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macOS 10.4.1
Hardware Compatibility

This is a hardware compatibility list ONLY for OEM desktop computers. We want to keep it as accurate as possible, but please, do not entirely rely on this list when buying a desktop. Don't forget to add how you got OSx86 running on your x86 desktop computer, and to use proper English. Please see the discussion page for proper instructions on how to input your system specs. Also, please contribute to the HCL 10.4.1 page, which should list a more granular view of compatibility. If your computer isn't listed, you should try it if you have a SSE2 or higher processor. Kernels are available for most configured machines

  • ONLY add hardware that you have TESTED. Don't add hardware just because you think it might work.
  • Please add hardware into tables.
  • This is for 10.4.1 builds only.

Please list your computers in alphabetical order by manufacturer (Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, etc)

For how to edit the Wiki, please see this thread. Thank you!

Note: Please add whether your device supports QE, Quartz Extreme, graphics. Try playing a movie with Quicktime Player.
Note: Emulated installations do not belong on this HCL

See the x86 software page for programs you can run without Rosetta.

See the Tips And Tricks page for a method to bypass SSE3 and only use SSE2. (Fixes Rosetta and iTunes)


[edit] AMD Setups

Note: SSE2 or SSE3 are required to boot up OSX Intel included SSE3 since prescott and SSE2 since northwood AMD included SSE2 in Athlon 64 and SSE3 in Athlon 64 San Diego and X2

[edit] Acer Aspire 5050


CPU: AMD Turion64 x2
Hard Drive: 60 GB Hitachi 5400 RPM HD
Gaphics: ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 integrated graphics (64-256mb shared memory)
Integrated RTL 8139 10/100 Ethernet 

Used AMD SSE 3 kernel/ MacOSX86 10.4.9

What works:

  • Bluetooth
  • Sound

What doesn't:

  • ehternet ( the AppleRTL8139 kext loads fine with the correct ID in Info.plist(0x813910ec) but the card isn't detected)
  • wireless
  • changing the resolution (both calillisto 003b and 005 work but they ignore "Graphics Mode" )

[edit] Acer Aspire 5100


CPU: AMD Turion64 x2 TL50 (1.6GHz, 512KB L2 cache)
Hard Disk: 100GB 5400rpm PATA HDD (however, for this install only using 33 GB partition {dual boot})
Graphics: ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 (known also as "200M") (intergrated graphics with 32-256MB shared)
Network: Realtek RTL 8139 10/100 Ethernet
WiFi: 802.11b/g wireless LAN
RAM: 1GB DDR2-533 (dual-channel)
Screen: 15.4" WXGA wide CrystalBrite TFT LCD
Speakers: High Definition Realtek speakers
Card reader: 2in1 CardReader
Card slot: PCMCIA slot
Camera: Acer OrbiCam (Bison)

The following selections during setup worked for me and made nearly all of my hardware compatible with 'Mac OS X 10.4.9 by uphuck and tubgirl':

In the following sections select:

Package section - 10.4.9 AMD
Kernel section - AMD SSE3
Patches section - AppleACPIPlatform.kext 10.4.8
Drivers section - ATI ATA   
                  Azalia Audio
                  Realtek R1000
                  IO80211Family.kext 10.4.5


AMD Turion64 x2 - out of the box, dual core enabled automatically and displays as 'AMD Turion64(tm) x2 1.6GHz' in 'System Preference' window.
1GB DDR2 - displayed as 1GB Ram in 'System Preference' window.
WiFi - works, found my neighbours network :)
100GB HDD - works good, shows all of my partitions.
High Definition audio - works out of the box, displayed as 'HD audio output' in 'Sound' settings.


ATI Radeon X1100 - doesn't work, NEED HELP, shows resolution as '1024x768' !!!
CardReader - not supported by Macintosh at all.


Acer OrbiCam


Don't know why but takes 3min to boot Mac OS X. Also fan works like crazy spins much more then when you play games on XP and gives out a lot of heat.

Plese be so kind to help me solve my problems, i'm a newbie in Mac configurations, and finally installed it on third try. Cheers ! :) (Please e-mail to [email protected] if you have tips to help me)

[edit] Custom AMD64 X2 5200+ w/ EVGA 590 SLI mobo

JaS 10.4.7 worked great! After installing in VMWare, then converting, then dd, my computer wouldnt boot. (Worked for my T30 P4M):P Install Disc wouldnt NOT work in SATA DVD. I had to use IDE DVD with jumpers set to slave on IDE0, Maxtor 250 hd as master on IDE0.

No ethernet.

[edit] MSI Megabook s270 / Medion 96400 / Cytron / Aldi SAM 2000 / SIM 2000 / Averatec 2150

Small 12" laptop made on elements by MSI

Leopard OSX 10.5.2 image torrent: Leo4x200.iso (based on image: Leo4allv3. In leo4x200 added kexts ATIx200 Calisto v003b and SB400)

Proc AMD Turion 1.6Mhz | RAM 1,2 GB DDR | mainboard MSI-1013 ATI SB400 RS480 | Disk 60GB ATA
Graphics ATI Xpress 200M -> (ATI X200) - resolution 1280x800 12" - working OK, no QE or CI!!
LAN rt8139 - working OK
WIFI rt2561/rt61 - don`t work.
WIFI PCMCIA TP-link WN510g - working OK
Audio AC`97 - working only headphones and quietly
DVD-RW - working OK
Touchpad - working OK
USB - dongle bluetooth class1 cheap Noname - working OK (tested on Nokia 6670)
Sleep, suspend system - don`t work

Example method install
1. Under Windows format secondary primary partion for OSX (example application: Partition magic 8) as fat32
2. Download kexts (graphics, bus, ATA, IDE etc..) file: kexts_drivers_ati_xpress200m_bus_pcmcia_airport_tplinkwn510.zip + efistudio.zip (utility for osx) + Macdrive 7 (for Windows) + Katana2c.dmg (change resolution 1280x800):
mirror: http://www.maxupload.eu/pl/8886
mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/pl/?d=ZJE7T033
4. Boot from DVD OSX. You get installer Leopard (note: installation hangs, and don`t go, but after about 40 minuts goes further. Wait patiently on susspend black screen!!!!). If you get display a message "Wait for root device" will surely not go further. Install OSX (change OSX partition from NTFS/FAT32 to "MAC Extender journaled" and reboot.
5. Now system does not normally boot from HDD, hang and prompt "Wait for root device". Don`t panic. Boot Windows
6. Install and run MACDrive 7, mount OSX partition, backup kexts if exist, delete and next new copy to: /System/Library/Extensions/:
Note: Somtimes, the AppleGenericPCATA.kext extension has been found in the System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns directory.
5. Reboot OSX, press F8 in bootloader and type: -s
Load system in repair mode and under bash type:

mount -uw /
 #type 1 and delete all unnecessary kexts: Intel, Nvidia, etc. leave only ATI. Type 2 - repair permissions in kexts
fsck -fy

7. Boot normal OSX. Install Katana2c.dmg, next script postinstall Katana, reboot and change resolution to 1280x800. Note: OSX can run long and suspend, wait about 20 minuts!
8. If it doesn`t work, search: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=994e8c696466b9cfe939e6b65b1f5ea8&showtopic=104657&view=findpost&p=745272 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 3700+ (San Diego); Gigabyte GA-K8N]

Method: OK! I got SOUND TO WORK AND SO DOES ITUNES! Here's how I did it! I've also got ethernet working because I had a spare PCI 3com card in the closet, but it only runs at 10mbit/s. See Audio for the instructions for ALC850 codecs.

Now that us AMD guys have sound working, let's try getting our nvidia/ati chips to load up high resolutions!

Hardware: Gigabyte GA-K8N (nForce4 Audio ALC850), AMD Athlon San Diego 3700+, 3com 3c900

Comments: I have yet to have the 2 gigabit cards running NOR can I run above 1280x1024

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64; Abit NF8]

Method: deadmoo image to HD via dd port for windows

Hardware: AMD Athlon64, Abit NF8 motherboard, 1 Gb PC3200 RAM, nVidia GeForce FX 5500 8x AGP video

Comments: Onboard sound seems to work, still no ethernet, no 2d acceleration.

--Errandwolfe 22:51, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Using the Pro version of the motherboard I couldn't get the audio to work with any code I found. Which did you use? Windows says only nVidia audio stuff providing no code!

I am running using the marklar-tiger.iso

AMD 3700 san diego asus an8-sli premium 1.5 gb pc 2700 maxtor 40 gb IDE 7800 GT

need the drivers for the graphics card, sound isnt working, neither is ethernet

  • edit* sound and ethernet working, still no geforce drivers

I love having sex in the oven

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+ (Winchester); Abit AV8]

Method: Image burnt to disk and installed natively

Hardware: AMD64 3200+ Winchester (S939) SSE2

1GB RAM (2x512MB)

Abit AV8 K8T800Pro motherboard (VIA chipset)

Realtek AC'97 Audio based onboard sound

Geforce 6 6800 128MB AGP

Notes: Video acceleration works, USB/PS2 mouse and keyboard works.

AC'97 audio works, left channel only. *Set to SPDIF output to avoid sound pitch reproduction issues.*

Intel Pro 10/100 card worked but *needed 10.4.3 IONetworkingFamily.kext* before it would.

Onboard LAN (Via Rhine) does not work. 3rd party drivers did not work.

SATA works with VIA raid controller - but won't realise my two WDC200GB drives form a RAID array (just comes up with mount error on boot)

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+]

Method: Wrote VMWare .img to second physical hard drive using:

dd bs=1048576 if=tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\.\PhysicalDrive1

Rebooted computer, hit F11 when prompted to go into special boot menu, selected the second drive to boot from. So far am only able to boot in -x (safe mode). Used -s mode to change passwords.


AMD64 3000+ (not sure what motherboard) 1 GB RAM 2 IDE hard drives (WinXP on the first / OSX on the second) Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller RADEON 9800 PRO AGP (0x4E48), ATI Technologies Inc. compatible 3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI TX NIC (3C905B-TX)


Only 1024x768 video is available, probably due to safe mode. Sound is not working. This is SSE2 only, so Rosetta does not work. Not sure what motherboard I have in here

Venice Core and later have SSE3

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 2800+ (NewCastle); MSI K8T Neo]

Method: Dual boot Native (Using Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate)

Hardware: Althon 64 2800+ (NewCastle), MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R, 1GB A-Data RAM, 60 GB HDD, Nvidia Geforce 5700 (VESA 3.0)

Comments: Onboard Realtek RTL8169/8110 network works, onboard audio worked, but only with left channel. Would not recongise PS/2 keyboard (mouse is USB) but worked fine when booting with -v -s. Rosetta works just fine after applying SSE2 patch. CoreGraphics patch made dock menu much smoother.

Update: Using both PS/2 mouse and keyboard works fine.

[edit] Custom AMD [simpron 64 2800+ (NewCastle); MSI K8T Neo]

Method: Dual boot Native (Using Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate)

Hardware: Althon 64 2800+ (NewCastle), MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R, 512MB DDR3200 RAM, 10 GB HDD, Radeon 9200 (VESA 2.0)

Comments: Onboard Realtek RTL8169/8110 network works, onboard audio worked, but only with left channel. Everything appears to work fine except the sound. Tried messing with balance settings with no success.

Bought an external USB Sound Blaster Live! Sound Card to supplement the onboard sound issues.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+ (Winchester); MSI Neo2 Platinum]

Method: xplOde's Native Hard Drive Guide

Hardware: AMD Athlon64 3000+ (Winchester core) 1GB RAM MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (nForce3) Leadtek 6600GT (Vesa 3.0)

OSX recognized the 1Gbit onboard NIC as a realtek nic. OSX cannot recognize the 10/100Mbit onboard NIC. Will test audio and rest of hardware soon. Safari was very unstable, but Firefox works great.

Update: Safari is stable for me with additional SSE3 patches. Audio, firewire works. Sound is fuzzy for me, but could be an electrical problem. Rosetta works with patches.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0Ghz @ 2.45 (Winchester); MSI K8N-Neo2 Platinum

Method: Native Install


  • Amd64 s939 Winchester 3200+ 2ghz @ 2.45ghz
  • Msi K8n-Neo2 Platinum M/Board
  • Pc3200 Corsair Twin 1g
  • Liteon Cd-Burner
  • Pioneer Dvr-108


  • Boots Normal & Safe Mode
  • Sound Works, Usb Works, Giga Lan Works, Firewire Works
  • Coregraphics Patch & Sse3->sse2 patch
  • Runs all PPC Applications
  • Graphics Dont Work [Radeon9600 Pro 128mb]
  • XBENCH 74.44 all tests
  • Cheers, HoZy

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+ (Winchester); MSI Neo4 Ultra MSI]

Method: VMware

Hardware: AMD 64 3000+ Winchester, Neo4 Ultra MSI, 1.5GB kingston Value Ram, 20 GB Fire...somthing ATA, Geforce 6600GT PCI-E, sound works, have Realtek Ethernet added :)

Comments: Wrote the Noob Guide http://www.research.gwgaming.net/wiki/index.php?title=Install_%28Wizard%29

Have sound working by following the AC97 guide, adding it in the Nforce section, and the ICH5 section too...
hehe :)

--N/A 14:25, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)



[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+; DFI LanParty NF4]

Method: Native install using VMWare and the DVD.


  • Working:
    • AMD Athlon64 3000+ (SSE-2 Only) with Maxxuss All-Inclusive Patches
    • DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra D
    • 1 GB VData DDR3200
    • Realtek ALC850 (Works after I changed the dev\vendor id to: 0x005910de and reloaded the kext)
    • GeForce 6600GT 128M PCIex (No Acceleration, Vesa 3.0)
    • FireWire Working
    • USB Logitech Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard, and MX1000 Mouse. (All Buttons on the Mouse work, Media Keys not tested)
  • Not Working:
    • Marvel Yukon Gigabit Integrated Lan
    • NVidia NForce Ethernet Controller
    • Rosetta Doesn't Work. (even with Maxxuss 0.2 Patches...)
    • Conceptronic R54i (Ralink 2500 Based) Wireless Card

Boots native from a Seagate 80Gb IDE HD, and from VMWare as Well (from the Seagate HD also).

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice); Chaintech VNF4]

Method: Connected the hard drive to a Mac for the installation, used Pacifist

Hardware: Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice) 512MB RAM Chaintech VNF4 (nForce 4) ABit RX300SE (Radeon X300SE PCIe, VESA 2.0)

The onboard NIC was not recognized, but a Realtek 8139 based PCI ethernet card worked just fine also a 3com NIC wors perfect.. Kernel panics with errors from the Radeon 9700 driver if you attempt to boot in something else than safe mode. Had to install the PS/2 keyboard/mouse driver from Darwin because I use a PS/2 keyboard/mouse. System is pretty fast, despite using VESA 2.0 video. Haven't tested the audio yet.

--==:: *Addition by Sentertainment.net* ::==-- Method: Patched Generic DVD

Hardware: 19" FujiPlus LCD Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice, OC'ed .5ghz, stable) 2x512MB RAM (1 GB) Chaintech VNF4 (nForce 4) Toshiba 16x Dual-Layer DVD+RW Chaintech GeForce 6200 PCIe Nvidia FX5200 also works but is at 1024x768.

No NIC. No Sound, I've heard some AC'97 chipsets work with new drivers...and others have no supporrt No SATA. PS2 Devices work perfect w/ patched DVD. Only Video mode of 1024x768, but I've heard it can be fixed with some effort. No QE acceleration, but it is said to be in-the-works. System says "Burn Support: Yes (unsupported)" for the DVD+RW, so I'm guessing it will not burn disks. The system runs great, had it on an Old 3gb IDE HD and the system still seemed faster than a single-cpu G4! Just get the sound, NIC,

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+ (Winchester); Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9]

Method: Created own VMWare image, used Windows port of 'dd' to write to a 120GB Maxtor IDE drive. Rebooted and changed the boot device to this drive, booted straight away.

Hardware: AMD64 Winchester 3000+ @ 1.8GHz, Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9, 120GB IDE Maxtor HDD, (SATA isn't recognised by OSX), ATi Radeon X700 Pro PCIe, Apple USB keyboard.

Comments: Boots fine into OSX, which is incredibly stable. USB works fine. No sound, built in ethernet does not work. (Network is available over Firewire). Cannot run native PPC apps, presumably Rosetta is crashing. Quartz Extreme is not supported, so no gfx acceleration. DeerPark Alpha for x86 works fine.

If you use an unpatched version of coregraphics, rosetta should run. You are running a SSE2 patched version right now.

It doesn't work with an unpatched CoreGraphics unfortunately. I tried it, and OSX wouldn't boot.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+; Asus K8N]

Motherboard Link: http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socket754/k8n/overview.htm Asus K8N]
Method: Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate,
Installed on the second partition of the second harddrive (/dev/hdc2).


  • USB works fine, but not PS/2.
    • The keyboard is detected if pluged to USB ;-)
    • Mouse works
  • Serial ATA does not work (/dev/hdc is my ata Drive)
  • AI Audio (8-channel Audio) does work
  • built-in Ethernet does not work :-(
  • everything seems very slow (compared to KDE). I believe the NVIDIA drivers of the graphic card are not loaded properly.
  • system pretty unstable.

See here i did this and it really worked wonders on my system, http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/SpeedBoost

[edit] Custom AMD [Sempron 2800; Asus K8N]

Motherboard Link: http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socket754/k8n/overview.htm Asus K8N]
Method: Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate,
Installed on the second partition of the second harddrive.


  • USB works fine, ps2 tested only with keyboard.
    • Mouse works with usb
  • Serial ATA does not work (/dev/hdc is my ata Drive)
  • AI Audio (8-channel Audio) does work
  • built-in Ethernet does not work, added a Realtek 8139
  • system pretty stable.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3000+] Gigabyte K8NS PRO

Method: 1) Created a 10GB partition on a Maxtor 40 GB Hard Drive. (using DISKPART) 2)Mounted the .img file through knoppix 4.8 (E:\tiger-x86>dd if=tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\ \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2 bs=512 skip=63) 3)Configured boot.ini like this C:\chain0="Mac OS x86" from a darwin image. 4)booted into OSX

Hardware: CPU: AMDAthlon 63 3000+ Mobo: Gigabyte K8NS PRO (nforce 3 chipset) Memory: Corsair 512 MB Graphics Card: ati radeon 9800 pro sapphire. Ehernet Card: Marvell 88E8001

Comments: It runs really slow. I had problems with the keyboard and mouse at first, but i sloved that after rebooting. Dosn't support the ethernet card, no internet. iTunes Safari work great (well i mean there is no internet so i don't know how well Safari works, but it runs. lets see. Oh yea when booting into darwin i had to -x and then boot in orelse it dosn't work. I used this guide: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Install_On_A_Partition_Simple_And_Accurate


[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+ (Venice); ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Socket 939]

Method: Installed of a DVD I downloaded onto a spare harddrive.

Hardware (working):

  • Athlon 64 3200+ Venice S939
  • ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Mobo
  • Onboard nForce4 Sound
  • 1GB Twinmos PC3200
  • Sapphire Radeon x700 128Mbs
  • Asus DVD reader
  • Realtec network card (dun remember model)

Hardware (not working):

  • Onboard gigabit LAN
  • Creative Audigy2 soundcard
  • Other onboard gigabit LAN (Marvel something)

Comments: Had to install an extra network card as both the onboard ones didnt work. Got 1280x1024x32 with the unofficial ATI driver on the forum.

!!Sound did not work (AC97 audio that should be enabled with a simple .kext-file edit) until I updated the BIOS version from 1002 to recent (1015). Had a lot of trouble figuring this out as it wasnt documented anywhere else I looked. Hope I saved some of yours time ;)

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+ (Winchester); ASUS A8N SLI Socket 939]

Method: dd a deadmoo image I'd played with in VMware 5 onto an old WD parallel ATA (10GB). Did this in Linux FC4. Didn't do anything to the image apart from installing SSE3->SSE2 conversions which is apparently already on there.

Hardware (working):

  • Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester core S939
  • ASUS A8N SLI Mobo (no sound yet)
  • 1GB Kingmax HyperX Ram PC3200
  • ASUS EN6600GT vid card
  • Pioneer DVR109 DVD burner
  • iPod mini, 4GB, Gen1
  • Hitachi 2.5" 20GB USB external drive (through Astone ISO100 cage)

Hardware (not working):

  • Realtek NIC (installed tulip.kext and about to see results)
  • On board gigabit LAN
  • On board sound

Comments: Tried to do this with an external Hitachi 20GB laptop drive connected via USB first (hadn't loaded image into VMware yet but I'm not sure this matters), booted to the white mac page then said I had to reboot. Might try again soon. About to boot into OS X to try and get sound and networking, will return with results. USB works, got both my external drive and an ipod to load straight into iTunes. Make sure you remove AppleTPMACPI.kext from /System/Library/Extensions to stop it searching for the mac chip that's in the intel machines, otherwise it will run UBER slow.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+ (Venice); ASUS A8V Deluxe]

Method: blank physical drive attached raw to a deadmoo vmware session, singled deadmoo with -s, fsck, mount, dd if=/dev/rdisk0 of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=4086 from inside VMWare. Rebooted off the physical disk into bliss.

Hardware: AMD64 Venice 3200+ at 2.4GHz, Asus A8V Deluxe, 200GB PATA on VIA IDE (no sata love), GeForce 6800, Intel Fiber GB seen as AppleIntel8254XEthernet

Comments: Runs very well, not one crash, using x86 Deerpark and Thunderbird. No audio yet and USB is borked. Video is VESA 1280x1024x32 (type "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32" at the darwin boot prompt) and works well enough. Rosetta was segfaulting, but I have SSE3, so I copied over the unpatched CoreGraphics from mactel and Rosetta is working now.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+; ASUS K8V Deluxe]

Method: Wrote .img file onto a spare hard drive. The command used, from Windows, was dd if=c:\tiger.img of=\\.\PhysicalDisk1. I restarted and changed BIOS to boot off the secondary drive. It worked fine.

Hardware: AMD64 3200+ at 2.4GHz, Asus K8V Deluxe, 60GB PATA drive for OSX, 80GB PATA for Windows and Linux, 250GB SATA on VIA SATA controller for Windows, GeForce 5900, 1GB RAM

Comments: Runs OK, not great, I think I need to do some tweaking. Video card drivers seem to be wrong, among other things. As I said, tweaking will probably resolve the issues. I was surprised when not only my PATA drive's NTFS partition read OK, but my SATA drive worked as well. Onboard ethernet is a no-go.

