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Fink is a project that ports *NIX software to Mac OS X. For more info about Fink, go to the Fink home page.

[edit] How To Install Fink

Normally, we would download the DMG installer, but that's for PPC. We could also download the latest stable source, fink-0.8.0-full, but that version is not working correctly on OSx86.

So we must use the CVS version of Fink, which compiles correctly. However, Fink needs GCC 4.0, so we have to change the default GCC from 3.3 to 4.0. To do that, we must execute gcc_select as root or via sudo.

  gcc_select 4.0

First, we open a terminal and make a tempdir. Then we do a CVS checkout of Fink. The login command will ask for a password - just press Enter.

  mkdir tempdir
  cd tempdir
  cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/fink login
  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/fink co fink

Now we have the source and can compile and install Fink. (Note: don't do this as root, as some of the tests depend on you not being root!)

  cd fink

If you get the following error :

You have an old version of XCode installed, and the 10.4 tree requires a
more recent version.  Please update your XCode to XCode 2.2.1 (or later),
and try again.

you should edit the perlmod/Fink/ file and comment out the section where it checks what to do for i386 except for the line that says $transitional = "-transitional". This forces fink to install using the 10.4-transitional tree. This is a fix for when the 10.4-new tree fails saying that you need to install Xcode 2.2.

Follow the instructions. After the installation is finished, you get the following message:

  You should now have a working Fink installation in '/sw'. You still need package descriptions if you want to    compile packages
  yourself. You can get them from CVS or by installing the packages.tar.gz tarball.
  Run '. /sw/bin/' to set up this terminal session environment to use Fink. To make the software installed by Fink available in
  all of your future terminal shells, add '. /sw/bin/' to the init script '.profile' or '.bash_profile' in your home directory.
  The program /sw/bin/ can help with this. Enjoy.

Fink is now installed; commands like apt-get install wget doesn't work becuase that tries to download i386 binaries, and the Fink mirrors only have PPC binaries.

But you can install packages from source. There is more about this on the Fink home page.

Finally, we need to update the list of packages:

  fink selfupdate-cvs

Now, we can try (as an example) to install wget with SSL support.

  fink install wget-ssl

For a list of all packages, you can do this:

  fink list

For more information, see the manual at

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