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So you want to dual boot Windows XP on your Macintel? You've come to the right place. Here are a few links to get you started with running XP on your Mac. Our Dual Booting Forum is a great place to share your problems or questions!


[edit] HowTo Guides

Well, I did not use the Bootcamp software, because it was not installed on my Intel Mac. So I installed Windows XP on my PC and in that installed on the Acronus software. Then installed the Mac on my PC then boot my PC. That will take care of the boot. During initial boot it will wait 4 sec and then directly goes to the Mac. If you press any key then it will prompt you for the what is the OS you want to load on to your PC.

And I want to tell that please please do not install update on the Intel Mac PC. That may cause you to reinstall the Mac on your PC. And Drivers for the USB Port will not work properly. Boot Camp

Switching from XOM to Boot Camp

[edit] Downloads

Apple's Firmware Update . .

EasyBCD is the easiest way for booting Mac OS X on pc. [1] . . .

[edit] Drivers

Forum thread discussing drivers

Compatibility and Incompatibility Lists

[edit] Other Links

Boot Camp Resources

Slow Computer Solutions

slow PC solutions.

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