From another user: Working great for me, after I made these changes: -- Disabled the onboard ethernet, installed a PCI ethernet card -- Replaced my video card (ATI AIW 9600 bad, ATI AIW 8500DV good, NVidia Geforce FX5200 good) -- Deleted file /System/Library/Extensions/AppleTPMACPI.kext -- Installed SSE3->SSE2 patch

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+ (Winchester); Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra 939]

Method: Triple Boot XP, Ubuntu, OSX x86 Native (Followed Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate)

Hardware: Athlon 64 3200+ (Winchester), Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra 939, 512MB PC3200, Nvidia Geforce4 MX440-8x 128MB

Comments: Partitioned with DISKPART, Installed with DD for Windows. Sound comes through Logitech USB Headset, no onboard sound or network. SSE2 0.3 Patches worked fine, and runs very smoothly afterwards.

Additional Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra 939 motherboard details:

Method: Using "Generic.Install.DVD"

Audio available through method described in "macx86installpreview2" using the Device ID: 4A4B and Vendor ID: 1002

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3500+ (Newcastle); Abit AV8]

Method: dd'd the VMware image to hard drive

Hardware: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (Newcastle), Abit AV8, 512MB DDR333, GeForce 5700 Ultra

Comments: Used the guide from 360hacker.net. Normal boot works fine, a little slow to boot but fast when logged in. 2D accel doesn't work as expose et al are a little jerky. Onboard ethernet doesn't work, neither did a PCI Realtek 8029 card. Onboard sound doesn't seem to work.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3500+; MSI RS480]

Method: Native using Deadmoo image, 'Simple and Accurate' to copy to partition 5 on second disk, and copied Chain0 to Win XP partition to boot. Using Maxxuss 0.4 SSE2/3 patch.

  • Note, the guide says this will not work on an extended partition, but it boots fine for me.


  • AMD Athlon 64 3500
  • 1GB memory
  • On board RealtekRTL 8169 Ethernet claims it loads correctly, but haven't tested.
  • On board AC97 (RealtekALC658C) won't work at all
  • On board Radeon X200 works OK, but only VESA 2. Can't change resolution as monitor won't support the defaulted refresh rate.
  • USB half works (see below)
  • Doesn't see my SATA (first) hard drive, but recognises the other partitions on my IDE drive.

Comments: Needed to disable USB in the BIOS to get it to recognise the PS/2 keyboard and mouse, but the USB continued to work (for storage card, etc.) for a few re-boots, then mysteriously stopped working. Removed the ApplieIntel*.kext, though I'm not sure it was necessary. Also removed the TPM kext, as it was using 90% CPU Tried to install my Thomson Speedtouch USB ADSL modem, but it fails to load as it notices that the processor is not PowerPC (but why should it check?)

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3500+ (Venice); Chaintech VNF4 Ultra]

Method: Native using xplodenet.com and deadmoo's image

Hardware: AMD Athlon 64 Venice 3500+ Chaintech VNF4 Ultra 1 GB OCZ DDR3200 Realtek ALC850 (Works Great!) GeForce 6600GT 128M PCIex (No Acceleration, Vesa 3.0) D-Link PCI 10/100 Ethernet Card NVidia NForce Ethernet Controller (Not Working) NVidia SATA Doesn't Work, IDE does 160 gb sata *not yet*, 12 gb ide drive Can't get dual-monitors working at the moment. -ehntoo

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3800+ (Orleans?); ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe]

  • Athlon 64 3800+ Orleans (I think)
  • 2 GB Corsair DDR2 800 (Dual Channel)
  • ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe
  • Realtek (something)
  • GeForce 7600GS 256MB PCIe
  • Dual nForce5 ethernet cards (onboard)
  • nForce PATA (working)
  • nForce SATA (not working)

Dual Screens working just fine with Natit, QE enabled as well. Installed with tubgirl 10.4.8, but had to boot linux and remove the AppleIntelCPU(scaling?).kext because it caused a hard, fast crash. Installed Natit and removed Titan. nForce ethernet cards are recognized and load when nforcedeth.kext loads; in fact, I even see their MAC addresses, but they have not functioned yet. nForce SATA can be spoofed a little bit with the AppleVIAATA.kext, but last time I tried the whole system crashed after clicking on Program FIles in my windows partition. Audio works (AppleAzalea; devid modified) only has 2 channel and seemingly no input. My current solution (as I do not have enough ethernet cards) for networking is to use firewire to connect to my server/firewall instaed of ethernet. And just to note, if it weren't for the strange behavior (i.e. can't get DHCP working over firewire, and using firewire eth seems to stop my ipod from connecting), I'd prefer firewire over 100Mbit any day. Oh, also the connection just dies saying that there is no cable. It seemed random at first, but I noticed it only happened when I opened network connections...

[edit] Custom AMD [Duron 1800; Z7S8X-MX]

Method: deadmoo image to HD via dd port for windows

Hardware: AMD Duron 1800, A7S8X-MX motherboard, 1 Gb PC3200 RAM, Hard drives: (1)SATA 80 GB -Windows XP (2) IDE Drives: 13Gb IDE - Test OS X Drive and 120 Gb Storage Drive, nVidia GeForce FX 5500 8x AGP video

Comments: Crashes almost immediatly, fails the CPU call

Additional comments: Personally, I'm shocked you cant run OS X on a Duron. ITs such a great processor.

--Errandwolfe 22:51, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)

It doesn't have SSE2. Same with the Athlon XPs. 16:30, 17 Aug 2005 (CDT)

[edit] Custom AMD [XP1800]

Hardware: AMD XP1800, 512K SDRAM, 40 GB IDE hard drive, ATI Rage Fury 16MB

Comments: Won't boot up at all, verbose mode gives "kdp-poll: no debugger device" error. From above, processor doesn't have SSE2 or SSE3.

[edit] Custom AMD [Opteron 2GHz x 2; Tyan S2885]

Method: native boot using a ghost image from deadmoo's VMWare image (Tpm extension removed)

Hardware: 2 x 246 Opterons 2GHZ each, 2GD ECC DDR RAM, motherboard is a Tyan S2885, onboard gigabit ethernet not recognized, Realtek (model?) pci card for ethernet, onboard sound doesn't work = Soundmax?, NVidia Quadro FX 4000 vesa 3, resolution = 1024x768-16 million colours. 80gb WD IDE hd.

Comments: Sound doesn't work, no sse3 (will edit when troy core opterons are found), and nvidia drivers not loading properly.

no wonder

Other user : I can confirm it, athlon XP does NOT have SS3 nor ss2...

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 3200+ Venice; Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe]

Method: Native install from Marklar-Tiger-patched.iso

Hardware: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ "Venice" on socket 939 overclocked to 2.2GHz, Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, 1GB DDR 400 @ 440, nVidia GeForce 6600GT PCIe 128MB, 40GB WD ATA hard drive, Lite-On DVD+/-RW DL, Seagate 250GB SATA, Seagate 100GB USB2, ALC850 7.1 audio, nForce 4 GigE, Marvell GigE

Comments: Booted and installed fine, but I can't get past registration as it seems my PS/2 keyboard is unsupported. Would not see my SATA drive, but the IDE and USB2 drives were offered as targets for installation. Networking was not functional. GeForce recognized as VESA 3.0.

[edit] Custom AMD [Sempron 2600+; Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 rev. 2]

Method: I used the deadmoo image; made a new 6,5 GB partition type AF and dd'd the imgage to the partition

Hardware: AMD Sempron 2600+ @ 1,6GHz, GigaByte GA-K8VT800 rev. 2, 40GB IDE Maxtor HD, GeForce MX 4000 AGP, Trust USB mouse, Logitech Access PS/2 keyboard

Comments: Boots OK, but I needed to delete the AppleTPMACPI.kext file to make it run fast. I did it, and now it boots in about 15 seconds and runs super fast. Since my processor is SSE2, I applied the Maxxuss patches and now I can use Rosetta etc... with no problems. . My CD-burner (LG) doesn't get recognized, even when I apply that German patch (forgot the name). I can READ Cd's though.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Athlon64 with SSE3]

Method: Patched intall DVD, then updated to hacked 10.4.3 update immediately after install

Hardware: Athlon64 X2 4400+ CPU, 1 gig dual channel RAM, Soltek SL-K8TPro-939 motherboard with Via K8T800 Pro chipset and Via 8237 southbridge, ATI Radeon 9200 SE AGP 8x (VESA 2.0), Benq 16x IDE DVD burner, 2 IDE 120 gig drives, 250 gig SATA drive as main install, USB sound.

Comments: Installed to SATA drive, I use the other two IDE drives for additional storage. I have dual channel memory, so when Darwin boots, it says 1 gig of RAM, and when you check the Activity Monitor is says 1 gig, but About This Mac and the System Profiler say 2 gigs of RAM. The Athlon X2 shows up as two CPUs like it is supposed to, and for sound I am using an outboard mixer, the Alesis MultiMix 8 USB, which is a mixer that has a USB port so it can be used as a USB soundcard as well -- this works just fine with OSx86.

XBench Score: 79.80

[edit] AMD Athlon64 3000+ (S754, 130nm)

I used a guide no longer present here, all using Windows.

EDIT: The Guide is still Here

This guide tells you everything, I removed the majority of my explanation cause it's in this guide. I'll leave the step-by-step usage of diskpart, might be useful. The guide is not explaining diskpart very in-depth so take a close look at how I did it, if you can't figure it out from the guide (like I did).

I have 1 hard drive (disk 0), and 3 partitions (5GB NTFS, 60GB NTFS, 10GB NTFS) I want Tiger on my 3rd partition. The 3rd partition's type has to be changed from NTFS to AF. Use diskpart, Start -> Run -> diskpart. The commands (for me) in diskpart are as follows:

  • list disk (lists disks, only disk 0 for me)
  • select disk 0 (tells diskpart to start working with disk 0)
  • list partition (lists partitions on disk 0)
  • select partition 3 (tells diskpart to work with partition 3, 'the tiger partition')
  • delete partition 3 (since it's still NTFS, I delete it first)
  • create partition primary id=af (creates a new primary partition, using all available space and the type is AF)
  • DONE


  • AMD Athlon64 3000+
  • Asus K8V
  • Sapphire Radeon 9600XT
  • 1GB RAM

Sound doesn't seem to work. Didn't test LAN yet. However, OS X runs smoothly and with the SSE3 -> SSE2 patches I can run iTunes and everything. Works in normal and save mode. Normal mode worked after removing all ATI* drivers from some location in OS X. Don't recall, but you can find it somewhere.

[edit] Custom AMD [Athlon 64 X2 3800+]

Working great, nice and smooth with 10.4.7 JAS image

AMD 64 X2 3800+ on an EVGA NF41 mobo (nforce 4 ultra chipset) Onboard sound works fine. EVGA Nvidia Geforce 7800GT graphics Card (working with macvidia driver) Separate realtek ethernet card, did not try onboard nic.

Have to boot with cpus=1 to disable a core, otherwise there is severe slowdown

[edit] Athlon64 3000+, Asus A8N-E, GeForce 7600 GS

10.4.8 JAS Image

First I should do is to disable USB latency in BIOS, without doing it install was too slow. After install I was able to boot in Safe mode only, it was caused by my Graphics card, so I had to edit my /System/Library/Extensions/GeForce.kext/Contents/Info.plist string with

<key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>some text</string>

right like this

<key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x039210de</string>

0392 is my devise ID and 10de is vendetor ID. For your graphics card it can be found "System information" utility.

So it works fine in native mode now, just like a real mac :)

[edit] Intel Setups

[edit] Acer Travelmate 4000 NLCi

Installation Method:

  • Native installation OSX86 10.4.1 by dd in Xubuntu. Used chain0 method to boot from Windows XP Bootloader.


  • Video (Intel Integrated Graphics 855GM - No QE and CI due to driver problem) @ [email protected]
  • Audio (Conexant AC97 AMC Audio) - Crackling sometimes
  • LAN (Broadcom 440x 10/100)
  • Synaptics Touchpad
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Firewire
  • DVD/CD-RW Drive
  • Intel Wireless PRO 2200bg (3rd driver [1] )

Not Working:

  • PCMCIA Card


  • First time OSX boots, type "platform=x86pc -x -v" at Darwin's boot prompt. Delete all "AppleIntel*.kext" files from Finder in /System/Library/Extensions to fix.
  • Do not try the Hard Disk tweak tip, I benchmarked in Xbench both scores and finding the the original was scoring 30% better.
  • OSX keeps saying there is an EHCI USB Bus being overcurrent. The suspect is the DVD/CD-RW drive. Sometimes OSX can detect a disc but most of the time it cannot.
  • Battery is not detected by OSX. Have tried the PowerManagement.bundle trick from forums but unsuccessful.

[edit] Acer Travelmate 4000 WLMi

Installation Method:

  • Native installation (tiger-x86-flat.img), with dd for windows and chain0 for enable system boot from Windows XP bootloader.


  • Video (ATI Radeon Mobility 9700 AGP) @ 1024x768
  • Audio (Conexant AMC Audio)
  • LAN (Broadcom 440x 10/100, onboard)
  • Synaptic Touchpad
  • Integrated Keyboard

Not Working:

  • Wireless INTEL PRO/Wireless 2200BG


  • First of all, boot with options platform=x86pc -v -x

login with password (google help you for this search)

  • REMOVE ALL ATI* form Extensions folder
  • Reboot the system.


  • Yes, it crashes frequently, such as saphary, skype 1.4.35 for MacOs (this one doesn't start).

[edit] Acer Travelmate DDR2 4101 WLMi

Installation Method:

Native installation.


  • Processor sse2 to sse3 patch
  • Video (ATI X700) at 1024x768
  • LAN (Broadcom)
  • Touchpad
  • DVD Burner and CD Burner works in 10.4.3
  • Sound In Out and Microphone
  • Funktionkeys Sound + Brhightness (F4 Screen sleep F6 Screen on off)
  • FireWire
  • Usb

Not Working:

  • Intel Wireless
  • Battery Display

[edit] Acer Travelmate 291LMi

Installation Method:

Native installation 10.4.1 deadmoo


  • Processor
  • Graphics (Radeon 9700 Mobile) (Removed all ATI Extensions)
  • LAN
  • Touchpad (Hang up sometimes)
  • Keyboard (Hang up sometimes)
  • CD/DVD-Drive (Not testet burn functions yet)
  • Soundcard
  • Funktionkeys sound + brightness
  • USB
  • Battery status display

Not Working:

  • Intel Wireless b (2100 3B Mini-PCI)

[edit] Acer TravelMate 290E


  • Video (1024x768x32, NO QE or CI)
  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • Sound

Not Working:

  • Battery Status
  • Sleep


  • 256MB RAM
  • WLAN requires broadcom patch from forums

[edit] Acer TravelMate 240 Series

Intel Celeron 2700 MHz without SSE3, 855GM

Installation Method(s):

  • used tiger-x86.img + SSE2 patches


  • Video Works with Quartz Extreme
  • Realtek LAN
  • Sound works with no config, Volume function keys work like a PowerBook, with display
  • ACPI battery status information works.
  • Brightness control keys work

Notes: Edited AppleIntel830.kext and AppleIntel830GA.plugin, but Quicktime shows weird colors and sometimes freezes the system. Sleep mode freezes system. If you get garbled screen at boot, try cold booting with power-off-time > 15sec.

[edit] Acer TravelMate 250

P4 2.6ghz without SSE3, 855MG

Installation Method:

  • used 10.4.1 "Generic Install Disk"


  • Video works with Quartz Extreme
  • LAN works fine
  • Sound does not work at all
  • Wireless does not work at all
  • Battery Information Works
  • Brightness control keys work.

Notes: System is usually grouped with the Travelmate 240 systems, however this uses an upgraded chip and slightly different hardware (which explains the non-working sound.)

[edit] Acer TravelMate C110 TabletPC

  • Acer Travelmate C110
  • Intel Centrino 1000 MHz
  • Graphics Intel 855GM (0x35828086)

Installation Method(s):

  • tiger-x86.img and SSE2 patches


  • VIdeo, no QE
  • USB
  • FireWire
  • LAN
  • Sound
  • Microphone
  • ACPI Battery Status
  • Brightness Control Keys

Not Working:

  • ACPI Sleep (freezes system)
  • WLAN (2200BG)
  • Bluetooth
  • IRDA
  • Volume function keys
  • TabletPC Functionality

Not Tested:

  • Wacom Drivers
  • QE


  • You must edit AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext and AppleIntel830.kext make sure you change <string>0x????8086</string> to 0x35828086 this will show some color :) Works fine, but slowly (no QE) didn't try to enable Quartz Extreme yet. (AppleIntel830GA.plugin)
  • iTunes hangs frome time to time.

[edit] Acer TravelMate 3202XCi

  • Intel Centrino Technology (Intel P-M 725 1.6GHz, 2MB L2) - Dothan, no SSE3
  • 512MB (256x2MB) DDR333 SDRAM
  • Intel 855GME Chipset
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 64MB (M11) - Darwin detected VESA 2.0
  • ICH4/Realtek AC'97 Audio (ALC202)

Installation Method(s):

  • Installed using deadmoo's VMware image, using Windows dd port
  • Dual-booting with Windows XP, using chain loader (WinXP on first partition, OSX on 2nd partition)


  • AC97 Sound
  • Bluetooth (Broadcom, built-in USB)
  • Synaptics Touchpad
  • FireWire
  • Volume Function Keys
  • USB
  • Video (No QE)

Not Working:

  • CardBus
  • DVD Player
  • Broadcom NetXtreme LAN
  • Battery status

Not Tested:

  • IrDA
  • 3-in-1 card reader
  • burning CDs


* deleted TPMACPI.kext, patched with Maxxus's 0.4 SSE3 to SSE2 patch
* Had to delete the PCCard.kext to get it booting
* Deleted all ATI kexts to prevent yellow kernel panic
* No QuartzExtreme & CoreGraphics, No SSE3, iTunes worked, DVD Player refused to start

[edit] Acer Aspire 2012 WLMi

Installation Method(s):

  • Used Xbox 360 guide for triple boot
  • Used Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate


  • Video (no QE or GL)
  • Battery and Power Saving

Not working:

  • WLAN (2200BG)
  • Modem


  • Have to delete all ATI extension files under Darwin shell to boot
  • Deleted ATI* extensions

[edit] Acer Aspire 1360

Used "Install on A Partition Simple And Accurate" to dual boot between OSX86 and Windows. Boots up quickly and is very responsive.

After applying Maxxuss SSE3->SSE2 patches v0.4 Rosetta works a treat, installing all PPC software I can throw at it (including Cubase SX 1, my "critical app")

Both USB and Firewire work, although Tiger will not recognise some USB devices (this is a problem with Tiger on PPC as well) I'm unsure as to whether deleting this kext file:


was essential to get USB to work, but I did it anyway!

Sound works after using the workaround described in the wiki.

Ethernet is a no go at the moment... installed the "Darwin Tulip" driver to no avail, try editing the config like the sound workaround. This may work, but I haven't tried it yet.

Inbuilt Matshita DVD / CD-RW drive works fine, and after applying the iDVD patch, it writes CDs too (although I've only seen 1x writing speeds)

PCMCIA slots aren't even powered, so any PC cards on your system will not work.

[edit] Acer Aspire 1610

Os x can boot from a usb HD. No SSE2 (no rosetta), use the 0.4_1 SSE2->SSE3 patch. Audio working. DVD-rom working, no dvd player due to the missing ATI video driver. Internal Wifi working with the lagnat patch (see the forum under "Drivers"), remember to set the wifi to always on from the lounch manager in windows. Boot in -x mode the first time and then delete the ATI drivers.

[edit] Acer Aspire 1691 (X600 Version)

Method: Used Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate

  • 1.6 GHz Pentium M (730) (SSE2)
  • 512MB DDR2 RAM
  • 80 GB Hard Drive (Using a 6.5GB Partition to run OS X)
  • ATI Radeon Mobile X600 (Using it as a VESA device)
  • Intel i810 Onboard sound works (Right out of the box)

(But doesn't do well with iTunes without TPM file)

  • Onboard Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5788 Gigabit NIC (Doesn't show up on ifconfig)
  • Firewire works
  • Bluetooth works (just click the button on your aspire ;)

[edit] Acer Aspire 1692 WLMi (X700 Version)

(Note: This system seems to be very similar to the Acer Aspire 1694 (X700 Version) mentioned below) Method: Used Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate and then patched with Maxxuss' 0.3 patch, followed by the 0.4_1 SSE3->SSE2 patch.

  • 1.7 GHz Pentium M (740) (SSE2)
  • 512MB DDR RAM (2x256MB)
  • 80 GB Hard Drive (Using a 7GB Partition for OS X)
  • ATI Radeon Mobile X700 64MB - (Appears on bootup as a VESA 3.0 compatible device.) (Runs only at [email protected], but the screen is actually a widescreen with native resolution of 1200x800, would be nice if it ran at that resolution) (Videos play fine, the Visualization in iTunes the and screenscaver work fine, but are kind of sluggish in fullscreen mode)
  • Conexant AC-97 Onboard sound works.
  • Onboard Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5788 Gigabit NIC (Doesn't work, the en0 device shows up in System Profiler on Network but I can't activate it on network settings and it doesn't show up on ifconfig)
  • Matshita UJ-845D DVD Burner (Working as a CD/DVD Reader and CDRW Drive - Can't get the DVD Burning feature working at all (tested on Roxio Toast 6.1.1) - Says the DVD isn't writable even if it's an empty disc)
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (Doesn't Work - Isn't detected)
  • Built-in Microphone works (haven't tested properly)
  • Synaptics Trackpad (Working - Double tapping works (but you have to enable it in the keyboard/trackpad settings in System Preferences) Scrolling on the edge of the pad doesn't work)
  • Onboard Conexant Modem (Doesn't Work - Isn't detected)
  • Onboard Bluetooth works
  • Onboard InfraRed (Not Tested)
  • USB works
  • FireWire (Not tested, should work though)
  • Battery Monitor Doesn't work (It Doesn't detect the battery)

Special Keys/Key Combinations Tested

  • Volume Control Through FN Key + up & down Keys - Working
  • LCD Brightness Control Through FN Key + <- & -> Keys - Working
  • Special Key Combinations FN + F1,F2,F3 & F5 - Not working
  • Special Key Combinations FN + F4 (Sleep), FN + F6 (LCD Off/On), FN + F7 (Trackpad Off/On), FN + F8 (Mute/Unmute) - Working
  • 4 special keys atop the keyboard do not work.

[edit] Acer Aspire 1694 WLMi (X700 Version)

Method: Used the deadmoo image, modified with the latest SSE3->SSE2 patches. While using dd on gentoo it somehow didn't skip the first 63 blocks so had to compensate the 63 blocks on grub's chainloader command (chainloader +63 instead of chainloader +1).

This notebook is about 2 months old.

