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macOS 10.6.5
Hardware Compatibility

This is a hardware compatibility list for portable computers. We want to keep it as accurate as possible, but please, do not entirely rely on this list when buying a portable computer. Don't forget to add how you got OSx86 running on your portable x86 computer, and to use proper English. Please see the discussion page for proper instructions on how to input your system specs. Also, please contribute to the HCL 10.6.5 page, which should list a more granular view of compatibility. If your computer isn't listed, you should try it if you have a SSE2 or higher processor. Use vanilla kernel if it is supported.

  • ONLY add hardware that you have TESTED. Don't add hardware just because you think it might work.
  • Please add hardware into tables.
  • This is for 10.6.5 builds only.

Please list your computers in alphabetical order by manufacturer (Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, etc)

For how to edit the Wiki, please see this thread. Thank you!

Note: Please add whether your device supports QE, Quartz Extreme, graphics. Try playing a movie with Quicktime Player.


[edit] Acer

[edit] Aspire 4320

Y [| class=wikitable width=100% !Parts !Device !Working !Notes |- |Processor |Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 |Yes |Out the Box |- |SATA |Hard Disk (ICH8 Family) |Yes |Out the Box |- |PATA |DVD+/-RW (ICH8 Family) |Yes |Out the Box |- |Graphics |Intel X3100 |Yes |Out the box, but the driver is 32 bits |- |Audio |HDA ALC268 |Yes |VoodooHDA.kext |- |Wireless |BCM4328 a/b/g/n |Yes |Out the box |- |USB |ICH8M Family |Yes |Out the Box |- |Ethernet |Broadcom BCM5787M |Yes |Nobb1x: AppleBCM5701Ethernet (32/64 bits) |- |Bus PCIe |Intel GL960/GM965 |Yes |Chun-Nan/dborca: IOPCIFamily (32/64 bits) |- |Battery |Integrated |Yes |VoodooBattery (32/64 bits) |- |FireWire |Ricoh R5C832 |Yes |Out the Box |- |Bluetooth |Cambridge Silicon Radio |Yes |Out of box |- |- |Card Reader |Ricoh R5822 |Partially |IOSDHCIBlockDevice & VoodooSDHCI (32/64 bits) |- |Modem |Integrated |No |I´m not using it. |- |]


Only one trouble: The function restart after sleep isn´t working.

[edit] Aspire 5810TZ

N I had pretty good success using iATKOS S3 version 2 then using Apple Software Update to upgrade straight to 10.6.5. With many of the optional drivers (from the iATKOS disk) enabled, and a Intel GMA X3100 kext installed, almost everything works.


  • Touchpad/Keybpard
  • Acer Crystal Eye Webcam
  • USB
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • Mic
  • Audio
  • Atheros Wireless
  • Screen runs at proper resolution (However video programs will not display... Gives an error about no video device...)
  • External Monitors
  • Built-in memory card reader

doesn't work

  • Quartz Extreme (But QuickTime videos will play. Slowly and choppily, don't even try to go full screen.)
  • Wifi light
  • Change screen brightness
  • Sleep (I am working on this one)

not tested

  • HDMI
  • Line-in mic
  • Ethernet

[edit] Aspire 6935


  • normaly updated from 10.6.4 without problems

[edit] Aspire One 532h-2588-2223


  • Install Method: iAtkos s3 v2 + NetBook Installer
  • Update via standalone Combo from 10.6.3 to 10.6.5

WI-FI works!

[edit] Aspire One AO250


  • Install Method: iAtkos v3.2 Add Aethoros WIFI and LAN driver from iAktos v2.


  • Touchpad/Keyboard
  • Webcam
  • USB
  • Audio
  • Normal graphics
  • Change screen brightness
  • LAN
  • Wifi

doesn't work

  • Sleep

[edit] D730ZG

Icon N.png

Install - restored from live USB Inmac (SL 1.6.5).


  • Touchpad/Keyboard
  • Webcam
  • USB
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • Audio
  • Normal graphics
  • Change screen brightness

doesn't work

  • LAN
  • Wifi
  • Sleep (havnt time)

not tested

  • video out
  • Line-in mic
  • mic

[edit] Asus

[edit] EeePC 1201N

Icon Y.png

First use mosslack's guide or also try this tutorial (only if you got 2GB of RAM). Then uninstall SleepEnabler.kext from /Extras/Extensions-folder and run kext-utility BEFORE INSTALLING 10.6.5 update. Install Update, re-install AppleHDA.kext afterwards. To bring back Sleep-Mode again use SleepEnabler.kext from here. To use 64Bit-Mode use patched Kernel from here.

