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Sound note: Please state how many channels you have working (and in/out) and if volume/balance control works! Check /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI to verify the numbers of channels. These 5.1 and 7.1 cards/chips are shown as "working perfectly" and such when it's just stereo - and that just sucks if you think it works perfectly with more than stereo! I bought some hardware with the assumption at least 5.1 would work... but it doesn't. Not a really big deal to me, but I don't want to let anybody else repeat the mistake - and there's no reason to leave out that information, not really.

<forcer> I have edited Disk Drives section, because there is no reason to keep HDDs here. Section renamed to Optical Drives. .

dual core opteron 265 - only two kernels working?

i have two opteron 265 and a osx 10.4.8 running. the system profiler shows : Total Number Of Cores: 2 which should be 4! does anybody know about this?

greetings rastapeace . . . .

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