  • 2.0 GHz Pentium M (760) (SSE2)
  • 1024MB DDR2 RAM
  • 100 GB Hard Drive (Using a 10GB Partition to run OS X - UPDATE: Used This Guide to expand the partition to the full 10GB worked perfectly)
  • ATI Radeon Mobile X700 (Still haven't found a way to use ati drivers (not sure if they even exist for osx86) so I'm using it as a VESA device) (UPDATE: Visualizations work in itunes and screensaver also work, but very sluggish in fullscreen)
  • Conexant AC-97 Onboard sound works.
  • Onboard Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5788 Gigabit NIC (Doesn't work, the en0 device shows up in System Profiler on Network but I can't activate it on network settings and it doesn't show up on ifconfig)
  • Matshita UJ-845D DVD Burner (Working as a CD/DVD Reader and CDRW Drive - Can't get the DVD Burning feature working at all (tested on Roxio Toast 6.1.1) - Says the DVD isn't writable even if it's an empty disc)
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (Doesn't Work - Isn't detected)
  • Synaptics Trackpad (Working - Double Tapping on Pad doesn't act as double click,Scroll Button Doesn't work)
  • Onboard Conexant Modem (Doesn't Work - Isn't detected)
  • Onboard Bluetooth works
  • Onboard InfraRed (Not Tested)
  • USB works
  • FireWire works
  • Battery Monitor Doesn't work (It Doesn't detect the battery)

Special Keys/Key Combinations Tested

  • Volume Control Through FN Key + up & down Keys - Working
  • LCD Brightness Control Through FN Key + <- & -> Keys - Working
  • Special Key Combinations FN + F1,F2,F3 & F5 - Not working
  • Special Key Combinations FN + F4 (Sleep), FN + F6 (LCD Off/On), FN + F7 (Trackpad Off/On), FN + F8 (Mute/Unmute) - Working

[edit] Acer TravelMate 8000 (8004Lmi Version) [8000series ]

Method: deadmoo image patched on winXP DVD-burn, clean install on new HDD, no additional drivers.

 * Intel Pentium M735 (1.7Ghz)  - works SSE2 mode                                       [...]
 * Intel 855GME chipset
 * Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG - not working                                              [Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG - not working]
 * ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (128Mb) - Quite quick and snappy despite no HW acceleration [mobility x700 working on 1024*768]
 * 512 Mb DDR
 * Broadcom NetXtreme 10/100/1000 - not                                          [not working]
 * Ambit T60M665 Onboard bluetooth - working                                            [not working]
 * Onboard firewire - seems to work, fw0 device appears and no error messages, but not tested. 
 * AC97 sound - working                                                                 [Realtek High Definition Audio -- not working]
                 USE !USB-Headset, works!
 * Onboard combo card reader, detected but I didn't manage to read a MMC memory card.   [me too]
 * USB controller - working (USB WLAN device D-link DWL-G122 vB1 tested OK)             [works fine]

Misc info

  * Volume up-down via 'Fn'-keys works, OSX volume lever follows the setting.
  * OSX Battery indicator works, changes from bat-symbol to wall-symbol upon inserting AC adapter, not sure if remaining power calculation works.
  * Pressing the sleep/standby button (Fn-Zz) causes a "kernel[0]: System Doze" event to appear in /var/log/system.log but nothing happens,
    except that the mouse cursor goes away. Pressing any key brings it back again.

[edit] Alienware Area-51m

About two years old. P4 2.8GHz, no SSE3. Typical VMware image install. VESA driver, ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 isn't supported (had to delete an associated kext to get it to boot entirely). C-Media sound is not working. No wifi, firewire works, USB untested.

[edit] Alienware Area 51m

 * dd if=tiger-x86-flat.img of=/dev/hda1 bs=512 skip=63
 * Uniwill 766 chipset
 * Pentium 4 3.4 GHz, no SSE3
 * SiS7012 on-board sound (not detected, therefore no sound output)
 * nVidia FX Go 5600 (functional)
 * 1680x1050 native res lcd only runs at 1024x768
 * No built in WiFi, modem untested
 * Realtek 8169 Gigabit Ethernet (works)
 * FireWire untested, USB2 built in, USB mouse works, USB keyboard works

Built in keyboard completely unresponsive, had to plug in USB keyboard which did work fine. Graphical artifacts present, especially noticable when tooltips disappear or typing into the Finder search box (top right of any Finder window). CPU usage by System was high, deleting /System/Library/Extensions/AppleTPMACPI.kext rendered system unbootable, it sat at the initial white Apple logo 'loading' style screen and moved no further.

[edit] Alienware Sentia 3200

* 2GHz Pentium M (755) Centrino (SSE2)
* 855GME Integrated Graphics
* AC97 (Via I think)

Used Knoppix Live CD to resize existing partition (QTparted), then followed the 'Simple and Accurate' guide to format the new partition, and dd deadmoo image over from XP. Chain(0) for dual boot (looking to use second power button on Sentia to boot directly to OS X - need to speak to contacts at Alienware for this). Had to use "-x -v platform=X86PC" to boot in at first.

Ethernet worked straightaway (no wireless yet). Applied Maxxuss' All patches for SSE2. Did NOT apply updated oah750d - applying seems to cause instability in lots of apps. Copied over the AppleAC97Audio.kext from Darwin iso to get sound working. Edited all AppleIntel830 related kext files (and AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext to use 0x35828086, and removed all AppleIntel915 files. This fixed both resolution (1280x800 + QE !!) and not having to boot safemode.

Seems very stable, useable, and fast. Firefox, Thunderbird, MS Office, MSN Messenger, iTunes, Quicktime, USB, 3in1 card reader.... Nice!

[edit] AMS E-Cube

  • AMS E-Cube EG65
  • Intel Celeron D 2.26 mhz (478)
  • Graphics Intel Extreme 2 Onboard. (Patched now using QE only works using Win Xp warm boot)
  • AC '97 Onboard Sound working in 10.4.1 & 10.4.3

Installation Method(s):

  • Marklar-Tiger w/Release Patch-1.iso (4gb torrent) choosed SSE3 during set up installation.
  • 10.4.1~3 (600mb update torrent)
  • Maxxus V0.5 SSE3 partial patch fixed my PC' s sleep problems.


  • 10.4.3 OSX86 8F1111a Jas Patch 4.2b

-Partitioned HD in Disk Utility before Installation. 120GB HD = 60GB Mac OS & 60GB Freespace. Then Installed Win Xp on Freespace after OSX86. Inserted Win'98 CD choose "fdisk" and set OSX86 partition as active partiton. Now Can dual boot and choose in Darwin loader start up menu.


  • Video
  • USB 2.0
  • LAN
  • Sound (USB & Onaboard)
  • QE Patched now using the "Shuttle 865 method" for 2572 machine ID. (QE only works using Win Xp warm boot.)
  • Sleep Function. (10.4.1 works with MaxxusV0.5 SSE3 partial patch. No Sleep w/ 10.4.3)

Not Working:

  • Real Apple USB Keyboard not recognized in Bios. But PC USB is.
  • No Core Graphics.

Not Tested:

  • Firewire should be fine according to loader & Apple System Profiler.

Notes: With that release of Tiger w/ patches & 10.4.3 updater. I also patched the graphics .kext to enable QE. I really didn't have to do anything but throw out 1 file to get the system up and fast running. Everything is quick and zippy. Sleep function works with Maxxus V.05 SSE3 partial patch. Faster than my G4 Tower.

[edit] Asus 845GE-V

Fully works.

kextstat |grep Intel

  29    0 0xd8d4e000 0x7000     0x6000     com.apple.driver.AppleIntelPIIXATA (1.6) <28 23 11>
  44    0 0xd8c2b000 0xa000     0x9000     com.apple.driver.AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics (2.0.0) <43 11>
  47    0 0xd8c3b000 0x4000     0x3000     com.apple.driver.AppleAC97AudioIntelICH (1.0.0) <46 23 11>
  54    0 0xd9135000 0x21000    0x20000    com.apple.driver.AppleIntel830 (4.0.0) <52 43 23 11>

load com.apple.driver.AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics will add Quartz Extreme Support.

kextstat |grep -i AC97

  46    1 0xd8cf0000 0xd000     0xc000     com.apple.driver.AppleAC97Audio (1.0.0) <45 11>
  47    0 0xd8c3b000 0x4000     0x3000     com.apple.driver.AppleAC97AudioIntelICH (1.0.0) <46 23 11>

Besure to use *mic* port to output sound. Funny. I got this info from a lunux forum. But it does work.

[edit] Acer TravelMate 240 Series

Intel Celeron 2700 MHz without SSE3, 855GM

Installation Method(s):

  • used tiger-x86.img + SSE2 patches


  • Video Works with Quartz Extreme
  • Realtek LAN
  • Sound works with no config, Volume function keys work like a PowerBook, with display
  • ACPI battery status information works.
  • Brightness control keys work

Notes: Edited AppleIntel830.kext and AppleIntel830GA.plugin, but Quicktime shows weird colors and sometimes freezes the system. Sleep mode freezes system. If you get garbled screen at boot, try cold booting with power-off-time > 15sec.

[edit] ASUS Pundit PH3 Barebone

Method: Used Marklar ISO patched with 'R1' installer patch from OSx86 forum. This creates an actual install DVD, which delivered a perfect install from scratch on HD.

This must be the ultimate MacIntel... Bought this machine to be a HTPC, but for now it will be my Mac. Based on the i915G chipset, it is very close to the Apple developer system. I put in a Pentium 4 Prescott '630', which has advanced speedstep management, execute disable etc. At 3 GHz with 1 Gb RAM, my MacIntel flies. Added a Pioneer 110D DVD burner, which is of course recognized as 'Apple Superdrive'. Heh.

As was to be expected, absolutely everything works. USB, FireWire, Audio (including SPDIF), LAN, you name it. I added a Silicon Image ADD2 card to get a DVI output and a Bluetooth dongle, so now I'm better equipped than a Mac Mini (with much greater speed) for far less money.

And if this developer OS X ever ceases to be... It'll become a Windows XP MCE machine anyway.

[edit] ASUS Pundit R350 Barebone

1. Method: I used the DVD ISO for an easiest installation. System works. The Chipset is an ATI RS 350 L with an integrated card ATI Radeon 9100. I put on this a P4 1.7Ghz with 384Mo DDR. There is no QE. Otherwise, PS2, Firewire, USB2, LAN is working except the integrated sound chipset. (I dont know why). As far as I am a beginner, I think that this PC gonna be a MCE for my family, because of the lack of sound. Small contribution from a French guy.

2. I installed JaS 10.4.7 on my pundit-r 350 without any problems, except for the sound card (AC97) not working. I have an Intel celeron 2.5GHz with 512MB RAM. I had troubles with a SATA disk: it installed correctly, but at second reboot the disk was not recognized anymore. I replaced it with a PATA and it's OK.

[edit] ASUS L3800s

Method: Installed Mac in PearPC, Darwin in VMWare, and dd to hard disk partition (Boot with GRUB).

  • System works fine

IMPORTANT: in order to run OS you need to substitute Apple ATA driver with the OpenDarwin version need to copy directory /System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext from OpenDarwin to Apple.

I found that OSX runs only with platform=X86PC option!

[edit] Native Install

A native install with "Apple.OS.X.x86.10.4.Generic.Install.DVD" also works. You have to use the bootoption platform=X86PC. Only the sound (AC'97) doens't work from scratch. AppleACPIPlatform.kext can also be loaded succesfully.

[edit] ASUS L4500R (Notebook)

Create a primary partition using diskpart in Windows.
Use dd for Windows to copy a Tiger image file to the partition that I created.
Use chain0 to have dual boot.

What I did after installation:
Removing the followings files that located in System/Library/Extensions
All ATI*

I had also installed the v0.5 Maxxuss patches.


  • Intel Pentium M Banias 1.6GHz (SSE2)
  • 512 MB RAM (DDR 333)
  • Hitachi IC25N040ATMR04 40GB Harddisk
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP with 128 MB RAM (Shared memory)
  • Toshiba SDR2512 DVD ROM/CD RW combo
    • Not working
  • Sound MAX Integrated Digital Audio
    • Still not working after following the Audio guide.
  • Agere System AC'97 Modem v21340
    • Not working
  • Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller (Ethernet)
    • Detected but not yet tested
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection
    • Not working
  • Built-in PS/2 Keyboard
    • Works out of box
  • ALPS Touch Pad
    • Not works out of box. After removing System/Library/Extesion/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins/ApplePS2Trackpad.kext it works fine including scrolling and right clicking, although it is not detected by the system...
  • USB
    • Works out of box
  • USB Mouse
    • Works out of box
  • Ricoh PCMCIA CardBus Controller
    • Not Working
  • Infrared Port
    • Not Working
  • OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller (Firewire400)
    • Works out of box
  • Built-in Mic
    • Not working
  • APCI
    • Battery level not shown
    • Sleep mode works fine

Xbench Result: 22.4

Any ideas to make more hardware to work?

[edit] Asus M6800N Notebook

Installed first patched DVD (doesn't work native) within vmware and dd'ed it to a partition. Installed Linux for triple-booting via grub. For the state my OSx86 is now in, i did following steps:

  • removing all ATI kext's
  • removing TPMACPI.kext
  • removing AppleFPMemDriver.kext (most important)
  • copying AppleAC97 kext from darwin and adding device- and vendor-ID in ist info.plist

My specs:

  • 1.5 GHz Pentium M Banias (SSE2)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • ATI Radeon Mobile 9600
    • Works only in Vesa 2.0 mode
  • 1400x1050 (SXGA+) display - works in native resolution
  • Intel 855 PM chipset
  • SigmaTel C-Major AC97 Soundcard- works fine
  • Toshiba DVD/CDRW combo SD-R2512 - burning works
  • Synaptics Touchpad - works
  • Firewire IEE 1394 - not tested yet, but is recognised by system
  • AC97 SoftModem - doesn't work (and will never, i think)
  • Broadcom NetLink Gigabit LAN - doesn't work
  • Intel 2100B WLAN - doesn't work
  • ACPI
    • Battery level is shown
    • Power button works
    • Suspend mode not tested yet

[edit] Asus S5N/M5N

used dd method with deadmoo's image. worked out of the box (-x -v to boot). sound doesn't seem to work - didn't look into it tho. After using the SSE2 patches everything seems to work. Performance is ok here (pentium-m 1.6ghz, 512mb).

After removing AppleIntel830* and AppleIntel915* kext's my S5 boot up in normal mode (no -x). Now Sound and Battery is working out of the box. Nice performance (S5, pentium-m 1,4GHz, 512MB)

used dd method to with deadmoo's image. worked out of the box (-x -v to boot) After removing AppleIntel830* and AppleIntel915* kext's and using the SSE2 patches everything seems to work. but Display : vga-Compatible Controller, Core Image = No supported, Quatz Extreme = No supported. The system work fine with 256 MB. ( S5N, pentium-m 1.4Ghz, 256MB)

(M5200N, Pentium M 1.4G / L2 1M, 768MB)

  • Used dd method on another desktop to dump the image into the HDD and then swap the original HDD into my M5200N.
  • Originally crashed while booting normally and after using -x -v option it booted successfully.
    • OS: 10.4.1
    • Audio: AC97 Audio works with crappy sound, no options available.
    • CD-ROM: DVD Combo works fine.
    • Display: VGA-Compatible Conroller, Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded, Core Image: Not supported, Quartz Extreme: Not Supported.
    • Battery Module works.
    • Ethernet: RTL8139 loaded, works fine.
    • Intel Wireless: doesn't work.
  • Safari crashes very often.
  • iTunes, Quicktime refused to work.
  • D-Link Bluetooth DBT-120 (H/W:B3, designed for OSX only) works fine on this X86 OSX while there was no driver for windows, quite a luck.

[edit] Asus A3E (A3000E) Notebook

I used the Generic x86 Install DVD. Installs and runs without any problem. Applied new version of the SSE3 patch and the 10.4.3 upgrade. Works flawlessly.

  • 1.4 Ghz Celeron M (SSE2)
  • 768 Mb RAM
  • Intel 915G Video - VESA 3.0, Quartz Extreme and Core Image work great after Kext edit.
  • Realtek RTL8139 100Mb Ethernet - Works
  • Intel HD sound - Works
  • USB - Works
  • Touchpad - Works
  • Firewire Ricoh R5C552 onboard chip - Works
  • CD/DVD combo drive - Detected and works
  • SD/Multicard reader - Works
  • PCCARD bridge - Works
  • ACPI - Fully working
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG - Not working
  • Onboard modem - Not tested
  • Infrared - Not tested
  • Integrated USB webcam - Not detected, but might work with drivers?

Probably the best Laptop for OSX x86. Everything works except the integrated webcam! .

[edit] Asus S5N/M5N

used dd method with deadmoo's image. worked out of the box (-x -v to boot). sound doesn't seem to work - didn't look into it tho. After using the SSE2 patches everything seems to work. Performance is ok here (pentium-m 1.6ghz, 512mb).

[edit] Asus M6N

Installed by ISO image (10.4.4 upgrade 10.4.5) -Mac.OS.X.Tiger.10.4.4.X86-HOTiSO-

  • 1.6 Ghz Pentimun M (SS2)
  • 512 RAM
  • ATI Radeon 9700
    • Working with VESA 2.0 (1024x768)
  • ATI Radeon 9600
    • Working with VESA 2.0 (1024x768)
  • Ethernet detected but not working :(
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG - Not working
  • Intel AC'97 sound - Works
  • USB - Works
  • Touchpad - Works
  • Firewire onboard chip - Works
  • DVD burner - Not tested
  • SD/Multicard reader - not tested
  • ACPI - Fully working
  • Onboard modem - Not tested
  • Infrared - Not tested

Too bad the ethernet don't work.

[edit] Asus V6000 / W3000 Notebook

I used the dd method with deadmoo's image. I have the V6VA20 version, but I believe all V6 (and W3) will work because they got the same hardware, only RAM and CPU speed change.

  • 2.0 Ghz Pentium M sonoma (SSE2)
  • 1 Go RAM
  • Intel ICH6 motherboard chipset
  • ATI Radeon X600 Mobility PCI-Express
    • Working with VESA 2.0
  • Marvell Yukon GigaEthernet - Not working
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG - Not working
  • Intel AC'97 (ICH6) sound - Works
  • USB - Works
  • Touchpad - Works
  • Bluetooth Thosiba onboard chip - Works (you must turn it on before MacOS starts)
  • Firewire Ricoh R5C552 onboard chip - Works
  • DVD burner - Works
  • SD/Multicard reader - not tested (but not listed in system profiler)
  • PCCARD bridge - Works
  • ACPI - Fully working
  • Onboard modem - Not tested
  • Infrared - Not tested

This notebook works with OSx86, the major problem is the network, I could not find any PCMCIA card which work, the only way to have network at this point is Ethernet Over Firewire.

I have a ASUS W3000 and this id worked for me "0x432011AB" remember they sometimes differ. This article helped me. http://forum.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t28680.html

http://www.pcidatabase.com/ has a great database of products and their respective device ID's, as well as the ID's of their vendors.

[edit] Asus Z9000 Notebook

Method: imaged from a VMWare image I created from the devkit & Darwin, but I screwed up the dd operation and as a result I have very little free space.

This notebook is about one and a half years old. Stars indicate nonworking hardware:

  • 1.7 GHz Pentium M (SSE2)
  • 768 MB RAM
  • 15 GB Hard Drive
  • ATI Radeon 9100 Mobile
    • It doesn't appear this is set up correctly, as I cannot change screen resolutions and so much as previewing a screensaver causes a crash of the preferences dialog.
  • Onboard sound does not work
  • Onboard NIC
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG
    • ust doesn't go, but this didn't surprise me as others have had problems so far.
  • Onboard modem not tested
  • USB
  • FireWire

Pretty much the same for the Asus Z9100 the only thing which crashes is the international settings...

[edit] Clevo D220S

Installation Method:

  • Native Mac OS 10.4.1 & 10.4.3 - only with USB-device in second USB-slot

Intel P4 1,8/SSE2 SiS 650 Chipset


Not Working:

  • Onboard modem

[edit] Clevo D400V/470V

Installation Method:

  • dd to disk with tiger-x86-flat.img.

Intel Mobile P4 3.06/SSE2 SiS 648FX Chipset


  • Video (ATI 9600Pro Mobile/M11) at 1024x768, sadly not native 1440x900, had to remove the ATI*.kexts before it would work without safe mode.
  • LAN (Realtek 8169 Gigabit onboard)
  • USB (not very well, doesn't detect everything)
  • Firewire

Not Working:

  • Onboard sound (Realtek AC97, tried AC97 Patch but doesn't work)
  • Onboard modem

Native installation doesn't seem to like my lappie, hangs with "still waiting for root device" no matter what I do. DD'ing the image over a second partition on the hd worked fine, though.

[edit] Compal CL56

(Note: This laptop is sold under many names - mine is a Zepto 4200, but the hardware is identical.)

Method: deadmoos VMWare patched for OS X, currently triple booting xp, linux and os x using grub. dd'ed using bs=512 and skip=63, had to change the id of my partition to "af". don't worry if it say's unknown, should still work.

Hardware: 1400x1050 LCD - 1.7 pentium-m dothan - 512mb pc2700 - 60gb 7200rpm - ATI Radeon 9700 mobility

I had to boot in safe mode and the video doesn't seem to be supported. Make sure you that if you are using an external harddrive that it is off when you attemp to boot or else it might not work. -marc

Method: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Install_On_A_Partition_Simple_And_Accurate
Installed it via Windows cmd prompt (with "bs=32256 skip=1 --progress" takes 5-10 minutes, just as good). I deleted (made backups first, just in case) all the files in /System/Library/Extensions starting with AppleIntel* and ATI* and it boots up without Safe Mode enabled. Not sure if the AppleIntel thing did any good, but the ATI definetely did, since (I suppose) the drivers conflict at bootup. Then I added:
<key>Graphics Mode</key>
in the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist - and now sound and everything works - very smooth!
Also, I've noticed that the touchpad seems to have a weird problem - everytime I try to use it, it will disconnect the keyboard and the touchpad it self at some point (I think I've used it for 1 minute without crashing), so it is not really of any use. UPDATE (17/11-05): It only happens when I'm logged ind. Try to log out, move you curser around as much as you like - no problem, works perfect. Log in and it doesn't work again. Makes no sense. Could anyone explain this?
I use an external bluetooth module, which only works if you plug it in AFTER bootup has finnished. Otherwise you can't use it, not even plug it out and in again.

[edit] Compaq Presario 2544ea

Method : Maklar Tiger Iso patched with Bender12 Generic patch and Maxxus' patch then.

