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This page is outdated and should not be updated further. The content below is preserved purely for historical reasons. As such, any instructions or suggestions on this page may damage your system. Follow them at your own risk.

Progress overall has been slow. I have gotten as far as Daisuke in the boot up process. Darwin 8.1.0 boots up, the apple logo is displayed, and it proceeds through to a login prompt. I did this by simply extracting the files into the root directory. Make sure when you extract them you preserve original permissions with the -p option on tar. Once that is done, because of a boot up issue, you need to run "chmod -R 777 /" (setting all files world writable sounds highly insecure). While this may seem somewhat redundant, it is *not*. If you extract everything from the tar while ignoring permissions to the root, you'll get illegal exception errors because none of the libraries can be accessed. If security is a problem for you, you probably shouldn't be working on a beta operating system in the first place.

Some report that copying the extensions from the cd (you can mount the CD by typing: "mount -t cd9660 /dev/disk1s1 /mnt" depending on which disk is your CD ROM). You want to run "cp -RLv /mnt/System/Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions" assuming your mount point is /mnt.

However, booting up is not hard to achieve. The core of what I'm interested in is the GUI, and more accurately windowserver (My only real goal is to run I had copied some configuration files for windowserver (among other core services) from the /etc directory of the Mac OS 10.4.1 CD. (private/mach_init.d scripts) This actually allows me to get windowserver to sort of boot up, changing screen modes and exiting.

However, I am still left with another problem. The window server is setup to use the default driver for the intel integrated video and not the VESA driver (That window server uses on bootup). I started to look into some of the configuation plist files in windowserver. My investigation hasn't turned up much as of yet, however I have managed to set the screen resolutions that windowserver changes to, and the res/depth of the first mac startup logo.

Furthermore, check out my Darwin 8.0.1->8.1.0 upgrade script. Just extract this and run ./script to automatically upgrade your darwin version from 8.0.1 to 8.1.0. This contains files all obtained from

Test Hardware -

Mobile 1: Dell Inspiron 8200 GeForce4 Mobile (2Go)

Desktop 1: A8N-SLI Deluxe Athlon FX-53 (64 bit) 2048 MB DDR4000 GeForce 6800 Ultra

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