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Boot-132 is a bootloader provided by Apple for loading the XNU kernel.

The loader was used in the Apple Developer Transition Kit PC rented to software developers during the Apple–Intel transition. This bootloader is not used on Intel Macs, instead boot.efi is used.

Source code for Boot-132 was released allong with the XNU kernel in the 10.4.8 set of tarballs. Boot-132 was used with the last version of OS X for the DTK systems. Previous releases used boot-122 or earlier versions of Apple boot.



Boot-dfe is a modified version of Boot-132 created by David Elliott in 2007. The boot-dfe loader is started by another bootloader, typically GRUB, or in the case of booting from a CD, a patched version of ISOLINUX. The interface between the two bootloaders is defined by the GNU Multiboot Specification. The boot-dfe loader populates the struct boot_args structure and passes it on the the XNU kernel. (See OS X boot process.).

The Boot-132 method

The Boot-132 method is a method of installing Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard on a PC from a retail DVD. This was made possible by the version of boot-dfe released in June 2008


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