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This page is outdated and should not be updated further. The content below is preserved purely for historical reasons. As such, any instructions or suggestions on this page may damage your system. Follow them at your own risk.

If you run across the 'ATSServer' process continously restarting/going nuts, then try the fix below. This should also fix web browsers that hang on certain sites (like, for example).

The goal of this fix is to remove all 'Japanese' fonts from the Fonts directory. An easy way to do this from the terminal is:

cd /System/Library
sudo mkdir Fonts_disabled
sudo mv Fonts/*.otf Fonts/[^a-zA-Z]* Fonts_disabled/

This also ensures that the Japanese fonts aren't still under Fonts, in case ATSServer searches for fonts recursively...

rmgo reports that you can just login as root and highlight AROUND the Japanese fonts and Trash them without hanging Finder. The moment you click on a Japanese font though, you're in trouble. If you do get stuck, you might be able to 'killall ATSServer', but your fonts might look corrupted.

Once done, restart your system and you shouldn't have crazy ATSServer issues anymore

zero_bit reports
Cause of this issue is NOT 'Japanese' fonts.
I guess that real cause is 'OpenType' fonts.
Because my Japanese fonts (not OpenType) is working correctly.
(I'm Japanese, so using them in daily life, and no crash.)

Go "/System/Library/Fonts" folder, and remove (or isolate) all OpenType fonts (*.otf) .
And did your environment enstabled?

* sudo mkdir /System/Library/Fonts_disabled/
* sudo mv /System/Library/Fonts/*.otf /System/Library/Fonts_disabled/

My OSx86 was crashed when displaying "Hiragino" font.
(It's one of Japanese OpenType fonts.)
After that, I investigated "/var/log/system.log".
And finded the traces of ATSServer's crash.
Cause of that is this. -> "exited abnormally: Illegal instruction"

ATSServer doesn't have x86 native binary, and it depends on Rosetta.
Maybe ATSServer's method of rendering fonts is varied in type of fonts.
And if it's true, maybe SSE3 will required when rendering only OpenType fonts.

Sorry for my broken English.

zero_bit reports 2
This OpenType fonts issue was TRULY fixed by 'Maxxuss-mach_kernel_v0.1' for me.
The patch improves compatibility of Rosetta in non-SSE3 environment.
If you are using non-SSE3 CPU, apply it before banishing any fonts.

NOTE: Any other ATSServer fixes should be thrown in here. I'm sure there are more bugs...

NOTE2: This fixes issues with hanging browsers. Safari might still crash from time to time, or other reasons. I'm using Camino, Deerpark and Firefox...

NOTE3: This also appears to fix the Finder -> Edit -> Special Characters problem.

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