Hardware :

  • 2,66GHz Pentium 4 (sse2 only)
  • ATI RS200M AGP chipset
  • 2x256MB Ram
  • ATI IGP 340M (Radeon Mobility M7)
  • 40GB 7200rpm HD (clean HFS partition)
  • Teac CD-RW/DVD-Rom Combo
  • National Semiconductor Ethernet
  • Conexant HSF modem
  • ALI 5451 Sound
  • M-Audio Audiophile USB audio card
  • Broadcom Wirelees

No sound for the two devices (wating for M-Audio to release x86 drivers) No modem No Wirelss 1024x768 resolution I have to boot with "platform=X86PC" command Most applications work correctly

[edit] Compaq EVO N610c

Compaq EVO N610C - By CrazyJetWolv

All hardware works!

Kexts Here: LAN AND PCMCIA!!!! ( TI 4520 PC Card Bus, PCI-4520 ) [2]

Not all steps may need to be done below, but mine works well after doing them all.

In BIOS: Turn OFF Intel Speedstep Technology (so it works better) Turn ON USB Legacy Support if you need to boot from an external usb drive.

Use Jas 10.4.8 OSX86 Disc for install During install:

Tick Jas Intel Support box Inside Common Hardware tick Laptop Power Management Untick main Languages and printers boxes if not needed (or pick individual ones inside of them)

After install you want to edit your /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist file make sure you have the following:

<key>Kernal Flags</key> <string>idlehalt=0</string>

I presume my screen is 1024x768 natively, trying to set it higher does not do anything on boot up, no QE or Core Image either.

Audio should work automatically from install, use the kexts above to get PCMCIA and LAN working.

by Cele_82

Intel P4M without SSE3, Chipset 845

Installation Method(s):

  • used tiger-x86.img + SSE2 patches + remove AppleTPMACPI.kext


  • LAN
  • Sound works(sample rate must set to 48KHZ), Volume function keys work like a PowerBook, with display
  • ACPI battery status information works.
  • Brightness control keys work

Not Working:

  • WLAN Multiport W200 Module

Not Tested

  • PCMCIA Slots

Notes: In power options set CPU mode to Automatic instead of Maximum Performance.

=====Compaq Evo 610C 2.0GHZ SSE2 1GB RAM======by Wenle.Z Everything works, but sound doesn't. Also the brightness control is not working. or i just don't konw how to use it. How to make the sound works? I used Viper's 10.4.1 DVD image. The 10.4.3 MaxxU patched doesn't work. it won't even get into the installation. I also have dual boot now. But i still don't know how to install bin files.

[edit] Compaq EVO N1000c

Method: Ubuntu (AF requiered)

CPU: P4 1.8ghz (SSE2) RAM: 256mb Working: Sound, network, mic, nice graphique, screen, keyboard, totch pad, toutch stik, USB etc, everything detected and work at full speed, faster than windows :)

Method: Native Install Generic OSX86 Install

CPU: P4 1.7ghz (SSE2) RAM: 256mb Install failed first time around but I continued the install after a reboot and it took fine. Everything is working except for the sound and the Compaq 802.11b PCMIA card. Any ideas as to how to get the sound working? Soundmax internal card.

[edit] Compaq Evo N1000v

Everything Works. Dell Wireless pci 1300 card (with a few Tweaks). Shows 512 ram under (About this Mac) (but only 256 in System Profiler). But it is running with 512 as the Activity Moniter shows, So im thinking this is only a minor glitch. No joy with internal modem. Still to fix Graphics issue, works fine but no acceleration.

  1. 1024x768 15" LCD
  2. 2.0 GHz Pentium 4
  3. 512Mb PC2100
  4. 30gb 5200rpm
  5. CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo
  6. ATI IGP 340M (Radeon Mobility M7)
  7. NIC: RealTek (RTL-8139) 10/100
  8. Modem: Conexant HSF 56k HSFi
  9. Sound: Intel onboard
  10. Input device-- Keyboard, Touchpad supported
  11. Wireless Dell 1300 works perfect on 10.4.1 but not 10.4.3

[edit] Compaq Evo N1020V

Method: deadmoos VMWare patched for OS X, dual boot with XP. Patched with maxxuss's patch.


  • 1024x768 15" LCD
  • 2.4 GHz Pentium 4
  • 512Mb PC2100
  • 40gb 7200rpm
  • CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo
  • ATI IGP 340M (Radeon Mobility M7)
  • NIC: RealTek (RTL-8139) 10/100
  • Modem: Conexant HSF 56k HSFi
  • Sound: ACER ALI 5451
  • Wireless: ASUS WL-167g

NIC works. Graphics works in VESA mode at 1024x768. Sound doesn't work. There is an AC97 (ALI 5451) but the southbridge seems to be unsupported in Apple's AC97 driver. Wireless doesn't work. Modem not tested. Boots using platform=X86PC. With maxxuss's patch, powerpc applications work flawlessly. Update: Reinstalled using patched DVD. Now it shows battery level, and no longer needs to boot with platform=X86PC (it was necessary for speed reasons). ASUS Wireless USB thumb works with ralink 2500 driver.

[edit] Compaq x1000 (specifically x1010us)

Method: using deadmoos VMWare patched for OS X, dual booting XP and OS X with darwin. No second drive necessary -- just using 2nd created partition changed to "AF". Basically following this guide ([3]) to the letter.


  • Processor-- Intel Pentium M (1.6 GHz)
  • RAM installed-- 512 MB DDR SDRAM
  • Hard drive-- 60 GB IDE
  • CD / DVD type-- CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo
  • Input device-- Keyboard, Touchpad
  • Display-- 15.4 in TFT active matrix
  • Max resolution-- 1280 x 800 (ATI Mobility 9200)
  • Audio output-- Sound card
  • Networking type-- Network adapter
  • Modem-- 56 Kbps Fax / modem


  • Processor-- Intel Pentium M (1.4 GHz)
  • RAM installed-- 512 MB DDR SDRAM
  • Hard drive-- 30 GB IDE
  • CD / DVD type-- HL-DT-STCD-RW/DVD DRIVE GCC-4241N Combo supported
  • Input device-- Keyboard, Touchpad supported
  • Display-- 15.4 in TFT active matrix supported
  • Max resolution-- 1280 x 800 (ATI Mobility 9200)no drivers yet VESA 2.0 running in 1028x764x32....
  • Audio output-- Sound card supported
  • Networking type-- Network adapter supported
  • Modem-- 56 Kbps Fax / modem
  • Wireless Ethernet--Intel mini integrated not supported

Everything works except the built in Intel wireless networking and the Video Card so far..... Hardwire through the ethernet port works fine as does the display, sound, and touchpad. nurv: Does the except include the ATI graphics card? I just want to get 1280x800 but I can't see how! Does any one knows how to do that? You won't be able to until drivers for the ATI 9000 series are available...might be soon since it might be in the latest 10.4.3 seed!

I have been unable to get either of the network adapters working (I have an x1000, not a x1010 or anything else, an x1000). I was also unable to get the screen to go to a resolution of 1280x800. Other than that the OS runs very fast and is very capable. My network adapter is working it's RTL based.....

iTunes, Safari, and others work using the SSE3 -> SSE2 patch. I'm going to try to install iLife and see if I can't get Garageband running.

[edit] Compaq Presario V2140

Method: Followed this guide to add OSX to a multiboot system.


  • 1280x 768" LCD
  • intel 82852 Graphics Controller
  • 1.5 GHz Pentium M
  • NIC: RealTek (RTL-8139) 10/100
  • Wireless: Intel PRO 2200BG

NIC works, Wireless doesn't. Only booted in safe mode at first, but after removing the i915* and i830* kexts it now boots in normal mode. Applied maxxuss's patch and now all PPC apps work great.

[edit] Compaq Presario dv3100 CTO

Method: Native install. Used JAS 10.4.7, GMA900, COMBO UPDATE, INtell sse3, and sata options.


  • 1280x 768" LCD
  • Single Core Intel Proc

No Ethernet, no wireless, no sound

[edit] Compaq Presario M2003AP

Method: Followed this guide to add OSX to a multiboot system.


  • Intel® Celeron M M Processor 360 (#) (1.4GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 400MHz FSB)
  • 15" colour TFT XGA (1024 x 768 resolution)
  • 256MB (1 x 256MB) DDR SDRAM (266MHz)
  • 40GB (4200 rpm)
  • DVD/CD-RW Combo
  • Integrated IntelEx Extreme Graphics 2 (up to 64MB Shared Memory)

NIC works. Sound Works. Responsive and usable. DVDs and CD are read fine. Haven't tried burning. Applied maxxuss's patch and now all PPC apps work great. But every app needs rosetta Even the so called universal builds. I thought you only need rosetta for ppc arch.

[edit] Compaq R3000Z (R3140US) [Athlon64 3000+]

Method: Using Xplode's guide, everything went fine. I even made it dual boot with my Gentoo 2005 AMD64 installation, using Grub.


  • Processor-- Athlon64 3000+ 1.8Ghz
  • RAM installed-- 768 MB DDR SDRAM
  • Hard drive-- 60 GB IDE
  • CD / DVD type-- DVD+RW
  • Input device-- Keyboard, Touchpad
  • Display-- 15.4 in TFT active matrix
  • Max resolution-- 1280 x 800 (NVidia GeForce4 MX)
  • Audio output-- AC97 Chipset
  • Networking type-- Realtek RTL 8139 Internal Card
  • Modem-- 56 Kbps Fax / modem
  • Wireless-- Broadcom

Everything works, with some flaws. First, for the network card to work, I need to boot with platform=X86PC - this used to happen in Linux too, and was solved using apic=off. I tried the same on OS X, and it didn't work. When I boot with platform=X86PC, I lose all the ACPI functions (like CPU Throttling), and I can't shutdown - I always need to reboot, then turn off the computer.

The network card only transmits information when I move my mouse - yeah. And it must be the mouse, not the trackpad. Weirdo.

The internal Wireless adapter (broadcom) works with the hack listed on the forums.

The only thing that I truly miss is a NVidia kext. Please apple, just this one! ;)

-- ebf

edit by someone else it's not yet possible to have a widescreen res on a nvidia card. btw, i navagated to this site using the touchpad, and i can shutdown just fine.

[edit] Custom Intel [Celeron Celeron - NOT D! - (2.6GHz)]

Method: Used Ubuntu (dd) method

Hardware: Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz (NOT D!) 512MB RAM ASUS board ATI Graphics

There are some problems with visual artifacts, just got it up and running though and haven't had the time to look for and ATI graphics fix. The non-D Celerons don't run the SSE3 instruction set, so if you use a non-D processor you won't be able to run iTunes and the other apps that use SSE3.

[edit] Custom Intel [Celeron Celeron D (2.4GHz); GigaByte GA-8PE800]

Method: Used Ubuntu (dd) method

Hardware: Intel Celeron D 2.4Ghz 512MB RAM GeForce2 MX GigaByte GA-8PE800

Everything worked out of the box. The only problem has been system stability. Video card is not accelerated.

/// Hi, didnt' you have any video problems?

[edit] Custom Intel [Celeron D (2.4GHZ); Elitegroup 661FX-M (SiS661FX NB, SiS964/964L SB)]

Install method: dd'd the deadmoo vmware image to partition (dual boot using chain0).

Hardware: Audio/Video/USB/Firewire/ethernet onboard, AHA2940 Controller for old CD Burner, IDE drive, SiS661FX Northbridge, SiS964/964L Southbridge.

Graphics: Vesa works (onboard card), but obviously no CoreImage or Quartz ...

Sound: after changing Vendor and Device ID in the AC97 kernel extension the kext loads without error. However, as soon as the sound device is used (for example System Preferences -> Audio) the system crashes.

Onboard ethernet: doesn't work


  • Doesn't like USB devices connected during boot. However, they work fine when plugged in after booting.
  • Need to give bootoption platform=ACPI or platform=X86PC
  • Using deadmoo image need to re-patch Coregraphics back from SSE2 to SSE3 for rosetta to work. This is described in http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=538 .

[edit] Custom Intel [Celeron D 330J; D915BGUXL Intel Motherboard]

Method: dd'd the VMware image to hard drive, then followed Luther Blissets instructions in this post: [4] (about 2/3rds of the way down) to perform a native install.

Hardware: Intel Celeron D 330J, D915BGUXL Intel Motherboard, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, Onboard video & sound, USB Keyboard and Mouse

Comments: The machine locked up completely once, when I attached the speaker cable while the machine was running. It has been 100% solid otherwise. Have not tested Line-in or Mic ports, but if you test, I suggest attaching while machine is off.  :)

[edit] Custom Intel [Celeron D 330 (2.66 GHz); ASUS Spresso 112]

Method : Unbuntu Live CD with VMWare flat file.

Hardware : Asus Spresso 112 (P4P8T MoBo) Celeron D 330 (2.66 Ghz) SSE3, 512 Mb RAM, 120 Gb Maxtor, NEC 3540 DVD-RW, Intel 865 and ATI Radeon 9000, Onboard Sound, Onboard LAN.

Comments: First installation worked only in Safe Mode (-x). I tried to disable SATA as suggested. No Luck. Then I added the ATI Radeon 9000 AGP I had (instead of the onboard Intel 865) and it worked in normal mode !! Rosetta is still not working but as I have SSE3 I might copy the original files back. Sound is working, LAN is working, USB2 is working.

Update (16-08-05) : Rosetta is working now that I have reinstalled the original CoreGraphics file.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (1.4GHz); Intel D850GB board]

Method: 10.4.1 native install using patched installer DVD "marklar-tiger-release1.iso"

Hardware: Intel Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz, 384MB PC800 RDRAM, 400MHz FSB, NVidia TnT2 32MB AGP 4x, 6GB ATA, Intel PCI ethernet card

Comments: This is probably the very lowest x86 hardware capable of running OS X, but it actually runs fairly quickly. NVidia TnT2 functions as a generic adapter at 1024x768x32. Sound works. USB works. Motherboard LAN does not work, but an Intel-based PCI ethernet card works. Runs both PowerPC and Intel binaries perfectly!

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (1.6GHz); Intel D845HV board]

Hardware: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 CPU (SSE2); Intel D845HV; 384MB RAM; ATI 8500LE 128MB; 3Com 3C905CX-TXM; Maxtor 60GB Hard Drive

Method: Used the generic install DVD to install image to hard drive. Installation would not begin - long story short - SAM errors indicated that the image did not like my DVD ROM. After swapping DVD ROMs, installation finished in a matter of 15 minutes.

Comments: After this I then installed a copy of SuSe 9.3 with Grub as the boot loader. Both partitions play nice with each other.

Did not need to remove ATI kext files, 3D acceleration was working well...I had tested magnification on the dock and it worked nice (I could even play chess). I needed to install the AC97 kext file (it was missing). iTunes worked after this change.

Updated to 10.4.3 with new update image. System now responds even faster!!

Installed Adium, Chicken on the VNC, and SNES9x - all work well.




[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium IV, (1.7GHz); Intel D850MV board]

Method: Downloaded the deadmoo image from a torrent, then dd'ed the image to a 6.5G hard drive that was connected as primary slave, from my host OS (debian GNU/Linux 3.1), then I switched the 6.5 drive to primary master and disconnected my drive with debian on it, and booted into OS X, with -x. Hangs on normal boot. (Later fixed this by removing all the ATI extensions) Now that It goes into normal mode, my sound works. Removed the TPM kernel module, and added the maxxuss patches version 0.4, and rosetta is working fine on my SSE2 processor.

Hardware: Intel Pentium IV, 1.7GHz, 512M PC800 RDRAM, 400MHz FSB, Intel 850 Northbridge, ICH2 southbridge, ATI Rage128GL AGP 4x, 6.5G ATA Disk, Onboard Ethernet Disabled, DEC 21041 Tulip NIC.

Comments: Tiger runs quite smoothly on this hardware setup, and I noticed quite an improvement with stability after applying the maxxuss patch set 0.4, safari isn't crashing on site it just didn't like before. My onboard sound, nor my Sound Blaster (ENS1371-based), are working. (They now work after removing the ATI kernel extensions so that I could boot without -x) Ethernet works great with the DEC card, I actually got the card out of an old macintosh because my onboard ethernet on this board didn't really have much support for a while, except on one OS I didn't use, but this card works with anything i've come across.

[edit] Custom Intel PIV (1.8 Ghz) 512 Mb. RAM M/Board MSI 645 Combo

Method: dd'd the VMware image to a 20 GB IDE hard drive

Hardware: Intel PIV (SSE2 Only), MSI 645 Combo Mainboard, 512MB DDR333, GeForce 2, Realtek 8139 Ethernet Card

Comments: Everything works, etcept for the sound, that is based on Realtek ALC650 (tried the guides and everything, still nuthingggg, if you're able to make it work, contact me on irc). Works very fast. I'm about to try the rosetta patches for sse2, but i'm starting to miss my music :-(. Safari very unstable, Deep Park (firefox) works great. Colloquy irc client also works very well.

-SaLaSa- 04:37, 17 Aug 2005 (CDT)

[edit] Custom Intel [P4 Northwood [email protected], Jetway 845GPROL]

Method: dd'd the deadmoo image to 6.4GB ATA33 HDD under Windows XP.

Hardware: P4 Northwood 1.8A at 2.4GHz, Jetway 845GPROL, GeForce256 32MB, 2x256MB DDR400, Pioneer 16X DVD-ROM, Asus 48x24x52x CD-RW.

Comments: It boots normally. All applications in Tiger work fine. Onboard CMI9738 sound does not work. Onboard RTL8139 ethernet works. Quartz Extreme & Core Image is not supported, but the dock animations are as fast as my 1.33GHz G4 iBook. Darwin says that my video card memory is 4MB. SSE3->SSE2 patch works, as I can run iTunes. CD burning works. I have a Zoom USB ADSL modem (it runs Conexant engine under the hood) and it works on the iBook but kextload says the driver is compiled for the PowerPC, so I can't use it on OSX86. If anybody has drivers for my not supported devices, please contact me at ] phalanx31 at gmail dot com. [

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (1.8GHz {2.29GHz OC}); ECS L4S8A2F (SiS 648)]

Method: Installed via VMware and copied all files via Darwin to the Physical Drive

Hardware: Intel P4 1.8 @ 2.29Ghz(Northwood), 512MB DDR333, GF4 MX440 64MB, 2x 80GB Seagate ATA100, 9.1GB Seagate ATA66, ECS L4S8A2F (SiS 648) MoBo

Comments: Native, xplOde's Guide, cannot use (onboard SiS900 LAN and SiS7012 Sound) Networking but can Surf the Internet via Dial-up (Using Serial Modem (IC+ 56k Modem) ), Boot to Desktop FAST!, Only thing that didn't boot (Still Waiting for Root Device) natively cause of I booted it in Secondary IDE which in VMware should be Primary Master, and when I opened system preferences my onboard Firewire was detected so I can hook up my iPod (if I had one.. :( )

-- october|omicron 14:41, 12 Aug 2005 (PHT-Manila), Last Update: 09:14, 4 Sept. 2005

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (2.0GHz)]

Method: Native install via dd-ing the VMware image to disk

Hardware: 2.0Ghz P4 (no SSE3), Radeon 9600xt 256MB 512MB RAM

Comments: Having the Radeon causes normal booting to kernel panic. Safemode boot works fine. Removing the Radeon and using onboard video let normal boot work fine. Boot was slow, but it moved with very good speed once booted. It was obvious that 2D accel wasn't working, as things like xpose (however you spell it) and dock zooming were jittery.

Method: Native install via dd-ing tiger-x86-flat.img to extra IDE drive

Hardware: 2.0GHz P4 @ 2.2GHz (no SSE3), nVidia GeForce FX5500, 512MB Ram

Comments: SSE3 functions do not work, having troubles patching. Graphics are top notch. Speed is terrific after deleting AppleTCMP (or whatever) file. Boot sometimes fails at anytime during any screen.

ASUS P4P800 Deluxe P4 Northwood 2.4C kingmax 512 X2 200 5205200 5200 80G




-V~o debuF8

-Vdkdp_poll: ~o debuF8 -Vdevice gger d vice  : no debukdp_poll: no debugger device 12卡 还有就是 们都是�c4 2.4 I~


139那里装完~能 512装��S的硬 接上我的也能用~~ 为什么就 �c4 2.4 I~ l2.4 In eler dev865865

512Custo~ In 512[Penti S   Nor hw~~

390Ghz(2 4GHz);~~ S P4B266]==

Ha~dkdp_po81392.4 In eler dev865 clo~

512Custom Intel [Pentium   Northw~~

390Ghz(2 4GHz); ASUS P4B266]==

Ha~dware: Custom Int~ S 4 Overclocked 2.0(2.4 Ghz), A~~ p4b266~ 512MB PC2100 Kinkdp_polc4 2.4 Inteler dev865 efo~

512Custom Intel [Pentium   Northwoo81390Ghz(2 4GHz); ASUS P4B266]==

Hardware: Custom Int~~ 4 Overclocked 2.0(2.4 Ghz), Asus p4b266~ 512MB PC2100 KingstoOSValue Ram, EVGA Nvida Geforce ~~00 GT, Realtek 8139 Ethernet Ckdp_poll: no debugger device ode~

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 Northwood 2.0Ghz(2.4GHz); ASUS P4B266]

Hardware: Custom Intel P4 Overclocked 2.0(2.4 Ghz), Asus p4b266, 512MB PC2100 Kingston Value Ram, EVGA Nvida Geforce 6600 GT, Realtek 8139 Ethernet Card

Method: Used Xplode's method(pearpc, vmware, ultraiso, spare HD) to install natively

Comments: Everything works, except for the sound. iTunes starts but no sound. I'm using the Maxxuss patches(because of the sse2 processor. Safari is EXTREMLY unstable (along with colliloquy). Aim is sluggish, im using ichat instead. ALSO, on this mainboard i had to disable the parallel ports because apple would not boot with them on so....TURN IT OFF IN YOUR BIOS.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (non-Prescott) 2.8GHz]

Hardware: Intel 2.8Ghz non-prescot (SSE2 only) CPU, 1GB TwinMOS (2 * 512Mb paired), On-board Ethernet, Sound blaster player

Method: deadmoo's image installed onto 20Gb IBM DeskStar HD. Used SUSE 9.2 live DVD, dd, and a samba share.

Comments: I initially used my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, which needed my to boot in what I believe is safe mode (-x), otherwise I got the error message when the apple was onscreen. I then tried with an Nvidia GEForce 5200 128Mb grapics card, which booted fine even when not using save mode. So it looks like NVidia (not surprisingly) is working properly on UNIX-like systems.

The following was the same for each card.

Working: NIC, display (1024 only), PS2 keyboard and mouse iTunes

Not working:' USB Mouse and Keyboard stops working after a minute or two, audio (I think).

