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The b0 error occurs on bootup, if no partition is active (or if you install GIUD drivers and are using MBR disk).

This basically means that the boot loader is not configured correctly.

To boot with the boot loader from the DVD, you need to know which partition/slice you installed to. If you do not know which partition/slice you installed to, boot from the install DVD instead

  1. insert the OS X install
  2. Hit F8 when invited to do so
  3. Enter rd=disk0s1, or the partition/slice you installed to (in this example: first slice on first partition).
  4. Once OSX has booted, make partition active and/or set the startup disk as explained below.

Setting the startup disk in OS X:

  1. When you're in the installer Click Startup Disk from the Utilities menu
  2. When booted from plain OSX Open System Preferences and click Startup Disk
  3. Click the desired the startup Disk

To make a partition active, do this:

  1. Start Terminal.app
  2. Enter:
  3. sudo -s (enter your password)
  4. fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (the disk number may be different on your installation, eg. rdisk1)
  5. print (list all partitions)
  6. flag 1 (sets partition 1 as bootable - might be a different number on your installation)
  7. quit (answer y to save settings)
  8. Now reboot the computer. You should now be able to boot without the install cd. .

When this solution does not work, try this:

  1. Start the computer with the CD. Wait until you can start the Terminal from the menu
  2. Type this: fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0 (or any other number if it is not the first disk)
  3. Quit the Terminal
  4. Quit the Installer, a dialog box appears
  5. Click "Choose Startup Disk"
  6. Choose your first disk
  7. Click Reboot

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