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Hi there, I have a Dell Optiplex GX280 and i installed successefully Iatkos v7 (Leopard) into that little machine, however i'm wondering how would i install iatkos s3 v2 (snow leopard). I've read many webs related with this instalation disc, however all of them regards to the same person installing that version to this gx280, in this case he/she (don't know if a boy or girl :) ) advised that the instalation hags when the report screen informs about the "dyld shared ...etc", and effectively that's what happens .... the advise is that below, but although i see the iso under windows, i can't see the file said to be modified, in fact there's no folder called system or like seen below, have a look at what i'm able to see the following files

"You must modify the boot disk for the install to complete successfully. For me the installation hung with about 8 minutes remaining. To prevent the installation from hanging, I modified the file "/System/Installation/Packages/scripts_b.pkg/Contents/Resources/postflight" on the boot disk, removing the lines containing "update_dyld_shared_cache_org".

Do anyone know where or how shall i locate that folder and file to be edited and reburnt??

1000K thanks in advance, this is kindda difficult coz i'm newbie ;)

Regards, Enyel

      • Edited 8/12 @ 14h

I've managed to edit the disc with MagicISO, seeing the ISO info + the Mac HFS details so i've erased the original postflight file and substituted by a modified file without the lines containing "update_dyld_shared_cache_org", but after remount the iso with this file, the dvd doesn't boot, any idea on how doing it on the right way??? Thx, Angel

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