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Chain0 is great if you want to boot Mac OS X86 and Windows on the same hard drive, and want to use the Windows boot loader.

With this tutorial, I am going to be assuming that Windows XP is installed on C:\, and that you have Mac OS X86 10.4.7 installed or ready to go. You'll need to download Apple's open source Darwin, available down there.

Download Darwin X86

Then when that is downloaded (It's about 450-500MB) you need to use WinRAR to extract it to a directory.

When it finishes extracting, go to the directory it extracted to, then go into "usr/standalone/i386 iirc" no quotations. There will be a file called "Chain0" or "chain0" there. Copy that to the root of your Windows hard drive (C:\ probably).

Right click on My Computer, Select Properties, then Advanced tab, and then the settings button for Startup and Recovery. Click the Edit button to edit boot.ini (You have to do it this way, you can't edit the boot.ini manually in C:\, it's hidden, system, and read only and those attributes together make it unable to attribute).

Add "C:\chain0="Mac OS X86"" to it without quotes at the bottom (Remove the first and last quotes, not the second to last quote!).

Boot-up and it should work, if not, read Chain0 to understand more.

Authors Note: I have not completely tested this yet and am currently in the middle of testing it! Also, the boot.ini and boot loader of Windows is from XP, not Vista so be careful if you use Vista! --Trav1085 19:43, 24 September 2006 (CDT)

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