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[edit] What you need

[edit] Front Row

You can either take the package from the OSX DVD which lies in System/Intstallation/Packages/.packages/FrontRow.pkg (and is obviously missing on the 10.4.8 DVD) or you can even take the package from Apple (I guess they're identical).

[edit] Apple Remote

Go buy one either from Apple's stores or a reseller for $29/ 29 €/ 19 £ or on ebay for 10-20 € (approx. 15-25 $/ 5-15 £).

[edit] Infrared receiver

Since hackintoshs have no built-in IR receiver, we need a replacement for it. I have bought a 3rd party one, a Manta TR1 from Twisted Melon. You can buy it in their shop for $19.99 or bundled with the Mira software for $32. Fortunately, they're shipping worldwide, so everyone can get one. The default paying method is PayPal which also works in many countries. It's possible to pay with credit cards, too.

[edit] CI and QE

In fact, you also need hardware accelerated graphics for Front Row. Consult the forum to get it running on your graphics card ;).

[edit] How to set up

  1. Install Front Row with Pacifist.
  2. Install the Front Row Enabler by following this guide. (The link seems to be dead, so get it from Now, you should already be able to launch Front Row with Cmd+Esc.
  3. Install the Mira software from Twisted Melon, available on their website.
  4. Plug in in the Manta and push the menu button on the Apple Remote. FR should appear.
  5. Enjoy :)

[edit] Tips

  • If you use 10.4.8 with kernel 8.8.1, you shouldn't use from 10.4.4 because this can cause the processes and SystemUIServer not to react when starting FR several times.
  • The Apple Remote's signal is quite strong. It's even strong enough to go through solid objects. For example, you can mount the receiver behind your monitor so that it's completely hidden and invisible, just like on a real Mac :)

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