  • x86_64 kernel
  • Hyperthreading
  • Sound works with patched VoodooHDA
  • Mic Works
  • Graphics @ 1366x768
  • Full GPU accleration (QE/CI)
  • 1080p playback
  • HDMI out works without sound... must use line out w/HDMI
  • Camera works
  • SD card reader works
  • Function Keys for Brightness, monitor on-off, Volume, etc` (Fixed using Meklort's Asus HotKeys.kext)
  • Trackpad works with multi-touch gestures
  • Sleep
  • Restart/shutdown (with evoreboot.kext)
  • Bluetooth (on/off with BroadcomUSB270Injector.kext)
  • AHCI
  • Onboard ethernet
  • Netflix streaming (use latest version of Silverlight)
  • Not Working: WiFi ( Wifi card my be replaced by a Dell 1510 half mini PCI-E card or a Realtek8191su USB dongle)

[edit] F5SL

Icon N.png

Use the guide provided here and then update to 10.6.5 using software update =)

[edit] N90sv

Use the n90sv guide from here and then update to 10.6.5 using software update NOTE: Do not update itunes, as it caused this laptop to stop booting. If you know the reason why, feel free to edit this post for the answer.

[edit] 1005HA

Icon Y.png
  • When you have finished the initial setup, and you are on the desktop, install this pack [1] of kexts.

(ONLY INSTALL THE INCLUDED KEXTS, NOT THE UTILITIES.) I also installed VoodooPowerMini (make sure you delete AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement before installing this, or you will get a KP)

  • Now download the NetbookInstaller app, and choose your internal drive as the destination.
  • Wireless: Works on 10.6.5 OOB
  • Ethernet: Works with optional kext ( i dont use ethernet, so i didnt bother searching for it, but it's out there)
  • Graphics: Works with AppleGMA950 kext in pack
  • Bluetooth: Works OOB

[edit] EEE PC 1005 HAB

Icon Y.png

What works:

  • WiFi (stock WiFi ONLY works on WEP, and WPA)
  • Battery (With a 2 gig stick of RAM)
  • Asus Hot Keys
  • Sound (VoodooHDA.pref)
  • Sleep
  • Shutdown/reboot

Problems: After wakes up from sleep, Asus hot keys will not work, A complete shut down will fix.

[edit] N20A

Icon Y.png
  • Install 10.6.3 first than use this guide to get to 10.6.5.

What works:

  • Dual Core Mode
  • Keyboard & Trackepad
  • Sound (VoodooHDA.kext)
  • Shutdown/reboot
  • Ethernet

What not works:

  • Sleep
  • WiFi (Intel 5100)
  • Grafic (Intel GMA4500)
  • Asus Hot Keys

Problems: After wakes up from sleep, Asus hot keys will not work, A complete shut down will fix.

[edit] Benq

[edit] Joybook S32B-LE16

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : IATKOS S3 V2 + 10.6.5 Combo Update.
  • Kernel : Darwin 10.5.0 (32 Bits) - PC EFI 10.6 - No DSDT.
  • NOT WORKING : Modem and S-Video and Sleep (No KP when using SleepEnabler.kext, but keyboard and trackpad will be freezing).

See 10.6.3 entry here. Use Combo Updater and BEFORE REBOOT, replace both AppleIntelGMAX3100FB and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer with version from IATKOS DVD.

[edit] Clevo

[edit] M860TU

Icon Y.png
Parts Device Working Notes
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 Yes Out the Box
SATA Hard Disk/DVD-RW Yes Out the Box
Graphics nVidia GeForce 9800M GTS Yes Out of box
Audio HDA ALC662 Yes Patched AppleHDA
Wireless Intel WiFi 5100 AGN No Not working
USB ICH9M Family Yes Out the Box
Ethernet Realtek RTL8169 Yes Out Of Box
Battery Integrated Yes AppleACPIBatteryManager
FireWire Jmicron FireWire Yes Out the Box
Bluetooth Cambridge Silicon Radio Yes Out of box
Web Camera BisonCam, NB Pro Yes Out of box
Card Reader Jmicron Card Reader Mb yes VoodooSDHC (but i don't use it)

Not native kexts: AppleACPIBatteryManager, FakeSMC, VoodooPS2. (Install all kexts in S/L/E, not E/E directory)

  • Install 10.6.X or other SL version (doesnt metter) update to 10.6.5
  • Latest Chameleon version.
  • Use my full working Kit (DSDT, Plist's and other) Clevo M860TU Kit
  • Full working in 64-bit mode
  • Native SpeedStep, HPET,LPC,SBus and other full works
  • Geekbench: 4000, xBench: 220
  • Its guid works only with Clevo M860TU with nVidia GeForce 9800GTS. If you have some graphics card, you need to delete or correction GFX0 section in my DSDT or use GraphicsEnabler/NVEnabler

Warning: Update you BIOS to latest for chipset AHCI support.[2]

For other information contact with me, ZAFFE: [email protected]

update: 26.12.2010

[edit] Dell

[edit] Inspiron Mini 1011 (10v)

Icon Y.png
  • 10.6.5 32bit
  • Install Method : OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail DVD using NetbookBootmaker + update to 10.6.5 using NetbookInstaller
  • When having problems with Bluetooth and sleep (doesn't wake up) turn off USB Legacy Support in BIOS and patch vendor & product ID in BT kext
  • Everything works like a charm.