I also conducted some patching using the instructions at here - but I had not tried iTunes pre-patch, I assumed it would not work. The USB keyboard came with an older Mac G4

[edit] Custom Intel (P4 2.4ghz Northwood, AOpen AX4B-533 Tube)

Method: Used 12" PB G4 to install Tiger to external firewire drive, backed up the image using disk utility, moved the drive to the Intel system (connected this time using ATA cable), installed Darwin from CD, moved the hard drive back to the mac (using firewire enclosure) and restored the drive image (without reformatting), applied TPM patch and core graphics patches.

Hardware: 2.4ghz Northwood P4, 1gb DDR 266, AOpen AX4B-533 Tube motherboard, M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard, 30gb IBM Travelstar, Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM, .

What works: it boots.

What doesn't work: sound, quartz extreme, DVD drive, Rosetta, network, PS2 mouse, USB 2.0 (after disabling the USB controller in the bios, it worked like magic and the USB ports worked).

Comments: I use Gigastudio 160 2.5. I disconnected all hard drives except for the drive I installed Tiger onto. When I plugged my original stuff back in, gigastudio did not work and I had to reinstall the drivers for the M-Audio sound card. Sound card works again under WXP, but then I tried booting from the OSx86 drive again, then moved back to XP. M-Audio sound card didn't work again. Had to re-install drivers the 2nd time. Under OSx86 the finder kept relaunching/crashing.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 Prescott (2.4GHz); Intel 865PERL]

Method: WinDD with DeadMoo flat image

Hardware: P4 Prescott 2.4, Intel 865PERL, 1GB RAM, WD 80GB ATA100, NVIDIA GeForce440MX

Comments: Works Perfectly. Onboard Sound works. 3Com 3C905 NIC card works. No need for -x at boot. No problems at all!

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 C (2.6GHz); ASUS P4P800]

Method: Old 8 gig drive in Linux box, deadmoo VMWare image on XP box, dd'ed across Samba. Shut down P4 box, plug in this drive (and unplug the others) and reboot.

Hardware: P4 Northwood 2.6C, Asus P4P800, 1GB RAM, WD 8GB ATA33, NVIDIA FX5600Pro

Comments: Booting on the system initially with my Radeon 9800Pro caused it to give me the yellow reboot screen at the gray apple -- safe mode worked, however. Watching the boot process told me it was dying at the video portion, so I dug up my NVIDIA card, slapped it in and it worked great. A fellow in the IRC channel saw the same problem -- so I can fairly safely confirm that the 9800Pro is not an option (yet). Motherboard sound works (SB Live does not) and built-in networking does not work.

[edit] Custom Intel [P4 Northwood 2.8Ghz, MSI 875P Neo, ATI 9600 Pro]

Method: Tiger_for_x86pc_(by_Viper).iso found on thePiratebay. Per Viper, It includes a SSE3 to SSE2 patch and others hacks. I found it missing the AC97audio.kext files.

Comments: Installing and Runing Native was Easy. Just burn the ISO to dvd, installed on non-formatted non-partitioned 40gig Harddrive as primary. Set bios to boot from cd/dvd. The installation went smooth. On the first install I did get a SAM error using my Samsung DVD-ROM. So I did the install using my NEC DVD-RW. Networking worked right away. Video problem, had to remove all ATI kext files so Tiger would boot in normal mode. Sound works. Downloaded ac97audio files http://www.osx86filecenter.com/?p=7 and used sudo command to install. http://www.notebookforums.com/showthread.php?t=102382&page=18&pp=15 USB works! WOW, it even see's my Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel. Also see's Microsoft Sidewinder and logitech trackball. System Preferences does see the 1394 Firewire on the motherboard, but I have no devices to test. Windows network printing works. System CPU utilization very low with AppleTPMACPI.kext still in the Extensions folder.

Hardware: Intel P4 2.8Ghz SSE2 only, MSI 875 Neo motherboard with ICH5R Southbridge, onboard Intel 82547EI Pro/1000 NIC, with AC97 RealTek ALC850 Audio, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro video, Geil 512 DDR-SDRAM (PC3200 200mhz) CAS2, NEC DVD-RW ND-3520A, Samsung DVD-ROM SD616T, onboard 1394 port, AMI Bios

Performance: System boots really fast! iTunes opens, connects, streams media fine. Safari fast. System runs stable. Able to run iTunes, with multiple Safari windows opened, along with monitor, terminal, system preferences. Able to Dual boot system from XP back to Tiger using bios multi-boot options during post. (F11) (HD setup, XP is master, Tiger is slave) Success with burning cd's using the Tiger generic burn program.

Unresolved Problems: Core-image & Quartz Extreme do not work. ATI kext drivers do not work which is a common problem with all the OSX86 builds. Was unable to get flash macromedia plug-in to work with Safari :( Possible that Safari needs software update as fix for flash install.


[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 Prescott(3.0GHz {3.8GHz OC}); ASUS P5GD2 (Intel 915P)

Method: deadmoo image to HD via DD

Hardware: ASUS P5GD2(Intel 915P), Pentium 4 Prescott [email protected], 512MB DDR2, GeForce 6600

Comments: Booted right away. I applied the patch with the original CoreGraphics. After that, everything ran great. Onboard Marvell gigabit ethernet didn't work, threw in an old 3c905 and it picked it up right away. Onboard sound didn't work until I added the platform=x86 flag. Photoshop runs, but crashes randomly. Other than having no video acceleration, it runs perfectly. I downloaded some random Mac programs, everything works just as well as if it was a real Mac. Boots fast, very responsive.

[edit] Custom Intel [P4-3.2, Intel GMA900]

Method: dd'd the VMware image to hard drive & applied the core-image patch...

Hardware: Intel P4 3,2Ghz on MSI-7058, 1Gb DDR2 Ram, Integrated Intel GMA900 Video

Comments: Normal boot works fine, disabled COM-port's in BIOS make's the boot very fast. Core-image & Quartz Extreme do work! (system profiler shows 'supperted') and Dashboard does the ripple-effets (!) Onboard ethernet works, Onboard sound works, but the main volume can't be adjusted. iTunes works (#4.9), every application i tried did til so far (office 2004, photoshop cs, msn messenger 5)



[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (2.6GHz {3.2GHz OC}); ASUS P4P800 (Intel 865)

Method: deadmoo image to HD via dd port for windows, and native install with dvd patch

Hardware: Asus P4P800 (Intel 865), [email protected] P4 (Northwood), 1024MB DDR Dual Channel, Geforce 2 MX400

Comments: I had to remove ATI kexts in order to boot with my Radeon 9600 XT (my old geforce worked with no problems). Radeon showed VESA 2.0 on the bootloader, on the contrary geforce shows VESA 3.0. Also, I have to disable USB 2.0 support in the bios. On board sound worked perfect with darwint, s kext, onboard 3com gigabit ethernet didnI at worked, but a cheap Realtek nic worked fine (RTL8139D chipset). The system runs very fast taking in mind you dont have 2d acceleration. Recently I reinstalled using a patched developer dvd. Installation worked perfect, but I had also to remove the kexts from ATI and install ac97 darwinA, s kexts. Also this installation made Screensavers panel work. VooD

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 2.8E (Prescott)] MSI 865PE Neo2-P (Intel 865)

Hardware: MSI 865PE-Neo2, P4 2.8GHz (Prescott), 1024MB DDR Dual Channel (2x512), MSI Radeon 9800XT (R360), 160Gb SATA, 3com 3c905, SB Audigy2 ZS, LG DVD-RW GWA-4164B

Method: Marklar-tiger.iso image patched with "Generic Patch Release 1", burnt and installed via bootable dvd

Comments: No magic. Just applied the patch directly to the image (before burning). Then installed with the DVD on a clean disk. Installation went fine, no probls. System VERY, VERY fast. In fact, bootup is about 10 times faster than windoze on same machine.

Rosetta working and stable. iTunes opens, connects, streams media, but I can't play because Audigy2 ZS isn't working yet. As soon as I have time, I'll remove the Audigy board and enable the onboard Realtek AC'97 to see if it works.

Radeon is recognized as VESA 2.0, no need to remove kext's using the method I used. Only need to change screen resolution (defaults to 1024x768) in com.apple.Boot.plist (my LCD is 1280x1024 native). Added the property "Graphics Mode", string, 1280x1024x24 (used 24bit colors instead of 32bit because I saw somewhere -don't remember- that it may be faster).

Some curious hardware Info for this machine: P4 2.8E (prescott) + MSI mobo + Audigy2 ZS + 3com 3c905: While the Audigy board doesn't work, it's firewire ports are recognized and suposed to be working, in the System Profiler, under 'PCI Cards' I found this:


 Type:	Ethernet Controller
 Bus:	PCI
 Slot:	PCI5
 Vendor ID:	0x10b7
 Device ID:	0x9200
 Subsystem Vendor ID:	0x10b7
 Subsystem ID:	0x1000
 Revision ID:	0x0078


 Type:	IEEE 1394 Open HCI
 Bus:	PCI
 Slot:	PCI4
 Vendor ID:	0x1102
 Device ID:	0x4001
 Subsystem Vendor ID:	0x1102
 Subsystem ID:	0x0010
 Revision ID:	0x0004

The 'ethernet' device is located on slot PCI5 and the device 'pci1102,4001' (Audigy) on slot PCI4.

Also, my DVD burner was found (it's listed by the System Profiler) but I didn't tried to burn anything yet.

Rosetta-dependent applications installed: IE 5.0 for Mac, Firefox 1.0.6, MSN Messenger Problems found in these apps: NONE!!!


[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 520 (2.8GHz); Intel D915GUX Board]

Method: used vmware-image copied to disk1 to boot up and install/patch on disk2 for a fast and native install

Hardware: Intel P4 520 (2.8GHz), Intel D915GUX Board, 1024MB DDR2, IGA900, 2x 80GB Seagate SATA, SATA DVD-RW

Works: QuartzExtreme, CoreImage, Rosetta

Doesn't work: Sound, LAN

native install boot (c) stullek . LOL video doesn't work??

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 LGA 775 3GHz, Intel Desktop Board D915GLVG]

  • Hardware
    • Onboard VGA (GMA900)
    • Sound ALC860
    • 10/100 Intelww 82562GZ LAN

Native Using Deadmoo image (using dd) + Maxxuss-SSE3-to-SSE2_v0.4.iso patch Dont believe this site its editable............

[edit] Custom Intel [Celeron D 336 (2.8GHz); Intel D915GUXL Board]

Method: used Marklar Tiger from this tutorial: http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/202/42/

Hardware: Intel Celeron D 336 (2.8GHz), Intel D915GUXL Board, 512MB DDR2, IGA900, 1x 40GB IBM ATA, ATA Pioneer 110D DVD-RW

Works: QuartzExtreme, CoreImage, Rosetta

Doesn't work: Just sound

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (3.0GHz, SSE3); ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe Motherboard (Intel 865 Chipset)]

Method: (Native) DD'd Curtis/Deadmoo's image to a 120GB internal IDE hard drive using this: http://www.techzone.5gigs.com/guides/computers/macosx86/main.html stratagey, which I had no problems with. After, I expanded the remainder of the drive (about 105GB) using Partition Magic in Windows (set drive type to id=AF), then booted back into OSX86 and copied the current drive to the new one. I've since installed all of my programs to this location.

System Information:

Intel Pentium 4 Processor @ 3.0GHz w/SSE3 compatibility

1GB Corsair PC3200 RAM

Radeon 9550 Graphics Card (VESA 2.0, therfore I cannot change the size of my desktop or refresh rates)

120GB Hard Drive - Windows XP currently installed here

120GB Hard Drive - OSX86 currently installed here

I boot by hitting F8 during POST to bring up my boot selection menu (it isn't GRUB or LILO or anything, just the stock boot selector that came with the motherboard) which will take me into Darwin. From there I simply hit enter to start the OS, I do NOT boot into safe mode or single user mode, and I do not get a login screen for one reason or another. My boot time, last I clocked, from the time I see the grey Apple logo to the time I see my desktop and can use everything was 8 (Eight) seconds, which runs circles around my iBook G3 (it's an old Icebox [G3, 20GB, 384MB RAM, OS 10.3.9)


USB - Have used an external hard drive

Keyboard and mouse are also USB


CD Burning/Reading

Sound - worked without having to be patched

Using iTunes, other Rosetta apps

Ethernet - PCI NIC By DLink works wonderfully.

Turning Rosetta on - Big bold note: The reason that Rosetta and it's accompanying apps do not work is because the Deadmoo image has support for it patched out. In order to re-enable this, you need to download the unpatched version, which can be found in the hardware section of the forums, and easier in the IRC channel. Before it, no apps would run for me, iTunes, Photoshop installs, ect., however after I am completely able to run all apps. It takes minimal amount of time, and as long as you are careful it is pretty failsafe. A must for all deadmoo imagers.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4, 3 GHz; MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R (865 Chipset)]

Method: PHE*NIX .dmg, converted to iso, General_Release_Patch_1 applied.

Hardware: P4 3Ghz with SSE2, 768 MB RAM, MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R Mobo, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, Creative Audigy 2 ZS (disabled, intergrated sound used instead)

Comments: Generally, everything works, except for video acceleration, and my Creative sound card. Had to repair permissions before it would boot well. Other than that, works fine in safe mode, had to add AC97 drivers to get (intergrated) sound working, and cannot shutdown/restart or sleep. Does not help if 'platform=ACPI' is entered at boot, still checking 'platform=x86pc'.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (2.8GHz); Abit IS7-E (Intel Chipset)]

Method: Generic, DVD Installation

Hardware : P4 2.8 GHz with HT SSE2 Only, 512 Ram, Abit IS7-E MB Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 with Creative SB live

Comments: Actually I had an Asus P4P800X mb, it couldn't boot up the DVD. Finally I discovered that the bios used couldn't recognize the dvd (American Megatrans). So I decided to switch to my other mb, which is this Abit IS7-E (Bios : Phoenix). I am glad to say that not only does it manage to boot up the Generic Installation DVD + Patches flawlessly, in fact everything works perfectly fast. No problems with partitioning. However, this Abit motherboard has an integrated network port which isn't recognizable in windows and mac (requires driver). It's a 3com integrated network. I hope that someone might release a Mac version of this network driver. Thanks.
--[[User:Wahkiz] Website : www.wahkiz.com

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (3.0GHz); Abit IS7-V MB (Intel Chipset)]

Method: Native

Hardware: P4 3.0 GHZ with HT SSE2 SSE3, 1 Gig Ram, Abit IS7-V MB (Intel Chipset), Nvidia 5600

Comments: I DD'd the VMware image to my spare harddrive. Runs flawlessly. Sound and NIC work.

--[[User:Nicroma] 13:55, 12 Aug 2005 (CDT)

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (3.2GHz); ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe]

Method: deadmoos VMware image, winhex it to drive. install XP on remaining disk. acronis OS Selector to dual boot.

Hardware: P4 Northwood 3.2Ghz with HT (HT doesn't seem to work) ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe (LAN works, Audio USED to.... now it stopped) PS/2 Keyboard and mouse (USB mouse stops PS/2 support completely) ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128. (Yellow Reboot Screen, Works In Safe Mode) ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128. (Works, VESA 2.0 mode) ATI Rage 3d 4mb PCI (VESA 2.0, seems to work as well as the 9000?) Nvidia TNT2 32MB (comp wouldn't turn on. unrelated to OSX) 1024MB DDR400 ram


[edit] Custom AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 2.8GHz asus a7n8x-x 256MB of ram NvidiaGeforce 3

Darwin boots fine, after switching to a USB keyboard, I can use single user mode but nothing more yet, using the unpatched version of deadmoo's tiger-x86.tar.bz2 tarball, ill check back latter and see what else i can achieve.

--It works on Athlon XP? Can you run any programs in it? I'm not sure if I heard right, but AFAIK it doesn't due to a lack of SSE3 support.

-- No, he said he got Darwin working, not OS X. Darwin (the kernel) will run on any x86 box, no matter if it has SSE2/3 or not.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (2.4GHz); ASUS P4B533 (Intel i845E)]

Method: Created a 6.5GB partition at the end of my drive with PartitionMagic. I Set it to primary with type set as AF. I used the Windows port of DD to move tiger-x86-flat.img to the new partition. Used chain0 with the Windows bootloader, and after getting into safe mode once everything worked fine.

Hardware: Intel Pentium 4 2.40GHz (SSE2, v0.4 Patch Installed), 1.5GB Ram, ASUS P4B533 Motherboard with Intel i845E chipset, Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy (USB), NVIDIA GeForce 256.

Comments: Everything works great and FAST! Allot better then I thought it would have. Maxxuss SSE3 Emulation v0.4 installed. Sound works, but its a bit choppy. Sometimes after a while of playback (~6 Minutes) the sound just decides to give. Sometimes around the menus I get green-purple lines, probably something with video drivers.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (1.7GHz); ASUS P4S533 (SIS 645DX)]

Method: Native boot from patched DVD onto 40GB Maxtor Drive. Used a Windows box to prep the image, following instructions provided. Needed "Platform=X86PC -x" and removal of a 3Com PCI card to install.

Hardware: Intel Pentium 4 1.70 GHz (SSE2, v0.4 Patch Installed), 512MB Ram, ASUS P4S533 w/SIS645DX chipset (Bios ver. 1006), onboard sound (CMedia 8738), NVIDIA Geforce MX400 w/64Mb Ram, 3Com 3C905TX PCI Network, Maxtor D740X-6L 40GB HDD (5400RPM?), Pioneer DVD Drive.

Comments: It works well after some fiddling. I have the DVD-Rom Drive and the Hard Drive on seperate channels. Easy install (after figuring out kernel arguments). Need to use "Platform=X86PC" to boot successfully. Sound works well (no stuttering, even under heavy load), although it is stuck at 100% volume. Slow hard disk makes for long load times. Graphics act strange above 1024x768 (goes to B/W mode), and are decent but not blazing. Seems to be reliable (ran for +7hr without problems).

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 630 (3.5GHz); Gigabyte 8-IPE-755/g i865 & SATA]

Method: dd'd deadmoo image to partition, added partition to win boot loader.

PS/2 Keyboard working w/Darwin ISO kext & NO USB Mouse SSE3 working, but iTunes takes lots of cpu power and music constantly chops! Linksys NC100 working with Tuilip from Darwin ISO Integrated Sound ac97 alc850, recgonizes 6 out of 8 output channels

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (3.2GHz); MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum]

Method: xplode (Using PearPC, VMWare, Darwin iso)

Hardware: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz (SSE3 Functional) Integrated Broadcom NetXtreme Gb Ethernet Netgear FA311 ATI Radeon X800 XT Integrated Sound (ICH6R AC97) Soundblaster PCI 512 Note: Ancient sound card and NIC used in attempts to get some functionality

What Works: All software that came pre-loaded Sound - using integrated sound Video - 1280x1024x32 by passing boot arguments Network - Using Netgear FA311 and driver found online Hyperthreading - Shows as enabled in system profiler

What does not Work: Video Acceleration - ATI driver does not recognize non-mac-edition X800 XT Sound - Using Soundblaster PCI 512 Network - Using integrated network adapter IDE RAID SATA

Comments: Everything runs smoothly, boots very fast. Doesn't play nice with Windows XP's clock. Can't get the clock correct in both OS's at the same time.

Where did you get the FA311 driver? - I can only find a driver for "normal" Mac H/W

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 (3.4GHz {3.58GHz OC}); ASUS P5AD2-E Deluxe]

Method:Native install using dd for windows and the SIMPLE DUAL BOOT GUIDE by br0adband

Hardware: Pentium IV 3.4Ghz @ 3.58 Ghz (HT ON and Stable) Asus P5AD2-E DELUXE Intel High definition audio Integrated LAN Marvel yukon 10/100/1000 Mbps(Not Working) Integrated LAN Marvel yukon 10/100 Mbps(Not Working) NIC Fast Ethernet PCI RTL8139 Realtek 10 Mbps 2xDDR2 512 MB @533Mhz MAXTOR S-ATA 160GB Hard Disk Club3D Geforce 6 6600GT 128MB PCI-E (running with default drivers)

Comments: Stable, good loocking and fast, Hyper threating working nicely, minor screen problems fixed applaying the SSE3 patch for my CPU.GUI can be seen about 15 seconds after the booting. Internet works thanks to the RTL8139 Ethernet Device. VESA 3.0 for my GPU.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium D 830; ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe(945P)]

Method:Native install using dd for windows and xplode method

Hardware: Pentium D 830, ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe(945P), onboard sound ALC 882, onboard network marvell, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, ATI Radeon X850XT PE.

Comments: slow boot speed at Darwin/x86. but fast after show gray apple screen. working is stable but not support sound, video, network. system profiler is recognize number of cpu 1 but activity monitor show 2cpu and confirmed that osx for intel is use 2cpu.

?? did you get the silicon image chipset working??

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium D 930, ECS P4M800PRO-M v1.0a]

Method: Natively installed from a JaS 10.4.6 DVD, then applied the JaS 10.4.8 update. Used the integrated video for the install, then after successful installation, put in the ATI Radeon 9550 card

Hardware: Intel Pentium D 930, ECS P4M800PRO-M v1.0a, 512MB Mushkin PC3200, ATI Radeon 9550 256MB(AGP), 8GB Maxtor HD, PS/2 Keyboard + Mouse

Comments: Running OS X allows this computer to run a lot quieter than with XP.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium D 820 (2.8 Ghz); Gigabyte GA-8I945P Pro]

Method: Native install

Hardware: Pentium D 820, Gigabyte GA-8I945P Pro, onboard sound/ethernet, 2x512 mb DDR2, Gigabyte 6600GT (GV-NX66T128D).

Comments: Booted from an external hard drive. Everything load but my USB mouse and my keyboard doesn't work (for the moment).

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 630 (3.0GHz), ASUS P5GD1-VM (i915G)

Installation: Used "Install On A Partition Simple And Accurate" guide to install deadmoo vmware image onto existing partition from windows, and use windows bootloader to dual boot as per guide. windows (and boot) is on sata drive. said sata drive is selected as first boot device in bios. osx installed onto ide hard drive, drive must be plugged into intel chipset port (100/66/33) not 8211F port (133/100) to be able to boot osx. working on fix.

restored original CoreGraphics file as I have SSE3 processor. http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=538&st=0&p=3221&#entry3221

moved AppleIntel830.kext out of extensions folder so that proper AppleIntel915.kext driver used - enables QE and coregraphics, very fast gui now and full selection of resolutions available. (onboard video). http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=338

onboard sound, ethernet, usb all work. Using ps2 keyboard and usb mouse. - Corona

I have the same configuration. native install with Maxxuss patch test3. All work perfectly (except second IDE). But I can use sound only for stereo output. SPDIF, mic & front connectors doesn`t work (no sound input devices). Does anybody have any solution? Also I've tested some periferials on this MB: Tecom Bluetooth USB Dongle - works! (no activity led, but data is sending and recieving) Epson CX6400 USB - works! Sony Ericsson K750i - Camera, GPRS all wors perfectly! Logitech Wireless Desktop - works as USB and PS/2. - NafNaf .

links broken? .

