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This page is outdated and should not be updated further. The content below is preserved purely for historical reasons. As such, any instructions or suggestions on this page may damage your system. Follow them at your own risk.

first you need to have a Power PC apple!

I recommend tiger, you must have XCODE installed (you might need x11 ??)

  1. Setup DarwinBuild
    1. download darwinbuild and unzip it
    2. open up your terminal and change the directory to where where you downloaded
      1. if on your desktop #cd desktop/darwinbuild-0.7.2
    3. now you need to make, and install darwinbuild
 # make
 # sudo -s
 # make install
    1. by default it installs into the wrong directory, so you need to add it to your path
 # export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin"
    1. next you will need to create a build enviroment (the dmg will be in the darwinbuild directory)
 # hdiutil create -size 4g -type UDIF -fs HFSX -volname Builds \
       -uid 0 -gid 0 -attach Builds.dmg
    1. make the drive writable
 # sudo vsdbutil -a /Volumes/Builds
    1. go to the darwin directory and make a foder for 8.3
 # cd /Volumes/Builds
 # mkdir Build8F46
 # cd Build8F46
    1. now you will create the plist files before you build Darwin
 # darwinbuild -init 8F46
    1. now you will build darwin
 # darwinbuild xnu
    1. If it completed successfully you will have all of darwins files, associated with the kernel, in your Roots directory :) (/Volumes/Builds/Build8F64/Roots/)

 Please make a comment if it works well for you, thanks :)

most of this information was taken from

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