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This list of common spelling mistakes is used to correct typos throughout Wikipedia. See the misspellings entry on the maintenance page for details.

Note that not all occurrences of these will be misspellings: if they are in song titles, for instance, they must be left as the author intended; if they are in transliterations such as Wikipedia:Tao Teh Ching, then they may also be correct. Words may also be correctly spelled for pieces of text in other languages which occasionally appear within an English article yet be incorrect for English text. The guiding rule should be "Include words if they are more likely to be incorrect spellings than correct spellings even if this means that the maintenance page will occasionally show 'Wikipedia:False positives'".

Please don't delete a misspelling from this page just because it causes false positives. A better way of getting rid of false positives is to "comment them out". This can be done by changing the initial * symbol on a line into a : symbol. If this is done, it means that it's easy to put potential spelling errors back if you want to re-run a check for them at some future time.

When adding a misspelling, it is a good idea to also add all grammatical variants of the word at the same time.

Note that Americans spell some words differently from other English-speakers. Since Wikipedia accepts all variant spellings you should also see: Wikipedia:American and British English differences

The following external site includes English/American and American/English "translations", including spelling variations: http://www.peak.org/~jeremy/dictionary/dictionary/

See also: Wikipedia:Typo, Wikipedia:Redirects from misspellings

The correct spelling is listed in parentheses.

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For machines - machine-readable version


[edit] A

accidently (accidentally; accidently valid according to dictionary.com)
adaption (adaptation) -- listed as variant spelling
adaptions (adaptations) -- listed as variant spelling
agre (agree) (except Peter Agre)
agriculturalist (agriculturist--dictionary.com and m-w.com have both -- Wmahan.)
agriculturalists (agriculturists--dictionary.com and m-w.com have both -- Wmahan.)
algebraical (algebraic; dictionary.com lists both)
androgenous (androgynous--actually both are valid, and they have distinct meanings)

[edit] B

buffalos (buffaloes -- both are valid Wmahan.)

[edit] C

carmel (caramel) (carmel-by-the-sea)
carcas (carcass, Caracas)
causalities (casualties; causalities is also a word)
cipher (cypher, cipher)
collectable (collectible - OED has able as correct)
collectables (collectibles - OED has able as correct)
colouration (coloration)
commandoes (commandos; dictionary.com accepts both)
conveyer (conveyor - no, both are valid -- Wmahan.)
cypher (cipher, cypher)
Cyprian (Cypriot (but Cyprian as a personal name))

[edit] D

decypher (decipher)
decyphered (deciphered)
descendent (descendant) (both are acceptable_
descendents (descendants -- but the SST label band "The Descendents" is so spelled)
donut (variant of doughnut)

[edit] E

enamoured (enamoured, enamored)
encypher (encipher)

[edit] F

[edit] G

gasses (gases -- but both are valid according to dictionary.com)
grammer (grammar, except Wikipedia:Kelsey Grammer)
grat (great)
guillemet (guillemot - a bird)
guillemot (guillemet - French quotation mark)

[edit] H

heros (heroes)
humourous (This is not incorrect, just an alternative to humorous)

[edit] I

idae (idea)

[edit] J

[edit] K

[edit] L

lead (led)
leran (learn)
lief (life, leaf)
littel (little)
loosing (often losing, but "loosing" is sometimes intended)

[edit] M

[edit] N

nickle (nickel -- m-w.com lists as a variant Saaga)

[edit] O

[edit] P

planed (planned; but valid if it means "made flat")
predominately (predominantly--but both are valid)

[edit] Q

[edit] R

[edit] S

sq km (km²)
strnad (strand - unless the first name is Janez)
strat (start, strata - a Fender Stratocaster guitar is often called "strat")
strived (strove, striven - valid according to dictionary.com)
supercede (supersede)
superceded (superseded)
supercedes (supersedes)
Wikipedia:Oxford English Dictionary lists these as valid but disputed i.e. not incorrect.
The SOED (1975) fails to list supercede, but does list supersede
Askoxford.com fails to give supercede. Under supersede, it gives: USAGE The standard spelling is supersede rather than supercede

[edit] T

tornados (tornadoes--both are valid -- Wmahan.)

[edit] U

untied (OK for knots, or meaning "not tied", but is also a common typo for "united")
useable (usable; useable valid according to dictionary.com)

[edit] V

volcanos (volcanoes--both are acceptable Wmahan.)

[edit] W

wont (wont or won't)
ws (was) but valid as country code WS +

[edit] X

[edit] Y

[edit] Other

In addition to these words, many words which are spelled correctly are confused with another word which sounds the same or is spelled similarly. For example:

  • here and hear
  • it's and its
  • lose and loose
  • then and than
  • there, their, and they're
  • to, two, and too
  • were, where, and we're
  • your and you're
  • which and witch

[edit] Repeated words

It is easy to to accidentally type a word twice and not notice it, particularly if the the word is a short "invisible" one. Common such typos include:

  • the the
  • and and
  • is is
  • of of

Watch out for "had had" and "that that" which can often be correct, and places where a word appears twice separated by a punctuation mark.

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