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 531 (3.0GHz); Intel D915GMH Board]

Method: used pearpc to create an install .img then vmware install of Darwin patching in darwin commands then installing macos x on top. I use this guide http://www.xplodenet.com/blog/

Hardware: Intel P4 531 (3GHz), Intel D915GMH Board, 1536 MB DDR1, GMA900, 1x120GB Seagate SATA, 1x80 WDC WD800JB ide On board audio (intel audio) Ps2 keyboard mx510 logitech mouse.

Works: QuartzExtreme, CoreImage, Rosetta

Had to remove AppleIntel830.kext - AppleIntel830GA.plugin - AppleIntel830GLDriver.bundle for quartz to work.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 3 GHz Prescott; Asus P4S800D-E Deluxe]

Method: marklar-tiger.iso patched, DVD created, native install from DVD, with the SSE3 patch disabled (customized install)

The install took 45 minutes. After Install appeared the restart message. I rebooted and have chosen once the -x option for the safe mode. Unfortunately only one install succeeded, the others ran into a system that's only running in safe mode.

Hardware: Intel P4 3 GHz, Asus P4S800D-E Deluxe, 1 GB DDR, WD SATA Raptor 36 Gb, IBM 80 GB IDE HD, Philips DVD burner, Radeon 9800 Pro, Soundblaster Live 5.1

Works: Developer tools, nearly everything, but some apps are hanging a bit before starting.

Graphics in 1024x768 24 Bit

Doesn't work: SATA (SIS 180), LAN (Marvell Gbit LAN), DVD burning, Audio

Mysterious: sometime my BIOS tells me: Overclocking failed when doing a reboot from the OSX, and the DVD access is terrible slow,

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Non-Prescott; Gigabyte GA8S655FX-L]

Method: install on a Prescott Sytem from patched marklar-tiger.iso , but SSE3->SSE2 Patch enabled, default install except most of the printer drivers

Hardware: Intel P4 2,4 GHz, Gigabyte Ga655FX-L, 512 MB DDR, IBM 7 GB IDE HD, Philips LG DVDrom+CD burner, Nvidia Geforce 5200, 3c905c-TX+Onboard Lan (Realtek 8139)

Doesn't work: SATA (SIS 180,181), Sound not recognised

Some remarks: Hangs sometimes when opening apps, Chess doesn't update screen, and hangs with 80% CPU load, maybe a rosetta patch problem.

The Graphics work fine with 1280x1024x24 but only with the bootup parameter "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x24", otherwise it runs in 800x600

[edit] Custom Intel P4 3.73EE

Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE Mobo
925XE Chipset
BFG 6600GT-OC PCI-E Edition
Sound not recognized (by default, gonna try and tweak it right away)
Installed with the DD from windows, of the Deadmoo image, used Maxxuss's 0.5 SSE3 patch, and replaced CoreGraphics for the speed boost.
Remapped the Apple Key so that the actual freakin apple key works, rather then having to hit the windows key for command.
Thing suddenly died on me today, last night was fine, now when I boot -v it says that it can't enable /system/library/etc etc/Loginwindow.app Not sure what happened but it just keeps screaming this at me over and over, so I'm gonna create a Install CD release 1 and test that out.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz Northwood; Abit IC7-G]

Method: HDD Enclosure hooked up to Mac Mini -> dd deadmoo image -> HDD back into IC7-G

Hardware: Intel P4 3.0Ghz Northwood (SSE2), Abit IC7-G, 3GB DDR, ATI 9800 Pro, 120GB SATA Seagate HDD

Comments: Couldn't get double boot windows method to work; kept getting boot errors, it was like diskpart wasn't making an HFS+ partition even though the id=af parameter was specified. Instead I used a Mac Mini and HDD enclosure to move the deadmoo image. Worked perfectly.

Turned off RAID ROM and set OnChip RAID to IDE mode and Combined Mode in BIOS. Once booted into safe mode (use -x at boot prompt) was able to remove ATI extensions, then normal boot worked. Using another drive in HDD enclosure with Darwin I was able to use Restore to get entire HDD space for OS.

[edit] Cusom Intel [Pentium 4 3.0 GHz Prescott; MSI 915P/G]

Method: Using A JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3 with integrated Titan

Hardware Intel P4 530 3.0 GHz Prescott, MSI 915P/G Combo Fr, 1.5 GB DDR, Nvidia 6600GT, 100 GB OS Drive, 200 GB Files Drive

Working: Open GL, I used a hacked version of front row, but it's working along with coverflow.

Not Working: Sound, It only outputs at maximum volume or mute, also no input or surround. Not sure what chipset my mobo uses.

[edit] Custom Intel Celeron 2.8 on EPoX EP-5EPA+ (P915G chipset)

Method: JaS 10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3 iso burnt to a DVD-disc

Hardware: Intel Celeron 2.8, EPoX EP-5EPA+ mobo, 1GB Kingston DDR400 memory, ATI Radeon X300 PCI-Ex16, 250GB Hitachi SATA2 drive. Integrated Marvell 88E8001 network, 4 USB, 6.1 sound (ALC850 AC97). NEC ND-3520 DVD-writer as primary slave used for install from burnt DVD.

Problems at first install since I chose to install all packages. Just got the grey apple screen and then black. Reinstalled again with just basic system and Intel support which worked fine. Took about 20min each install. Network needed patching with the 88E8001 patch mentioned in other installs here. Sound seemed not to work, but discovered it just was missing a couple of jumpers on the motherboard. Sound fine without any patching. iTunes and Safari work superb. Some trouble with the powersaving features. After disabling spin-down of harddrives and hibernation functions everything is superb.

Problems: About this Mac causes a logout (and relogin if you haven't created several accounts and disabled automatic login). Some problems accessing Windows 2003 shares. Fixed by disabling encryption on connections to 2003-server. Network throughput >250Mbit/s. Some tearing in the graphics.

USB mouse works fine. Used PS2 keyboard during install since the motherboard is slow to detect a USB keyboard and enable it. Though it works!

USB thumdrive works fine as well.

Motherboard set to AHCI SATA mode during install. Not tested RAID, but options were available during install. Only tested SATA1 (of 4) ports. Floppy drive controller and drive disabled after install.

Very responsive and incredible fast boot! Tested using locale of Norwegian Bokmal and everything seems to be fine as well. Very stable!

Will probably upgrade to another PCI-Ex16 card and if this works will use it for quite some time.

[edit] Dell Dimension 1100

Method: JaS OS X86 10.47 instal dvd native

Hardware: Intel Celeron D 2.8Ghz Intel Motherboard (SSE2), 512MB RAM, Intel Graphics 855GM/GME Graphics Controller 64/128MB VRAM.

Haven't tried with this machine, but it is compatable

Method: OS X86 10.4.6 Install DVD

Hardware: Intel Celeron D 2.8Ghz Intel Motherboard (SSE2 & 3), 512MB Ram, Intel Graphics 8286G.

When installing, ensure you go into the Bios and change the onboard video memory from 1mb to 8mb. Otherwise system works perfectly.

[edit] Custom Intel [Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz Northwood; Abit IC7-G]

Method: HDD Enclosure hooked up to Mac Mini -> dd deadmoo image -> HDD back into IC7-G

Hardware: Intel P4 3.0Ghz Northwood (SSE2), Abit IC7-G, 3GB DDR, ATI 9800 Pro, 120GB SATA Seagate HDD

Comments: Couldn't get double boot windows method to work; kept getting boot errors, it was like diskpart wasn't making an HFS+ partition even though the id=af parameter was specified. Instead I used a Mac Mini and HDD enclosure to move the deadmoo image. Worked perfectly.

Turned off RAID ROM and set OnChip RAID to IDE mode and Combined Mode in BIOS. Once booted into safe mode (use -x at boot prompt) was able to remove ATI extensions, then normal boot worked. Using another drive in HDD enclosure with Darwin I was able to use Restore to get entire HDD space for OS.

[edit] Cusom Intel [Pentium 4 2.53 GHz Northwood ; Askr P4VM800]

Method: Using A JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3 with integrated Titan

Hardware Intel P4 2.53 GHz(2.88) Northwood, Asrock P4VM800, 1 GB DDR400, Nvidia 5500, 160 GB OS Drive,

Working: Everything (having some sound problems

Not Working: Sound, no input or surround.

Problems on in the istalation: sound has not working(hade to instal a AC97 driver with the intel board model instead of the Via mod); had on instal via rhine II driver for the network[after all this everything is working very well]

Now updated to OsX86 10.4.9 with the new kermel

Everything Works great and iPC is runing faster .

Custom Intel Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

Method: Kalyway 10.5.1 Install DVD (I chose not to use the Vanilla Kernel)

Hardware: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 ( 4 x 2.4GHz - 1066FSB), 4GB DDR2 800MHz, 320GB Seagate 7200RPM SATA 2 HD, nVidia GeForce 7300 256MB PCI Express X16, Gigabyte P31-DS3L mobo.

Working: Everything

Not working: Nothing

Installation took some time to finangle because I was rather new and kept forgetting to choose the MBR install method. After that install went smooth and now my Hackintosh works perfectly!

I updated the 10.5.1 release to 10.5.2 via update and crashed the system, Had to use the Kalyway method. which you can find in the insanelymac forums. .

[edit] Custom Intel Core 2 Duo E6600; MSI 975X Platinum Power-up Edition

Method: (10.5.1 Kalyway SSE3 Install) Regular install with Vanilla Kernel 9.2.2, NVInjekt 0.1.5 (Later upgraded to 0.2.1), and Realtek 882 Drivers. GUID bootloader install had trouble. MBR works fine.


  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
  • 3Gb DDR2-667 (2x512Mb, 2x1024Mb) Dual Channel
  • Intel 975X Express Northbridge
  • Intel ICH7 Southbridge
  • nVidia GeForce 7900 GT (PCI-E 16x)
  • 120Gb IDE (Install Disk), 100Gb IDE (JMicron), 40Gb IDE (JMicron)

Working: Everything (Including ICH7 and JMicron IDE Raid Controller)

Not Working: Nothing

Update to 10.5.2 (Kalyway) works, but causes Mac OS X to have a black screen when booting for the almost full duration of boot. When booting is almost over the screen returns.

[edit] Dell Machines

[edit] Dell Dimension 2400

Method: native boot using a ghost image from deadmoo's VMWare image (Tpm extension removed)

Hardware: Dell Dimension 2400, Pentium 4 2.66GHZ, motherboard is a Intel 865, onboard ethernet (broadcom 4400) works, onboard video works but on produces a 800x600 with 16 colours (Intel Extreme Graphics 2), onboard sound works =Soundmax?, ATI Radeon 9250 vesa 2 works using default driver, resolution = 1024x768-16 million colours.30gb Seagate ata hard disk

Comments: No complaints here would work better if we could find a graphics card that works, Thanks to the below person who wrote that guide - koll2786

[edit] Dell Dimension 2400

Method: JaS OS X x86 10.4.7 Install DVD+R AND Generic OS X x86 Install 10.4.1 DVD+R

Hardware: Dell Dimension 2400, Pentium 4 2.66GHz, motherboard is a Intel 865, onboard ethernet (broadcom 4400) works, onboard video (Intel Extreme Graphics 2), onboard sound, 40GB Hard Drive

Comments: Failed to icework. No video fix worked with the system. 4 Colour grayscale installation, and hang on boot after installation. No SSE2, and bad graphics make this an absurd choice for running OS X. Possibly an install error on my part causing the hang on boot, but not a wise choice for a system.

[edit] Dell Dimension 2400 Instructions for Getting the Onboard Video to work:

Onboard video does work fine. Just change the AGP buffer in the Bios from 1 MB to 8 MB (it is 1 MB by default for some reason). After doing this, the video still won't work correctly in normal mode, so boot into safe mode (-x) and delete the Intel Mac video kext's.*** Now when booting into normal mode, everything should work fine (video, sound, and networking).

      • what do you mean by "Intel Mac video kext's"? How do I delete them?

Update: Deleted all kexts in extensions folder with Intel in the name, deleted the 2 chache extensions, still no luck. When you say everything works fine, are you talking about the 3 color grayscale?

Okay, here we go for the video: - Set the BIOS to 8MB instead of 1MB. - Start in safe mode (-x at boot). - ssh into the box and sudo -s. - Move all AppleIntel830 and AppleIntel915 out of the Extensions folder (i.e. back them up somewhere). - Edit AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext/Contents/Info.plist so that the value for IOPCIMatch is 0x25628086 i.e.

<key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x25628086</string>

- Edit /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist to change the kernel flags for the resolution i.e.

<key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>platform=X86PC "Graphics Mode"[email protected]</string>

- Restart the computer.

You should now have a readable display.

Edit- Question - Sounds good but the BIOS on my Dell Dimension 2300 does not have an option to change video settings.

Edit - More information on getting 845 GPU working at: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1942

[edit] Dell Dimension 2400

Method: native boot using dd from VMWare image (TPM extension removed)

Hardware: Dell Dimension 2400, Pentium 4 2.8GHZ (Northwood), motherboard is Intel 845GV chipset, onboard ethernet (Realtek) works, onboard video (Intel Extreme 2) is garbled, onboard sound untested, ATI Radeon VE 32MB PCI card reports VESA 2.0 works fine at 1024x768 millions of colors, 40GB Western Digital 7200RPM ATA-100 hard drive.

Comments: On board video did was garbled but still somewhat readable. I tried safe mode and manually setting the resolutions, color depth and refresh rate, but to no avail. I had to install an ATI Radeon VE 32MB PCI Video Card (mobo has no AGP slots!).

NOTE: See above post; upping AGP memory buffer from 1MB to 8MB in BIOS allows the onboard video to work perfectly.

NOTE: Be sure to remove the AppleTPMACPI.kext kernel extension from your /System/Library/Extensions directory if OS X is running slowly.

NOTE: If you have a Dell Dimension 2300 you need to upgrade your motherboard or find a PCI video card that is compatible with OSX86. There is no AGP slot on the dimension 2300 motherboard.

[edit] Dell Dimension 2400

Method: Native boot installed using the OSX installer on some DVD I downloaded that was about 4GB.

Hardware: Dell Dimension 2400, Pentium 4 2.8GHZ (Northwood), motherboard is Intel 845GV chipset, onboard ethernet (Realtek) works, onboard video works, onboard sound did not work at install - fix is below, mac reports video as "VGA-Compatible Controller" works fine at 1024x768 millions of colors, CD burning works.

Comments: On board video works well, it required that the video buffer be changed from 1MB to 8MB in BIOS. Audio is AC97. To get that working I had to find and download appleac97audio.kext and put it in the directory with the other kext files. everything works

I am now dual booting with windows XP. The OSX install will not install on a partition that it did not create so you have to repartition the whole hard drive when installing using disk utility.

[edit] Dell Dimension 2400

Pentium 4 2.8GHz (Northwood)
Intel i845G Chipset


  • Deadmoo's image, Darwin 8.0.1, restore image in VMWare to a Secondary 10GB HDD, Maxxuss 0.5c patch
  • Appended 0x25628086 > AppleIntel830*kext, AppleIntel915*.kext but it does not work (kextload -t) except AppleIntelIntergratedGraphics.kext
  • Appended Graphics Mode=1400x1050x32 in com.apple.Boot.plist
  • Deleted AppleTPMACPI.kext


  • On board video works but has to increase the AGP buffer to 8MB (as above)
  • Broadcom 440x 10/100 Ethernet
  • AC97


  • Had to delete AppleIntel830*kext, AppleIntel915*.kext because it will freeze the system when you go to Screen Saver Preference.
  • Core Image & QE Not supported

[edit] Dell Dimension 2400


Dell Dimension 2400...

Intel Celeron 2.39Ghz (533mhz fsb, 128kb l2 cache)

768mb ddr ram

Intel integrated graphics (one with a long name, i can't remember exactly)

80gb ide hd

Integrated audio, network, usb

Tevion TV card

v90 modem


I got deadmoo's image, and saved it to an ext3 partition. Non ext3 partitions seem to make the image less than it really is, ie cut part of it off. The first time I tried it when the image was on a fat32 partition, it was all screwy. Make sure you save the image, and extract it, and dd from, an ext3 partition!!!! Once DD was done for the second time, with the correct image, (didnt take that long mind you) i rebooted to my hda and experienced darwin.

Following the instructions of the above guys, by deleting the TCMACPI thing, setting my agp aperture in bios to 8mb, and moving/deleting the various kexts, i got to a state where the graphics were usable.

I tested all the applications I could get my hands on, every single one except Dashboard crashed. The menus and various graphical elements left behind weird pink lines that remained for a second or so. Sound was perfect, network a.o.k. , the tv card was unfunctional (i expected this though)... usb was fine, did not test modem.

Experienced a weird error in Finder where opening a disk image which had a graphical element to it, such as Adium or Camino's pictorial drag instructions, would crash it.


Overall, the system is unusable... I suspect this is due to my Celeron CPU, as almost every detail of my system is the same as the guys above, expcept for the cpu. I intend to replace the CPU with a P4 soon, I may come back to this process again. Unfortunately, it's back to Linux/XP for me.

[edit] Dell Dimension 3000

Method: Patched phe*nix iso (deselected SSE2 patch) => native

Hardware: 2.66GHz Celeron D (SSE3), 512MB DDR RAM, 865G Intel graphics, A02 BIOS

Everything works: iTunes, Safari, Quartz Extreme, network, sound, USB optical mouse.

Compared to my D505 this was a breeze to set up. Used the patched DVD installer and installed to a second hard drive. Copied across the Intel830* and AC97 kexts from a Darwin 8.01 CD, and changed the IOPCIMatch string in AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics to 0x25728086. Did the standard chmod, chown, touch, repair permissions.

Rebooted, and everything works. It even reports itself as an ADP2,1. Lovely.

To get sound to come out of stereo speakers, go to Utilities, Audio MIDI Setup, and select the AC97 output (Properties for... second item). Select 6 channel (6ch-16bit) and click Configure Speakers. Set left to channel 3 and right to channel 6. Apply, then Done. Hooray! Sound!

MrV, 01 Sep 2005

Same machine, originally NTFS partitions. Patched DVD installer used. Can't mount and reformat partitions. So have to re-partition the whole drive with Disk Utility into two partitions. After that install is no flaw. Didn't select or deselect anything other the what defaults there. Also installed recently updated OS X 10.4 updates. Followed the instruction above to make the stereo sound coming out. Seems all native apps (except DVD player) work great.

Also installed windows XP on the second partition by deleting and formating this partition using XP install CD. After that, in XP, activated the OS X partition. Then when booting has the option to choose booting partition. Sweet!!

Forry, Nov. 6, 2005

Could someone tell what patches they used to get QE working?

[edit] Dell Dimension 4400

Used the deadmoo image(tiger-x86-flat.img), dd at DOS command prompt to copy to spare 15 GB drive. Used SpeedBoost and Maxxuss SSE3 tweaks. My computer specs are below. System is very responsive, most stuff works.

Intel53 Pentiumon 4 CPU 1.60GHz (Willamette), SSE2 support Total Memory : 640MB DDR-SDRAM Vid Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 Audio : SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio (WORKS!) Network Adapter : CNet PRO200WL PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (DOESN'T WORK)

Confirmed by NRG-753, works on Dell 4400 with 1.7Ghz P4, 512MB DDR, and Geforce 2 MX400. All working including PCI network card which came with the system.

Some motherboards with the intel810 sound chip dont get sound. Also, Dell used CNET cards based on the Davicom DM9102AF, chipset do not work. (ATrain, 1.7Ghz,512Mb,Geforce-5200-128MB, 10.4.1/3)

[edit] Dell Dimension 4550

Method: Deadmoo image with Linux fdisk/dd method. Patches Needed: Maxxuss 0.4, TCMACPI deletion

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 2.53 GHz with SS2 RAM: 256MB Video Card: ATI Radeon 9250 (VESA 1280x1024x32) Audio Card: Intel Integrated AC'97 Network: Intel EtherExpress PRO100/VE

SECOND PERSON: Method: Patched Marklar version. Installed on a clean HFS+ Harddrive

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 1.8 GHz with SS2 RAM: 512 MB Video Card: NVidia Geforce4 Ti 4200 (VESA 1024x768x32) Audio Card: Sound Blaster Live! Value Network: 3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI For Complete PC Management NIC (3C905C-TX)

[edit] Dell Dimension 4600

FIRST PERSON: Method: Native => VMware flat image dd to hard disk.
Hardware: Dimension 4600, 2.8 Ghz p4 (SSE2), oem intel video, ~760MB ram
Comments: Would not boot when using "Slave Drive" option off bios boot menu. When I took out the primary drive and tried again (using osx drive as single+master), worked using 'safe mode' ("-x"). Slow booting, couple boot loader errors, runs though with working ehternet and usb.

I also used a 4600, dded from vmware. Everything works right now except sound, and rossetta, but they will eventually! Edit: reloaded from vmware image, and everything works except rossetta now!

Method: Native => VMware flat image dd to hard disk.
Hardware: Dimension 4600, 2.8 Ghz p4 (SSE2, SSE3), nVidia Fx5200 Ultra, 2GB ram
Comments: Everything seems to work, but then freezes. XBennch v1.2 reports in at 30ish. Will do further testing.

SECOND PERSON: Method: Native --> flat.img to native Hardware: Dimension 4600, 3.0GHZ P4 (SSE3), Geforce FX 5200, 1024MB Ram Comments: No matter what I do, I cannot manage to get this machine to load to a larger parition. Xbench scores of about 40.1

[edit] Dell Dimension 4600

Method: Native => VMware flat image dd (deadmoole s) to hard disk.
Hardware: Dimension 4600, 3.0 Ghz p4 (SSE3), ATI 9800, 1 GB RAM Comments: Everything works except Quarts

    • Trix to get it running**

1. Startup parameters-trick (mod file for res and -v) 2. ATI-hack (delete files) 3. AC97 audio-hack (mod file and load) 4. Changed back to orginal CoreGraphics file from Dev DVD (replace file) 5. Speed-boost-trick (delete file) 6. HD-trick (booted Knoppix-LiveCD and added second partition)

All info can be found in wiki and forum

I have not tried the VM Ware image on anything. I downloaded the "Generic-Tiger.iso" . It Is a bootable install cd. I am posting this on a dell dim 4600 now and it works pretty good so far. No Sound, (SB Live) and video not right. GeForce 5200 restrict to 1024. THe machine is SSE2, not 3 but is working great with the patch that was a part of the install process. If I can get the vid to work right, I will be in hog heaven.

Third Person----

2.6GHz SSE2 768MB RAM 10GB HD Not sure chipset, not at my home computer now, will update later.

