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This guide is for the notebook Advent 6301, which is a rebranded Uniwill L75II8


[edit] Weblinks

[edit] Install Details

[edit] OSX86 Version

Used: Kalyway 10.5.2

[edit] Kexts used

Default. DO NOT CHANGE ANY KEXTS at install. It works very well out of the box with just two problems - WiFi and Audio. The WiFi currently has a fix, awaiting fix for audio.

[edit] Software

Installed all software, no problems. The official disk does not have iLife or iWork - of any year. So you will need to buy and install iLife / iWork 09 should you need these apps.

[edit] Hardware

[edit] Works

  • Mainboard
  • HDD + CD/DVD
  • Graphics Card (Intel GMA 965)
  • USB
  • Battery

[edit] Doesn't work

  • Realtek HD Audio - unfixed
  • RT73 WiFi - fixed!
  • Hardware Graphics Acceleration

[edit] RT73

  • Download the drivers from Realtek via rapidshare
  • Install the software and restart in forced mode (-f) and add any other arguments for other hardware to work here too.
  • Double click your wifi network and enter the details (security and password)
  • Restart 3/4 times in -f mode+ other args for other hardware
  • Restart in normal mode (no arguments, unless required by other hardware)
  • Should now work! .

[edit] Realtek HD Audio

[edit] Working:
  • Internal Speakers
[edit] Unknown/untested
  • SPIF (optical)
  • Line in / Mic
[edit] Not working
  • Line out, you can NOT use external speakers or headphones. Which sucks. . .

[edit] Hardware Acceleration

This is currently not working, images WILL display on screen but more graphically intense apps or tasks will appear sluggish and framey. Eg the open GL flurry screen saver will not run well, full screen flash video will also seem slow, although it isn't too bad as most of the processing is done by the CPU rather than the GPU. Also in the normal non screen view there is no problem as there are fewer pixels for the GPU to render.

  • My advice:
    1. Do not use the laptop for any advanced graphics - CS4 is not a good idea
    2. Try to make sure that you have as much RAM as you can afford and in the BIOS set as much as possible to be shared with the GPU
      • Although this may sound stupid as it will reduce overall performance the graphics are well worth it, and you will notice a smoother finish to the system.
      • The maximum possible Ram for the advent 6301 is 2GB, over 2 DIMMs, in this configuration you can have up to 386 MB graphics, it is well worth it.
    3. Install the OS on a large partition, at least 20GB
      • I made the mistake of only using 10.7 (all I had at the beginning of the disk, and I couldn't resize) so try to use 20GB at the END of the disk, this will allow more flexibility.
    4. Don't use chameleon, just kalyway and then use gParted to set the active (boot) partition to Windows, Only if you are dual booting. See the Kalyway guide for general setup info including chain0

[edit] Apple deserve their money!

Other than that, good luck. I hope to see that you have all hacintoshed you machines and given OS X a go. But remember; once you are accustomed to installing .KEXTs and things like that buy the retail version of (Snow) Leopard. Not only is it more reliable but the developers at Apple deserve credit, in the form of your money for their incredible OS! . .

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