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macOS 10.4.3
Hardware Compatibility

The following list shows all parts which are incompatible with OSx86 10.4.3.

Note: Hardware that is incompatible with OSx86 10.4.1 will also most likely be incompatible with 10.4.3.


[edit] Components

[edit] Unsupported CPUs

Any CPU without SSE2 **and** PAE will not work.

  • AMD Athlon XP/MP
  • AMD Duron
  • old AMD Sempron (Athlon XP based)
  • Intel Pentium III
  • old Intel Celeron (Pentium III based)
  • VIA C3

and anything older

[edit] Unsupported Sound Cards (Integrated)

  • ADI AD1981 only make sound from earphone slot and the volume is extremely low.
  • Realtek ALC650 on-board chipset does not work.
  • Intel High Definiton 6 channel does not work.

[edit] Unsupported Sound Cards (PCI or USB)

  • Creative CT5803 AudioPCI does not get recognized by my native 10.4.3 8f1111 install.
  • SIIG SV750 Trident 4D Wave also does not get recognized by my native install.
  • sigmatel 9223 not supported 7.1 audio
  • SB Live (Linux uses EMU10k1 driver) does not work with 10.4.3 8f1111 install
  • Terratec Aureon 5.1 Sky (PCI) doesn't work, OSX doesn't recognize.
  • Creative Audigy doesn't work OS doesn't recognize
  • RME HDSP PCI didn´t work with MacOSX Driver. Kernel Error.

[edit] Unsupported NIC

Any wireless right now, get this error with stock kext:

   250:/System/Library/Extensions root# kextload -t AppleAirPort2.kext
   kernel extension AppleAirPort2.kext has problems:
   Validation failures
       "Executable file doesn't contain kernel extension code" = true
  • VIA RHINE I, II & III. But there's in project a driver's construction (see forum)
  • USB Cablemodem Motorola Surfboard 4200 (in 10.4.1 was recognized as ethernet card but it didn't work, in 10.4.3 isn't recognized).
  • Vitesse VSC8201 (aka Nvidia Nforce Networking Controller) see here for product information. This is covered under the forcedeth driver in linux. (tested on a Epox 9NPA Ultra Motherboard)
  • CNET cards based on the Davicom DM9102AF chipset do not work.
  • Realtek 8201BL PHY on-board Ethernet does not work.
  • Marvell 88E8083 Gigabit LAN
  • Intel 2200BG Wireless Connection
  • 3Com 3C940 (Built into ASUS P4P800 Deluxe)

[edit] Unsupported SATA-Cards

  • Sonnet Tempo-x eSata 4x4 (doesn't show in system information)

[edit] Unsupported Motherboards

[edit] ASUS P4XP-X

Intel P4 1 GB RAM 80GB IDE Kernel panic

[edit] ASUS P5WD2 Premium

with Intel 640 3.2 GHZ / 2 GB RAM / 160 GB SATA / NVIDIA 600 PCI-X System crash with kernel panic just after booting Tried "mach_kernel.orig" "mach_kernel.nonx" "mach_kernel.sse2" with last patch 1.1a from Maxxux

  • Note: Try disabling on-board sound in BIOS

[edit] ASUS P5WD2

With Intel 3,4 GHZ P4 650 and Intel 3.0 Ghz P4 D 930 2 GB RAM 80 GB SATA II 300 GB SATA II ATI X700 ( 1024x768) and ATI x1600 Pro (1024x768) IDE DVD Primary (please Boot install DVD from here another IDE channel crached install ) IDE DVD-R Secundary BIOS SATA Enhanced MODE P-DATA + S-DATA

with Mac.OS.X.Tiger.10.4.3.For.x86.PC¿Ì¼°æ perfect

no sound no lan have other Lan card ( realtek Gigabit )

Thanks for all patches------------- best reg... powerbyte

  • Crashed and rebooted at beginning of install but after disabling the on-board sound (Realtek ALC882M) it installed fine on my machine (ASUS P5WD2-E Premium, Pentium D 930, 250GB SATAII, Radeon X800 GTO). Still no sound or LAN. - Nino

[edit] Unsupported Notebooks

[edit] Acer

  • Ferrari 4000

Native install fails. Hangs on "still waiting for root device" workaround not yet apparent. Only work in VMware works (slow)

  • TravelMate 2000

Native install fails. Hangs on "still waiting for root device".