Used the the i-haked .com guide, with a marklar image ppfed and patched then isoed to DVD. Then straight install, works great!!


Dual Boot Windows XP Pro/Mac OSx86 10.4.8 system w/8.8.1 kernel (IT IS POSSIBLE!!)
Method: Used JaS.Mac.OS.X.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF.1.Defiant.diskutil.biker880.ich7-R.patch.Integrated boot .iso

Dell Dimension 4600
2.86 Ghz Pentium 4 (SSE2)
GeForce 5200 card

Patches and methods for successful dual boot install:

1. Used Acronis Disk Detector to partition my windows drive into 2 sections (XP- NFTS/Mac-FAT32)
2. Installed DVD from F12 CD-ROM boot
3. Used 10.4.1 patch for About This Mac
4. Copied Network kext to get internet running: use this file AppleIntel8255.kext file from previous 10.4.7. See file for install instructions.
5. Used GeForce 5200 [7] patch (fixed my display modes, screen saver, all video problems!) [WEB LINK http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=36435&st=0]

Itunes 7 works with coverflow, all video clean and smooth just like a real mac! Internet works better and faster than XP! For any questions and tutorials visit the InsanelyMac forums and chat room- they helped immensely!

InsanelyMac Forums

-Good luck!!


Dedicated installation of 10.5.2 using iATKOS v1.0i DVD installer.

Dell Dimension 4600
2.99 Ghz Pentium 4 (SSE2)
Integrated Intel 865G video
Onboard AC97 Audio
RTL8139 Network Adapter

OS works. Audio and network both work out of the box without any trouble. Video only works in VESA mode, though I am still working on that. Dock works fine with nothing on the screen, gets choppy as more applications are loaded. Flash videos play fine in Firefox. iTunes works well enough for audio (haven't tried CoverFlow or videos). "About This Mac" crashes for whatever reason.

Installation steps:

1. Using GParted, delete any existing partitions, create a new, empty, unformatted partition (EXTREMELY important, never worked without this step). Set flag as "boot".
2. Boot off of DVD.
3. Create a new HFS+ partition with journaling enabled. Set to boot off of the Master Boot Record (also extremely important).
4. In customize use anything related to SSE2, AC97, RTL8139, or Intel.
5. Install.
6. Use.


[edit] Dell Dimension 4700

Method: Darwin with PearPC image.
Hardware: Dimension 4700, 2.8 Ghz P4 (SSE3), Intel GMA 900, SATA, 512MB ram
Comments: Works excellent. Everything works.

Everything works except video. Still have an issue with the graphics not being Quartz Extreme and Core graphics enabled.

<-- not sure about the pearpc image, but with deadmoo's, simply delete AppleIntel830.kext from your system/libarary/extensions folder (dell 4700 uses 915 chipset and but 830 gets loaded first). There are guides on how to get coregraphics working.

Dell 4700C also works

Method: Native with darwin

Hardware: Dimension 4700C, 2.8 Ghz P4 (SSE3), ATI X300, SATA, 512MB RAM

<---- I have a 4700 running ok (deadmoo, native, patched) but I'm still getting lock ups randomly after 5 or ten minutes after loading. It seems to happen with Firefox or Itunes.

[edit] , 1.5ghz Penti 5000

Ram, ATI Rad: n 7000.


nts: I j: t used the dd 5000,3 Ghz Pentium 4 HT Ware i 1ge GB my hard drive. Graphics are brok,ATI Radeon X300

s not sup:orted I'm afraid, i tried to add a graphic here Mousepos ding i dead. Check the visual [http://img364.ima eshack.us/img364/4430/dimension810

[edit] Dell Dimension 8100

Method: VMware imaged with dd to hard drive

Hardware: Dell Dimension 8100, 1.5ghz Pentium4, 512MB Ram, ATI Radeon 7000.

Comments: I just used the dd command and imaged the VMWare image to my hard drive. Graphics are broken. The video card is not supported I'm afraid. i tried to add a graphic here but uploading is dead. Check the visual here. I need to find another graphics card to use. But it looks like the Radeon 7000 isn't going to work.

--Jon Maddox 14:50, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Method: Native installation with patched Generic Install DVD.

Hardware: Dell Dimension 8100, 1.7ghz Pentium4, 512MB RD-Ram. Maxtor 6E040L0, ATA133, 40 GB, 7200RPM.

Dell PS/2 Keyboard RT7D20 fully working. Dell (Logitech) Optical USB Mouse M-UR69 fully working, even scroll wheel.

Does work with Geforce3 Ti500 64 MB or GeforceFX5200 64 MB but only at 1024x768x32 and 60 hz. No OpenGL, Quartz Extreme or Core Image. Does work with ATI Radeon 7500 All-in-Wonder if you first remove all ATI extensions from the System, but only at 1024x768x32 and 60 hz.

Does not work with Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1. Does work with C-Media 8738 PCI Sound Card if you install KEXT. (http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCLPart#Sound)

Integrated Ethernet works!

Does work with LG GSA-4040B DVD burner. Thanks to Patchburn.

OSX and bundled programs works flawlessly. Even iTunes... Darwine working acceptable. VLC universal binary drops frames if full screen. (Unaccelerated graphics..) Warcraft 3 does not work due to missing Open GL Starcraft does not work.

Tested 11 Sept 2005

I This box, only w/ a intel pent. 4 3.2 ghz processor w/ 1.5 gig ddr2 ram. Everything workd out of the box but video b/c i added an nvidia card. Once i got thoes nvidia drivers working correctly, i was unable to play video games or dvd's. am not back to my ati card.

[edit] Dell Dimension 8200

Method: VMWare dd to hard drive

Hardware: Dell DImension 8200, 1.8GHz Pentium 4 (Willamette), 512MB RDRAM, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro

Comments: This machine has been heavily modified from Dell spec, but still contains the original motherboard and processor, which seem to work fine. Sound is good, two channel, USB works great, all my hard drives are found, and it basically just works fine in general with the SSE2 patch, although the old WIlamette core is a bit slow on Rosetta. Dell spec NIC card is supported as well, Intel PRO/100+.

Method: From windows xp, dd to 2nd hard drive

Hardware: Dell Dimension 8200, 2.4GHz P4 (SSE2 only), 256MB RDRAM, nVidia GeForce4 MX 440 (64MB)

Comments: Works pretty well with the SpeedBoost fix (search this wiki for details). No sound. Having trouble with the ethernet. USB thumbdrive worked. Was able to see files on the winxp hard drive. Have not yet tried the SSE2 -> SSE3 patch yet.

Method: dd .img to 2nd partition from WinXP (running native)

Hardware: Dell Dimension 8200, 2.0GHz Pentium 4, 768MB RDRAM, nVidia GeForce 3 ti200 (64MB)

Comments: Haven't (yet) done any USB or sound testing, however the OS sees my NTFS partition. Does not recognize my CNet PRO200WL PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter.

Method: dd IMG from windows xp partition to another parition of type 0xaf on the same hard disk.

Hardware: Dell Dimension 8200, 1.79GHz Pentium 4 SSE2, 512MB RAM, nVidia GeForce4 (64mb)

Comments: I-tunes doesn't work, Safari cracshes, Preview displays all grey. I fixed this by installing maxxuss patch 0.5c SSE3->SSE2. It detected my ethernet controller(realtek), however it did'nt detect my modem....(All in all, performance is excellent after the patch)

[edit] Dell Dimension 8300

Method: Native

Hardware: Intel 875P, 2.6GHz P4, 1024MB DDR, nVidia FX5200, SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio, Intel Pro/100 VE Network

Comments: Had to disable internal SATA in the BIOS to get it to boot off the IDE. Initially I had an ATI Radeon X800 in the AGP slot, and it would turn the screen green and put up the kernel panic message during boot. I swapped out the ATI for the nVidia FX5200 which came with the 8300 and then it booted. No native graphics driver, so the main screen was mirrored on my secondary display and it wouldn't set any other resolution other than 1024x768. Safari crashed when I surfed to osx86project.org, oddly enough. The keyboard identifier assistant tried to identify my keyboard, but never worked right. I have an Apple USB keyboard (which doesn't work with the BIOS) and a PS/2 keyboard plugged in. While it didn't identify what the keyboard was, both keyboards worked fine. Sound was DOA.

Another user's Experience...
Method: Native, Installed from Marklar DVD image

Hardware: Intel 875P, 3.0GHz, 1024MB PC3200, Quantum 30GB ATA100, nVidia GeForce FX 5200, AC97 Integrated Audio, Integrated Network

Comments: Installed easily off DVD drive, partitioned and formatted IDE drive. Would only show resolution of 1024x768, but finding the kext files for nVidia supported up to 1280x1024. Still cannot get native resolution of widesreen monitor and may not be possible without 915 chipset.
The keyboard assistant also prompted me to identify the keyboard, but it did so without any problems. The only keys apparent not to work are the Home, End, PgUp and PgDown (Dell USB Keyboard). The audio volume keys work to control system volume too.
Sound worked immediatly after install as did Network. Obviously QuartzExtreme did not function, but most screen effects are fluid and acceptably fast.

Resources: Check forums for nVidia kext files and installation instructions.

Method: Native, Installed 10.4.7 JaS DVD, patched with 10.4.8 JaS

Hardware: Intel 875P, 2.6GHz P4, 1024MB DDR, nVidia GeForce4 MX400, SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio, Intel Pro/100 VE Network

Comments: Installed easily off DVD drive, co-existed with Windows XP. Cannot load Nvidia driver for X11. So bypassed the X11 components. Would only show resolution of 1024x768.
Network functions well. Sound did not work.

[edit] Dell Dimension 8400

Method: Native

Hardware: Intel 925X, 3.2GHz P4 (Prescott), 1024MB DDR2, ATI Radeon X800GT PCIe, Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS, Broadcom NetXtreme GigE onboard

Comments: This supports SSE3 natively so all I did was patch for TPM. In the BIOS, set "SATA Operation" to "RAID Autodetect/ATA", AHCI does not work. It did hang for a moment with the "Still waiting for root device" error, but will eventually (within about 1min 30secs) pick up again and load the installer. The onboard NIC and the Audigy card did not work. The onboard sound did.

More Comments:

Same here. I have an NVidia 6600 GT PCI-X and it works ok, highest resolution available is 1024x768. Or at least thats the highest I have been able to obtain.

Older 8400 with 2.26GHz Northwood works. only SSE2. 512MB, Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 (not accelerated)

    Sound does not work (Turtle Beach Santa Cruz). 
    Ethernet Linksys LNE100 v5 requires tulip port but works.
    Safari crashes intermittently. Firefox port (Deer Run Alpha 2) does not.
    Booting of OS X off 3rd HD with BootMagic works nicely.

Another success:

Dimension 8400 Pentium s 4 Processor 630 with HT Technology (3GHz, 800 FSB), Memory 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz (2x512M), Video Card 128MB PCI Expressnstallx16 (DVI/VGA/TV-out) ATI Radeonhe DVDX300 SE, Hard Drive 250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM).

Comments: Did Native install, also changed BIOS from "SATA Operation" to "RAID Autodetect/ATA". Had to boot OSX with "-x" option (safe mode). The onboard NIC did not work nor did the integrated sound. Can only access 6GB of hard disk space for some reason.

And more>>>

Disconnected all harddisks Installed a new harddisk Installed on serperate harddisk with the DVD. Connected the other 2 harddisks added MacOs to GRUB. Booted....

Broadcom NetExtreme 57xx Gigabit controler Does NOT work Max resolution: 1024*xxx Dual-Screen support on Ati X300 -> NO Sound -> NO.

MacOs does not see the Windows-ntfs (sata) Or linux-ext3(ide) disk inside.. but sees another ntfs(ide) disk.

[edit] Dell Dimension 9000

Method: Patched install DVD => native on USB2 drive

Hardware: Pentium 531 3GHz, 512MB DDR2 RAM, ATI X300 PCI-E, (945P ICH-8)

No joy with getting SATA to work yet. Changing modes (AHCI, ATA, Combination) do not make any difference.

However, installing to a USB2 HDD works fine.

After booting in safe mode (-x) and rm ATI* it does boot. However, no sound, networking, 1280x1024 or QE as yet. Despite this it is very quick, faster than the Dimension 3000.

MrV, 2 Sept 2005 (reinserted 14 Nov - why was it deleted?)

[edit] Dell Inspiron 510m

Hardware: Pentium-m 735 1.7Ghz Dothan, 1Gb DDR RAM 333Mhz, 60GB Hitachi 5400rpm, DVD+RW 4x, Intell 855GM graphics, sxga+ screen (1400x1050).


  • Get vmware 5.0 and tiger-x86.tar.bz2
  • dd the image to a primary partition in the hd.
  • Configure grub or boot.ini to boot osx.
  • Configure vmware so it boots from phisical drive, and set maxxis SSE3->SSE2 patche iso as cdrom. boot osx inside.
  • Once inside execute maxxis script.
  • Delete or move to another directory the following:

/System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntel915*kext /System/Library/Extensions/AppleTCMACPI* /System/Library/Extensions/IOPCCard* /System/Library/Extensions/AppleFPMemDriver.kext

  • Edit the Info.plist of the AppleIntel830.kext to make it work properly. Change the 0x25828086 to 0x35828086 in the 915 portion of the AppleIntel830.kext->Info.plist and then remove the 0x35828086 from the 830 portion of the AppleIntel830.kext->Info.plist. I also changed AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext plist from 0x25828086 to 0x35828086. ( Taken from 700m's in this page )
  • You have to switch off minipci wireless on the bios because if not the kernel takes all cpu time trying to do something and the system runs much slower. It doesn't work by only using Fn+F2. ( Only needed for native, not vmware )

What works:

  • 1400x1050 screen, no accelerated ( I have just booted from power off and works at full resolution) EDITED!
  • DVD+RW detected as read-write capable, I only tried reading succesfully worked.
  • ACPI battery works, suspend/resume doesn't.
  • Ethernet network works fine.
  • Firewire detected but not tested.
  • Audio. In/Out, volume....
  • External usb hard disk working fine.
  • Touchpad. Only moves and buttons, no touch-click emulation.
  • Usb mouse works perfectly even the wheel by deleting AppleFPMemDriver. EDITED!
  • In general the system is pretty fast, quicktime and expos t aren't perfect due to acceleration lack.

Thanks to everyone who discovered all these tricks, I just read and tried them :)

ADDED ON Sept 24, 05

If you want SSE3 support on this machine, you need to install Maxxuss SSE2/Anti-TPM patch, AFTER installing the coregraphics files. Quicktime, iPOD visualization, etc don't work. But otherwise the other applications seem to work fine.

[edit] Dell Inspiron 600m

Method: Used VMWare to boot up OSX as secondary drive (primary was physical drive). Then booted OSX image into linux (cd was in drive). Copied contents of secondary harddrive)OSX to second partition of physical drive. Follow the guide here http://www.360hacker.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=237&postdays=0&postorder=asc Hardware: Pentium M at 1.6GHZ, 512MB DDR, 40GB HD, DVD drive, broadcom NIC, Radeon 9000 mobility graphics

Sound works, ethernet works, video works well.. pretty much has done VERY well.

However, some Inspiron 600m users cannot get broadcom NIC to be detected.

For 1400x1050 resolution, delete all ATI* kext from /System/Library/Extensions.

---(another 600m user added) ---

Installed natively from patched install DVD. Everything works great, maxxuss allinone patch v4 once booted to OSx in Vmware, before copying to native drive.

  • I only have 1024x786 res, so no need to delete ATI* kext.
  • Does not recognize DVD writer (looking into that)
  • PS2 keyboard and mouse plugged in threw a usb adapter are not recognized.
  • USB hard drive works great.
  • Hardware: Pentium M at 1.6GHZ (early Dothan), 384MB DDR, 40GB HD, DVD+-RW drive, broadcom NIC, Radeon 9000 mobility graphics

---(yet another 600m user)---

Method: Generic install patch over marklar's iso. Sound did not work at first, but the 'audio' page in the wiki was very helpful. Intel 2200BG wireless does not work, but Broadcom ethernet works perfectly.

  • Pentium M 1.5ghz
  • 768mb RAM
  • 40gb HD
  • 14.1" SXGA+ (1400x1050) with Radeon 9000 (deleted ATI*.kext and modified a config file [dont remember which one] to get native LCD resolution)
  • Broadcom gigabit ethernet (only tested to 100mbit, no gigabit hardware. 100mbit is flawless though)

  • Applied the SSE3 -> SSE2 patch, iTunes, VLC, Adium, and AbiWord work flawlessly, albeit graphically not as responsive as the rest of the OS because of Rosetta.
  • Screen Savers do not work, and I do not know why.
  • Power Management (suspend) does not work...perhaps it was just not one of the things Apple included in the OSX86 developer build.
  • Battery meter works.
  • Dashboard works, but the animation is slow when you hit F12. Moving widgets is fine, and *THEIR* animations are fine, but the animation of them fading in when you hit F12 is very choppy.

Network Audio and Modem not working, also the Airport.

[edit] Dell Inspiron 700m


Boot up using a Linux LiveCD, and use "dd" to ghost the .IMG file back onto a partition

  • Method1: Use whole hard disk
    • dd if=./tiger-x86-flat.img of=/dev/hda bs=1M

IF you notice that you can't change the UMA memory in your BIOS, go to www.support.dell.com to get the latest FlashBIOS updates for your laptop because you WILL have problems with colour (I mean you will just have b&w) if you don't change it from 1MB to 8MB.

  • Method2: Use a specific partition
    • dd if=./tiger-x86-flat.img of=/dev/hda2 ibs=512 skip=63 obs=1M


  • Pentium M at 1.6GHz, 512MB DDR, 20GB 4200RPM HD, DVD drive, Broadcom 440x NIC, Intel 855 Graphics
  • Pentium M @ 1.8 GHz, 512 MB DDR, 40 GB 5400RMP HD, CD+/-RW/DVD-ROM drive, Broadcom 440x NIC, Intel 855 Graphics


  • Got it to dual boot with XP by putting it on HDA2 and XP on HDA1 using Live CD and Grub boot loader.
  • For me: OS X on /dev/hda2, Windows XP on /dev/hda1, using Windows bootloader with C:\chain0="Mac OS X x86" entry in boot.ini (Get the chain0 from the Darwin 8.0.1 install CD)

Booting with platform=ACPI or platform=X86PC seems to speed things up a bit.

  • Intel 2200b/g wireless - FAIL.
  • Sleep - OK
  • SD Card Reader - FAIL. (no response when card inserted)
  • Wake from sleep - FAIL.
  • Fn+Volume up and down - OK.
  • Fn+Brightness up and down - OK.
  • iCal - OK.
  • Safari - crashes a lot.
  • iTunes - FAIL.

Otherwise system runs well.

I also got it working on a 700m with similar specs, had to use -x. Touchpad scroll, command keys also do not seem to work. Got it dual booting with Ubuntu (wiped out my Windows partition to install OSX) using dd.

Speed up a natively installed OS X installation

  • cd /System/Library/Extensions
  • sudo rm -rf AppleTPMACPI.kext
  • Restart ..now you don't have to use safe boot

Video Fix - run native @ 1280x800


Which version of the OS do u have for 10.4.1 there is a fix. For 10.4.3/4/5 THERE IS NO FIX

The above is assuming u have a Intel Integrated 845/855/865

The fix for 10.4.1 ONLY

For 855GM Intel chipsets (Dell 700m has this for integrated video), you can modify the Info.plist of the to make it work properly

AppleIntel830.kext -> Info.plist Change the 0x25828086 to 0x35828086 in the 915 portion Remove the 0x35828086 from the 830 portion

AppleIntel830.kext -> Info.plist Change the 0x25828086 to 0x35828086 in the 915 portion

AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext -> Info.plist Change the 0x25828086 to 0x35828086

'''NOTE I have 855GM so my device ID was 35828086. Urs may be same if u have a 855GM. But will probably be different. SO check in system profiler or in windows.'''

Also to edit the plists you will need to login as root and change them. For that goto terminal and type "sudo passwd root". It will ask u for ur password and then for a new root password.

Logout and login as root. Now browse to the extensions folder, open the above kexts by rightclicking and show package contents. Now open the Info.plist using textedit and make the changes.

Now goto diskutility, repair ur permissions and reboot.

I modified AppleIntel830.kext->Info.plist and AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext against your instructions. does not work. It reported an error, said two packages not properly installed. ?! Any sugguestion?

Audio Fix
You'll need the Darwin 8.01 CD. Here's how:
1) Open terminal
2) Type:
sudo cp -rf /Volumes/[Name of your Darwin CD]/System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext /System/Library/Extensions
(enter your password)
3) Restart ..now audio works

Fix to bypass Safe Mode
1) Ok, this is how to get rid of having to do -x:
cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo rm -rf AppleIntel9*
2) Restart ..now you don't have to use safe boot

User 2

I have everything working, wireless, sound etc. I had to delete all ati*.kext files to get to boot without safe mode. -- Which wireless? I have Intel2200B/G and no luck. Wireless is probably the only thing keeping me from switching 100%. It is the Dell trumobile card, not the intel.

User 3

Followed all the stuff here and pretty much running 100% Running on second partition which was installed using dd if=./tiger-x86-flat.img of=/dev/hda2 ibs=512 skip=63. Dual booting XP (which was installed first) using the chain0 method. Had to turn on safe mode until all the files it suggests deleting above were deleted then it booted fine. Screen res, SSE2-SSE3 patch and wireless (although very flaky) up and running using the search fucntion in the forums here. Looks great!

User 4

Used straight up bootable DVD install of it on my 700m, cant figure out how to get the 1280X800 to work, sound doesnt work, wireless doesnt work(Using the Intel2200 A/B/G).


Installed the VMWARE Image.....worked fine. though had to use -x. Havent tried the wireless or ethernet yet. But will post soon I dont have the darwin cd and in no mood to download that too. so can somebody pls send me that kext from the darwin 8.01 cd to [email protected] Also the video fix works. I can send u the modified kext's if needed or give detailed instructions over IM. Oh ya and Dual booting with XP. Pls someone send me the sound kext if u got it working. My iTunes works perfect (USED THE SSE2 Patch) along with preview etc

EDIT Got Sound to work, battery to display simply removed safe boot and made all the graphic kext mods. Note if u make these modifications DONOT Also LAN and NET sharing works..................wow i love u steve jobs, the apple team, deadmoo, maxxus and evrybody else whose helping ppl out regarding MAC OSX86. Hmmmm though if i close my lid my desktop doesnot come back

cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo rm -rf AppleIntel9*

Instead as the first guy said change 0x25828086 to 0x35828086

User 6

Used patched version which did not require any patches to run. Installed OS X first, then XP, then Fedora Core 4. All three work well. OS X picked up on XP and mounted the partition as well as adding it to its boot loader (even defaulting to XP.) Using 1280 as resolution, sound works, have not attempted cd writing yet.

