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Tested with Mac OSX x86 10.4.8 (Tubgirl AMD Final) and 10.4.10

To Enable S-ATA on the AV8-VM SE is very easy.

Just Open the Terminal (APPLE + SHIFT + U).

Sudo nano /system/library/extensions/AppleVIAATA.kext/contents/info.plist

Look for:

   <key>VIA SATA Controller</key>
      <key>Hardware Name</key>
      <string>8237 SATA</string>

and add 0x05911106 to the string below as the first ID. For Example: <string>0x05911106 0x528810B9 0x31491106 0x00e310de</string>

JUST ADD 0x05911106

Then perform usual house cleaning:

   sudo chmod -R 755 AppleVIAATA.kext
   sudo chown -R root:wheel AppleVIAATA.kext
   cd /System/Library
   sudo diskutil repairpermissions /
   sudo rm -rf Extensions.mkext Extensions.kextcache

New Reboot and Enjoy your S-ATA Harddisc.

To use S-ATA as a System Harddisc:

1. you have to copy your MacOSX from the PATA to the S-ATA with SuperDuper![1] (add for the copy an other name)

2. you have to select the new MacOSX as boot image.

3. you have to go to the BIOS to add the SATA as the first boot device.

4. enjoy

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