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ASRock Incorporation produces motherboards, mainly for the lower-budget sector. It was started in 2002 in Taiwan as a subsidiary of ASUS.

In the beginning, they were mainly known for producing cheap OEM solutions based on low-cost outdated chipsets. These turned out to be quite successful because of their price and reliability. Since then ASRock has evolved into producing creative value-oriented solutions, often with an eye on multiple compatibility. They have been producing motherboards with both Socket 478 and Socket LGA775 support, with both Socket 754 and Socket 939 support, with both AGP and PCI Express support, as well as boards with Future CPU Ports that allow the installation of a card with a future CPU socket and memory interface on it.

In 2007 ASRock was popular for its cheap Core 2 Duo Socket 775 and Athlon X2 Socket AM2 motherboards.

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