Only thing which does not work is the wireless (Intel.) I picked up a Belkin wireless USB device and it is working well with encryption.

User 7 - dinorex

QE enabled as mentioned before, but after using the XP partition as the initial boot.... otherwise, horrified grey screen will occur....

Found another interesting thing: the 'Internet Connect' does not function correctly (for pptp / l2tp - show connection in progress... blah blah blah when you create a new pptp / l2tp connection, but you cannot get thru via the connection....); however, since I am now also installed 10.4.3 8F1111g build, I can confirm that issue is due to this build (since 8F1111g works EXTREMELY very fine in pptp / l2tp in 'Internet Connect')

Mighty Mouse mouse driver cannot installed in the volume, and not recommend to use 3rd party software to install that driver since this will result system crash.

Occasionally, when you right mouse button click on 'Desktop' folder for 'Get Info', you will result total restart of the Dock, Finder and so on....

User 8 - Youvegotwood

4.18.07 Installed 10.4.6 Jas, had to reformat partitions so extended is AFTER the OSX partition (tried it with OSX after but could not load OSX at all)

Working on installation (no modification): Keyboard, trackpad, wired lan, sound, video card, iTunes.

Working with 3rd party drivers: Wireless

Not Working: Battery meter, DVD (movie) player

[edit] Dell Inspiron 1100

Method: dd'd the deadmoo image to the hard disk (secondary master on this machine)

Hardware: Celeron 2.0GHz, Intel 845GL graphics and chipset, 512MB memory, Broadcom BCM4400 ethernet

What Works: Sound, network, video (unaccelerated).

Graphics: If you get tiny 800x600xgreyscale graphics no matter what mode you set, don't waste days fiddling with OS X's video drivers. Instead, go into the machine's BIOS and set "UMA Memory" to 8MB instead of 1MB. The only catch now is that I can only boot into safe mode. Something is hanging the machine on boot in normal mode. I don't think it's related to the video chipset or drivers. I'll try to track down what's causing the hang soon. If you don't have the option of setting the UMA Memory to 8MB you need to update your BIOS to revision A29 or higher.

What doesn't work: USB. At least, not the mouse. Oddly enough, it looks like Darwin finds the mouse as the mouse's LED kicks on during boot, but by the time Aqua is loaded, it has shut off again. I'll try some other USB devices soon.

Update from the original poster

The Inspiron 1100 works flawlessly with the 10.4.5 DVD + maxxus patches. Video, USB, sound, ethernet, the whole nine yards. Even my CardBus Netgear WG511T is detected as an Apple Airport when I plug it in. :P

(End of update)

To get the USB mouse working, go into the "/System/Library/Extensions" delete the files "AppleFPMemDriver.kext" this seem to work on computer that have usb mouse problem.

I figured out how to fix not booting into safe mode: All you have to do, is delete all the drivers in /System/Library/Extensions/ that begin with AppleIntel. For some reason, it kept it hanging at startup once it started the login window and was about to load the GUI. -plasm

//**// This is my first Wiki Edit and my first install of OSx86 \\**\\

Edited by jer2eydevil88(atnospam)gmail.com if you have questions about my install.

I used Br0adbands patcher to modify the marklar-tiger.iso and booted right up off the disc. For some reason the installer DVD hates my laptop and the installer is greyscale because I have no video option for 1mb instead of 8mb.

Picture one of laptop screen h**p://img367.imageshack.us/img367/3924/screenieosx13ph.jpg

Picture two of entire laptop h**p://img367.imageshack.us/img367/1531/screenieosx28pp.jpg

And yes I did skip the dvd check after taking the pictures.

Specs Intel 2.4ghz P4 478pin 400mhz FSB 512mb ram 30gb hard drive Linksys 802.11g Wifi card that I'll update the status of as I get it going.

Update: I started a thread in the forum regarding my status and progress on getting things to work.

I purchased an 802.11g D-Link USB Adapter DWL-G122 Ver. b1 using the drivers supplied in the forums it works flawlessly as does the utility.


plasm here, I installed the generic DVD through VMware (mounting a physical image and using DaemonTools to mount the ISO, but its a native install not a virtual one). Install went smoothly, MUCH faster than the deadmoo image. Everything is working, except i had to do the same steps to make video work as the deadmoo image Only problem is the audio, but downloading the AppleAC97Audio.kext and doing a kextload will fix it. Installed the "10.4.3 update", makes it run even faster. --plasm :)

//**// I'm not sure if this will work the same for 1100 \\**\\

I got the video to work on my Inspiron 1150 by editing the kernel extension for the Intel internal graphics card as suggested on some other computers. I also installed the SSE3 patch and it worked.

I'm not sure if this will work the same on the 1100.

[edit] Dell Inspiron 1200

Method: Booted from the Generic Install DVD that had a bunch of patches and stuff included on it already. Used the disk utility to wipe the windows install that was on the drive already and reformatted it to apple journaling FS.

Hardware: Default lowest-end Inspiron 1200, with 256MB OCZ Ram added on for a total of 512MB.

Not working: USB (sorta, see below), Sound, Printing. Unsure of: wireless functionality, graphics capability. Video in VLC fullscreen is choppy. System fails to come alive after lid is closed.

Working: Pretty much everything else. Display running at 1024x768x32 (What it was on my windows install).

Comments: The disk utility detected my USB hard drive during installation, however no USB works anymore now that it's fully installed. I've installed no patches or further kext's myself as of yet. System seems to run fine and stable.

Update: USB works after turning off USB emulation in the bios, trashing AppleFPMemDriver.kext, and rebooting.

Sound works after doing the following: taking the AppleAC97Audio.kext from darwin, copying it to the /System/Library/Extensions/ directory. Then do: chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext and kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions/ .

[edit] Dell Inspiron 4150

Method: My own dual boot installation method which has its own wiki page here:

Simple Dual Boot

Hardware: Dell Inspiron 4150 laptop, Mobile Pentium 4-M 1.7 GHz 512KB L2, 1GB DDR2100 CAS2 latency, 40GB 5400 rpm Hitachi/IBM hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 16MB DDR running at 1024x768x24 with "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x24" boot time option for increased desktop interface rendering speed, 3Com 3C920 Integrated 10/100 NIC, Intel AC97 audio, Microsoft Blue Optical Mouse

Comments: From the very first install of the VMWare .img file to the bare drive everything works natively except the USB mouse for some reason (although it works with a USB > PS/2 adapter just fine) and the Lucent WinModem which I don't use anyway. Everything else is working just fine, NIC, sound, etc. No issues to speak of.

Working on creating an installer DVD just for this laptop but as of posting this wiki edit I still have no luck. Haven't installed the updated CoreGraphics patch either to remove/fix those visual glitches from the fading menus but I may do that on the next install.

Also, using the SpeedBoost I was told about I gained a huge jump in performance due to the CPU not constantly being pegged at close to 100%. And of course, the 24 bit mode for desktop color has it's own benefits.

bb 08/16/2005 8:37PM Eastern time

(Please forgive me if I'm missing some Wiki etiquitte on this post, as it is my first Wiki post ever!)

Hardware: Dell Inspiron 4150, Pentium 4-M 2.0 ghz, 512 mb DDR2100 RAM, 40GB HD, Radeon 7500 32MB graphics, Integrated 3C920, Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (Centrino), Intel AC97 Audio, Synaptics Touchpad.

Installed worked flawlessly, machine booted without a hitch. OSX does not see the MiniPCI wireless card or the audio. Internal Touchpad works great. Windows and Alt keys feel swapped (Alt = Apple key, Windows key doesn't appear to be used). Processor does not support SSE3, so no Rosetta. Have not tried SSE2 patch, but will post results after testing.

Would love to do greater than 1024x768 resolution!!

rar 08/19/2005 12:01AM PDT

Method: I used Andrew Escobars Instructions (Mac OS X on Intel - Part 2. The Simple Installation)


I used the following speed boosts: Remove AppleTPMACPI.kext Patched SSE3 to SSE2 using Maxxuss v.4

Hardware: Dell Inspiron 4150 laptop, Mobile Pentium 4-M 1.8 GHz 512KB L2, 768MB DDR2100 CAS2 latency, 40GB 5400 rpm Hitachi/IBM hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 32MB DDR running at 1280x1024x24 with "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x24" boot time option for increased desktop interface rendering speed, 3Com 3C920 Integrated 10/100 NIC, Intel AC97 audio, Intel 2200BF Wireless Card

Comments: Cannot or do not understand why the USB connection is not working. Still trying to figure it out. The wireless card is not even seen so im going to buy a cheap pcmcia card that is confirmed working.

As for running, everything is peachy with safari barfing now and again.

[edit] Dell Inspiron 5100

Hardware: Pentium 4 2.8Ghz, 512mb RAM, ATI Raeon Mobility 7500C 32mb (1024x768).

Installed on second windows partition... had to use WINGRUB to get partition to boot. Originally had HFS+ Error but realised it was due to skipping blocks once loaded image in VMWARE... bad idea, only skip= OUTSIDE vmware!

Had to remove ATI* from /Extensions... video would lock up right before login screen... maybe due to 32bit? Works fine with Vesa2.0 tho.

Had to copy the Darwin AC97 drivers across then add my device/vendor ID to every chunk in the contents... c

[edit] Dell Inspiron 9400

Hardware: Intel T2500 Core Duo @ 2.00GHz, NVidia GeForce Go 7800

IATKOS 2.0 installed, running well. Notes:

  • before install, disable Multicore support in BIOS (POST Behaviour)
  • select Broadcom 10/100 Ethernet drivers during installation.
  • Initially after install, did not boot - solution was to manually rebuild darwin bootloader, and set partition active.
  • WiFi (Intel PRO) not recognized by default.
  • Desktop resolution; only selectable option is 1024x768
  • Sound not working by default .

[edit] Dell Latitude D800

Hardware: Centrino (Pentium M) 2Ghz, 1gb RAM, Geforce Go FX 5650

Created second partition for OSX. Used Jas 10.4.8 SSE2 dvd. Sound is supported from the included driver

USB functions normally

Touchpad and stick both control the mouse

PCMCIA slot functions properly

Did not test firewire

Video card supported with the included Nvidia driver option - but acceleration will require you to use one of the accelerated drivers out there, e.g. Titan NVIDIA drivers. For Titan and macvidia NVIDIA acceleration, you will probably also need to modify the Info.plist (under the .kext in the Contents folder) so that the line with IOPCIMatch has your device id in it, followed by "10de". You can get your device ID in Apple menu -> About this mac -> More info -> Graphics. For example, my Dell D800's NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5650 has a device id of 0x031b, so I entered 0x031b10de in the string field following IOPCIMatch. The files I changed were GeForce.kext/Contents/Info.plist, and the same path for NVDANV30Hal.kext, and NVDAResman.kext.

Need modified kext installed to support battery display

Broadcom 570x wired NIC needs deletion of /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleBCM57Ethernet.kext and replaced with /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext hacked from a previous version

Intel 2200BG needs (currently alpha) iwi2200 to function

Shortcut buttons and keys for volume, sleep and backlight brightness work

[edit] Dell XPS M1530

Hardware: Core 2 Duo T7250 2.0GHZ, 4gb ram, Nvidia 8600M GT 1440x900, 160gb SATA HD

Installed IATKOS v.1.0 with EqUaTe's iAtkos patcher on single partition, no dual boot. Default install with Darwin Bootloader only item in customization selected. Had to change bios to disable flash cache and changed drive from AHCI to ATA, if you don't change it, it will not recognize the drive. Installed fine, but had no QE/CI, ethernet, wireless, or sound after initial install.

QE/CI works with resolution at 1440x900 with NVdriver installed Wireless works after bcm43xx_enabler_0.5.2.sh installed Ethernet works after AppleYukon installed Sound now works with applehdapatcher v1.16 and codecdump9228_rev1

[edit] Fujitsu Siemens Machines

[edit] Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D7800

Hardware: Pentium 4 2.4ghz (SSE2), 256mb default (Running with 768mb), Ati Radeon Mobility M6P 32mb (1024x768 [email protected] TFT), 40gb HD (default is 20gb), DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive

Installed: JAS 10.4.8 DVD - Dual boot on partition 2, Windows XP as Partition 0 (20gb NTFS), MacOS as Partition 1 (19gb). Default install plus Intel patches only.

Notes: Install went fine, but hung on initial boot. Had to reboot with -x, move all ATI* stuff from /Extentions, reboot then all fine. Need the 10.4.4 login thing to prevent about this mac crashing.

Hardware: Video - fine at 1024x768 but no CoreImage, no QuartzExtreme; Audio - fine; onboard networking - fine; onboard modem - fine; I have a safecom 802.11g card which I dont have working as yet.

[edit] Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PI2515

Hardware: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T540 @ 1.66GHz 1.67GHz, 170GB Hard Drive, DVD Reader/Writer, CD-RW Drive

Installed: Windows 7 as partition 1 (70.0GB NTFS), MacOS as partition 2 (100.0GB HFS+). Default install plus intel patches only.

Notes Installation went fine, had to skip network drivers on setup as it crashes the first-run installer, had to reboot with -x to download and install the Mobile Intel 965 Express driver to get past the blue screen on startup. To get airport to work you will need 10.5.4 or later, you will need to download the drivers from the google code site.

Hardware Video - Fine at 1280x800; Audio - Fine; Onboard networking - Fine; Onboard Modem - Fine; Onboard wifi - Needs driver.

[edit] Hewlett Packard / HP compaq Machines

[edit] 6830s

Hardware: Intel Core2Duo, Intel PM45 Express chipset, SATA HD, DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drive.

Method: iPC 10.5.6 .

  • Video: ATI Mobility HD3430 - works only 1024x768
  • Ethernet: neither Marvell 88E8072 neither Intel 5100 wireless works
  • Sound: AD1984 - internal speakers are working, headphone speakers not, mic internal or external - nothing

What works?

Basic video, USB, disk and CD/DVD, for sound output and keyboard you have to apply patches AD1984 and PS2 keyboard (and it's smart to apply patch for UUID error also)

[edit] HP/compaq dv1410ea

Hardware: Pentium M 1.5, 1.5GB RAM, Intel 915 chipset, 80GB HD, DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drive, firewire.

Method: JaS 10.4.8 DVD dual-boot.

Shrunk 80GB partition to 40GB using Acronis Disk tools and then created a Mac OS journaled partition in the free space (about 32GB). Did not delete the 204MB partition (which probably contains BIOS and system restore images).

Installed just default packages + Intel patch and laptop tools. Took less than 20mins to complete without problems.

All hardware works out of the box. Graphics limited to 1024x768 and IntelG900 package on DVD will not load and just causes a couple of error messages during login. Built-in WiFi not detected (believe it's Intel 2200 mini-PCI card). Otherwise all hardware functional, including firewire, audio, bluetooth, dvd-rw, lan etc. Modem not tested.

[edit] HP/compaq NC8430

Install works fine (10.4.6), If you turn off dual core capabilities in the bios. Trying to determine drivers issues with NIC, WLAN, and Audio. .

[edit] HP Pavillion dv6205us

Installed with the JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 patched DVD.

Everything worked off the bat except networking (wireless) and audio with no BIOS changes.

I fixed the wireless with the common wireless patch against the wireless driver (I can't remember what it was, I'll look it up)

I fixed the audio with the AppleAzalia.pkg.zip file floating around.

I haven't tested the wired ethernet interface, which I will, but I'm guessing its not going to work.

EDIT: Wired ethernet functionality is now possible. I used the AppleIntel8255x kext to load the functionality.

I haven't tested DVD burning, but reading CDs and DVDs works flawlessly.

I am constantly getting HFS+ partition errors even when the Mac OS X partition is set active and its attempted to boot directly. I've gotten direct booting working once, and then I screwed it up trying to change the active partition back to Vista.

EDIT: It turned out the HFS+ partition errors were because, when I installed 10.4.8, my Volume name had a space in it, and that kept the boot loader from installing properly. By reinstalling, and keeping the Volume name as straight "Tiger", the bootloader installed flawlessly, and dual-booting is now possible.

If I have the Mac OS X partition set as active, I can boot via DVD no problem (by just letting the timer countdown to zero.)

If I set my Vista partition as active, it boots straight into Vista.

The above two issues are probably due to the way I installed. I doubt I had the correct partition set as active before I installed, and therefore the bootloader didn't get installed correctly. I'm probably going to reinstall at some point, so I'll attempt it again and see if it works. .

It turns out that the battery drains way too quickly (about 10-15 minutes) if taken off of AC power. I have a feeling this is because of an ACPI or related kext, but not sure which one. Anyone have any ideas? . . .

[edit] HP d530 SFF

works with JaS 10.4.8 , is showing an USB over current warning after system boot but has no influence on system performance, broadcom gigabit lan is working with a patch, sound is working (ac97)

[edit] IBM/Lenovo Portables

[edit] IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T61

My setup:
Laptop: Lenovo T61 Widescreen
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Video card: Nvidia Quadro NVS
Sound: Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio compliant AD1984 sound chipset)
Wireless card: Intel 3945

There is no current mac video driver for the nvidia quadro (as of 06-28-08). Video works off of Vesa currently. A bit slow but definately useable. Sound does not work yet. Supposedly, Taruga's AppleHDAPatcher 2.0 will give you sound, but it is not available as of this writing (06/28/08). Wired and wireless ethernet does not work. You cannot use a PC Card either because there is no driver for the cardbus. I managed to get networking to work via USB, which does work. The model I use specifically is the Netgear WG111v3 . The mac driver is available here. This uses the Realtek's RTL8187 Chipset BTW.

Finally, one last thing. When I upgraded to 10.5.3, I lost control over the keyboard. If this happens to you, plug a USB keyboard and mouse and then download this file: ACPIPS2Nub.zip . Unzip and copy the folder to /System/Library/Extensions . Reboot and then mouse and keyboard should work.

Full instructions for upgrading to 10.5.3 are here: http://news.metaparadigma.de/?p=274

If anyone got sound or video to work, please update this section of the wiki. . . . .

[edit] TOSHIBA = Portables

[edit] Toshiba Satellite M115-S3094

Hardware: Intel Centrino Duo 1.66 ghz, Intel 950 Chipset, 80 GB HDD, 1GB DDR2, Realtek HD Sound, Intel 2495 Wifi Mini PCI-Card

OS: Mac OSx86 Leopard Kalyway Install. Combo-Upgraded to 10.5.2, Keyboard and Mouse Fix Installed CURRENTLY NOT WORKING: Wifi, 5 in 1 Card Reader


[edit] Toshiba Satellite A205 S5814

Hardware: Intel Pentium Dual Core, Intel 950 Chipset, Intel X3100 Graphics, 160GB HDD, 2GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM, Intel Pro 10/100 LAN, Intel Integrated Sound OS: Mac OSx86 Leopard Kalyway Install. Upgraded to 10.5.2

CURRENTLY NOT WORKING: Wifi, Restart/Shutdown/Sleep

[edit] Toshiba Satellite U205-S5002

Hardware: Intel Core Duo T2300E 1.66ghz, 1.0GB DDR2 PC5300 RAM, Intel 950 chipset, 100GB HD, Matushita DVD-RW/CD-RW Combo Drive, Firewire, USB, Intel 3945G Wireless Internal, Intel Pro VE 10/100 Lan

Method: JaS 10.4.8 AMD/INTEL SSE2-SSE3 DVD Triple Boot

Create partitions using Acronis Disk Director for XP PRO NTFS 10-45GB, Vista ULTIMATE NTFS 20-25GB, OSX86 JaS 10.4.8 wDarwin 8.8.1 10-25GB HFS+. Set partition active using Acronis Disk Director Boot CD/Ultimate Boot CD/Hirens Boot CD. Install XP on 1st partition. Set Vista partition active; install Vista on 2nd partition. Set OSX86 partition active; install OSX (JaS 10.4.8 wKernel 8.8.1) using patches: Intel SSE3, GMA950.

You will need to fix an hfs+ partition error as follows inside of terminal: 1. Boot from OSX86 DVD in single user mode: Press F8 for prompt then type: -s 2. At single user prompt type:

fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 flag 1 update write quit reboot

At this point OSX should boot up just like prior to Vista installation.

1. In a terminal window type: su root fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 flag 2 quit 2. Reboot

Vista will say: "\Window\system32\winload" corrupted. It will tell you to insert Vista disc and recover. Follow directions from Vista and recover. Reboot. Check Vista boots and works fine.

1. Boot from OSX86 DVD for single user mode one last time: Press F8 then type: -s

2. At single user prompt type:

fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 flag 1 quit

3. reboot


FDISK -e /dev/rdisk? NOTE: Where ? is the number for the drive as given to you by DISKUTILITY info. This reflags the partitions by # inside the MBR to reorder the bootloaders.

What works: LCD, GMA950 w/ QE/CI/Q2DE @ Maximum resolution (1280x800 Native & 1440x900 external), HDD, Matushita DVD-RW/CD-RW, Keyboard, Touchpad, External Sound Wheel, Firewire, USB, ACPI w/ Battery Detection.


Intel Pro VE 10/100 Lan Fixed by the following method:

Open terminal: Type: sudo vi /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleIntel8255 x.kext/Contents/Info.plist

You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter it and press ENTER. Press down arrow key to move your cursor and you will find something like the following.

<key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x10518086 0x10508086 0x10298086 0x10308086&0xfff0ffff 0x12098086 0x12278086 0x12288086 0x12298086 0x24498086 0x24598086 0x245d8086 0x10918086 0x10608086&0xfff0ffff</string>

In vi mode you can move your cursor up and down, or right and left using J(down), K(up), H(left) and L(right) or the arrow keys. To insert, press 'I' key and now you are in inserting mode, now write your ID. Insert your device ID and venderID next to: 0x10298086 Because: hardware ID is 1092 and venderID is 8086. Intel Pro VE 10/100 is: 0x10928086

VI mode is line by line so you will need use your arrow keys to move into position. If done, then press 'ESC' key to exit from inserting mode. Press your arrow key down until you reach the end of all text. Type the following without ' or ': ':wq!' This saves and exits vi mode.

Use 'X' key to delete letters or write ':q!' to quit vi mode unsaved. Write the following line on Terminal to clear kext cache.

rm /System/Library/Extensions.*

Quit Termunal. Open DiskUtility and perform permission repair. Reboot your machine.

Manual Permissions Repair: sudo -s <password> cd /System/Library/Extensions/ chmod -R 755 IONetworkingFamily.kext chown -R root:wheel IONetworkingFamily.kext

Additionally, delete Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext. Reboot.


- SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio ven: 11D4 dev: 1981

 Missing sound out and in as well as front audio jack support.


COMODOW USB 5.1 Sound Adapter (can be found on eBay)

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