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Creative SoundBlaster Cards

supported cards:

unsupported cards:

  • X-Fi series (PCI)


[edit] Notes

From reading on the internet it seems like the only Creative Sound Cards that work under any build are the external USB 'Live' series. All internal cards don't work.

[edit] Tested Versions

Build Tested On Hardware Name Number/Type of Audio Out Channels Number/Type of Audio In Channels Software Volume Control? Notes & Quirks Fully working without patching
HCL 10.5.2 Soundblaster Audigy 2 PCI 5.1 ch spdif/analogue Line in/Mic in Yes Works,requires the kX Audio Driver. Inputs not tested No, requires driver
HCL 10.4.6 Soundblaster Live 24bit External USB 5.1 ch spdif/analogue Line in/Mic in Yes Live USB Yes
HCL 10.4.6 Soundblaster Audigy 2 NX USB 7.1 ch spdif/analogue 2 ch spdif/analogue Yes In my experience this works seems to work fine under 10.4.6, just by going into AUDIO Midi Setup and switching the sample rate to correct one Yes
HCL 10.4.4 Soundblaster Audigy SE PCI 5.1 ch spdif/analogue Line in/Mic in Yes Does not work No
HCL 10.4.9 Soundblaster Audigy Player 5.1 ch spdif/analogue Line in/Mic in Yes Does not work No
Creative Play! Line in/Mic in Yes Recognized as Unknown device Yes

[edit] Drivers

Currently there are no drivers by Creative and no plans to develop any.

[edit] 3rd party drivers

The kX Audio Driver WORK GREAT on Creative Audigy series.

Download: .

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