macbook Pro 2006

[edit] Firewire adapters

[edit] Agere Systems

[edit] Texas Instruments

[edit] SATA controller‎s

[edit] Audio controllers

  • Intel High Definition Audio (Macbook Pro 2006)

[edit] Generic hardware

This hardware does not use or require specific drivers or kexts.

[edit] Hard disk drives

[edit] 5.25 inch

[edit] 3.5 inch

[edit] 2.5 inch

[edit] SSD

[edit] DVD drives

[edit] Full size

[edit] Slot loading

[edit] PowerPC hardware

To do: Add information on Apple support for this hardware in Mac OS X on Intel hardware.

Most Apple components used on PowerPC Macs are physically and electrically incompatible to Intel Macs. The exceptions are PCI Express graphics adapters used in Late 2006 Power Mac G5s and (maybe?) some AirPort cards. The Mac Pro uses no PCI or PCI-X slots.

[edit] nVidia

[edit] GeForce

[edit] Quadro

[edit] Fibre Channel

  • Apple Fibre Channel PCI Express Card

[edit] Mac Editions

PC hardware that has not been included in any Apple products has been sold in Apple Store as "Mac compatible". This includes "Mac editions" of graphics adapters.

[edit] Graphics adapters

[edit] ATI Radeon

[edit] Nvidia Geforce

  • GTX 285 - [2]

[edit] Nvidia Quadro

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