  • ACER Aspire 2003WLMi

Native install fails. Hangs on "non emulation booting" - did copy image from install on Intel desktop D850EMV - works, but have problems installing apps - reason am newbie to mac? or wrong "install" method?

For "non emulating booting" error, try to flash a new bios from acer site. I did to install xp, it works

  • ACER Aspire 2012WLMi

Native install fails. Hangs on "non emulation booting" too.

The "non emulating booting" error, did happen with last acer bios version available.

  • Acer Aspire 5002 WLMi - Hangs on "Still waiting for root device"
  • ACER TravelMate 4150

Have an error message /com.apple.boot.plist not found and stop booting. I suspect there is a problems with the optical drive

  • ACER Aspire 1602lm

Native install fails. Hangs on "still waiting for root device" Only work in VMware works (slow). Works firewire ,usb ,Video: Radeon 9000 no QE/CI. No works Matshita UJ811, lan ,sound

ACER FERRARRI 40005 WLMI Uphuck 10.4.9.v 1.2 Installs correctly. on reboot blinking cursor. Reboot from dvd plist not found.

[edit] ASUS

Asus A6KM Series : Native install fails, computer freeze. 09:57, 19 January 2007 (CST)

[edit] Toshiba

  • Toshiba M45

Booting from DVD Image fails with com.apple.boot.plist not found. Even fails in VMware. I have this DVD working on Dell 700m.

NOTE: In this case try mounting the actual DVD in VMWare, or mount the image in Daemon-Tools and mount that drive in VMWare.

  • Toshiba M45 S165

Works in VMware, but cannot install via DVD ("Still waiting for root device" no matter what kernel parameter is used). If installed via VMware, chain0 cannot find the partition (even if its id is 0xaf).

  • Toshiba M45 S351 Working, Installed through VMware, booting natively, (triple boot with GRUB and Chain0 methos), Only Intel Wireless not working

EDIT: Works it an Intel 915 Fix kext is added to the DVD.

  • Toshiba M30

Native install fails. Hangs on "still waiting for root device". More information about the problem we think that it have. .

[edit] Compaq

  • Presario 2500 series
  • Presario V2000Z series

Booting from disk or from a VMware install results in a freezing at iopccardbridge. No workaround.

  • V5101US - Partially working. Can install and boot native with Myzar 10.4.6. The following hardware does not work.

-Video: Radeon 200M Stuck at 1024x768, no widescreen, no QE/CI

-WiFi: Broadcom 802.11b/g mini-PCI (has hardware switch that does not work in OSX to turn on/off)

-Sound: Conexant AMC Audio. May work with AC97 driver, but have not tested.

[edit] Maxdata

ECO 4200X - not working (cannot install)

[edit] eMachines


Gets to first screen of install, language selection, but keyboard and mouse do not function.

Diagnostic mode yields:

ApplePS2Controller: Timed out on mouse input stream

ApplePS2Controller: Timed out on keyboard input stream


Kernel panics when probing USB. Disable USB in the BIOS and the installer boots, but without USB there is no keyboard or mouse.

T5082 specs are here

[edit] Unsupported PCs

[edit] Custom Athlon 64

  • MSI Neo3 Platinum nForce4
  • Athlon 64 2800+ (no SSE3)
  • Mushkin 1GB DDR400 memory
  • eVGA nVidia 6600GT AGP
  • Maxtor 53073H6 ATA 30GB 7200RPM HDD (SATA disabled altogether)
  • Lite-On SOHC-5236K CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo

Kernel Panic with patch 1.0, 1.1a in native install. 1.1 gets to white/gray apple screen, then freezes

(((Try the JaS 1111a Generic Patch v4.2b is might help these issues))) (((wesley Patch has outdated emulation(1.1b))))

(((( Above user should try with 8f1111 with Weasly Patch)))) (((( Works Perfectly with newer version ))))

  • Athlon 64 3000+ (no SSE3) with revision E has sse3 support and works very fluent

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