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Duel booting with an iPC osx86 installation!

It is very, very easy :).

1. Install Windows XP on a partition, make sure u have free space over so you can make an OSX partition later. 2. In XP go to the disk manmangement tool and create an empty partition 3. Start upp the iPC disc 4. Go to Disk utilitys (under tools) and create your mac os x partition 5. Install mac os x (don't forget to choose customize before install) 6. And it is done ! If all go right you should now boot into Darwin bootloader and when you press enter you should be able to choose Windows XP or Mac osx.


If you boot into windows xp chances are that the xp partition is the active one

          1. Boot into XP and take up the Console (cmd)  
          2. Write Diskpart then disk list, select the disk(select disk 0)
          3. Write list partition, select your osx partition (select partition 2) and write active

Now when you restart you should boot into darwin and be able to select OSX or WINDOWS

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