[edit] Inspiron 1520

Icon Y.png
  • 10.6.5 64bit
  • Install Method : OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail DVD + 10.6.5 combo update
  • LAN : Broadcom 440X - Doesn't work!!!!!!!!
  • Shutdown : Doesn't work!!!!!!!!
  • Everything else works.

[edit] Inspiron 6400

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : Mac Osx Snow Leopard DVD Retail + 10.6.5 (Software update)
  • OsX Version : 10.6.5 - Kernel 10.5.0 (32Bits) - Chameleon RC4 Bootloader.
  • CPU : Intel Core2Duo T7200 @ 2.06GHz - Dual Core Works with Voodoo TscSync.
  • Graphic card : Nvidia 7300 GO - QE/CI work - Resolution max: 1440x900.
  • RAM : 2x2 Gb DDR2 PC5300 @ 667 MHz.
  • Hard disk : 500Gb WD SATA.
  • DVD-RW : Works out of the box.
  • LAN : Broadcom 440X 10/100 - Works out of the box.
  • Firewire : RICOH compliant IEEE 1394 @ 400 MHz - Works out of the box.
  • Keyboard/Trackpad (2 Finger Scrolling)/Multimedia front key : Works. 2 Finger for secondary click work with trackpad prefpane used in netbooks
  • Sound : Sigmatel 9200 : Works.
  • Wireless : Dell 1395 b/g - Works out of the Box.
  • Bluetooth : Works out of the box.
  • RICOH 3 in 1 Card Reader : Works.
  • Power management : Works
  • ShutDown/Reboot : Works.
  • Kext used : VoodooHDA - VoodooPS2 - VoodooPowerACPI or VoodooPowerMini - VoodooBattery - Sleep enabler - FakeSMC V2 - EvoReboot - AppleIntelPIIXATA - VoodooSDHC.kext - Voodoo TscSync
  • NOT WORKING PARTS : Original Intel 3945 a/b/g wireless card changed by Dell 1395a/b/g.

[edit] Precision M4400

Icon Y.png
  • 10.6.5 64bit
  • Install Method : OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail DVD + 10.6.5 combo update
  • Graphics card :NVidia Quadro FX 770M 512MB, 1920x1200. GraphicsEnabler
  • CPU : Intel C2D X9100 3,06Ghz. need NullCPUPowerManagment.kext
  • RAM : 4GB
  • Sound : IDT HDAudio 92xx. Not working yet.
  • Battery : work with VoodooBatery.kext
  • Keyboard : work corektly with.
  • SD Card reader : no working yet
  • WLAN Intel 5300 : no working yet
  • LAN Gigabit : work with Intel82566MM.kext
  • Bluetooth, Dell 370 : no working yet
  • Camera : work corektly, no need kext
  • Restar : work corectly
  • Shutdown, Sleep : not work
  • More soon

[edit] Vostro 1310

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : iAtkos S3 v2
  • OsX Version : 10.6.5 - Chameleon RC4 Bootloader (AsereBLN).
  • CPU : INTEL CORE 2 DUO T8100 (2,10 GHz).
  • Graphic card : 128 MB DDR2 NVIDIA GEFORCE 8400. GraphicsEnabler.
  • Ram : 4096 MB 667 MHZ DUAL-CHANNEL DDR2 SDRAM.
  • Hard disk : 320GB SERIAL ATA (5400/Min). MBR 3rd Partition.
  • DVD-RW : 8X DVD+/-RW. worjs out oft the box.
  • LAN : some kind of realtek, works out of the box.
  • Firewire : not testet, but seems to work out of the box.
  • Keyboard/Trackpad Multimedia front key : Works, but no 2 Finger scrolling, just sidescrolling. You have to Backup Trackpad.prefpane before updating 10.6.3, restore it after Update and modify Info.plist (delete lines :"<key>VendorID</key>","<integer>1452</integer>"). Renew PrefPane Cache(delete ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.preferences.cache) and restart. After Update Sometimes ps2 does not work - Try using Kext Utility.
  • Sound : Works with VoodooHDA, but you have to delete any kind of AppleHDA.kext)
  • Wireless : Dell 1395 b/g - Works out of the Box.
  • O2Micro 3 in 1 Card Reader : not testet yet.
  • Power management : Seems to work, but no Sleep, sleepenabler works maybe with GUUID, but not with MBR, Filerights have to be restored before booting again. So I don't use it. To Prevent not Working Sleep on LidClose, I use Sleepless because Insomnia(free) seems not to work for me. Also I disabled Sleep in the powersettings.
  • ShutDown/Reboot : Works with Evoreboot.
  • Kext used : VoodooHDA - VoodooPS2 - VoodooPower - VoodooBattery - FakeSMC - EvoReboot - Voodoo TscSync

[edit] Vostro 1500

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : Mac Osx Snow Leopard DVD Retail + 10.6.5 Combo Update
  • OsX Version : 10.6.5 - Chameleon RC5 Unnofficial by iFabio.
  • CPU : INTEL CORE 2 DUO T5470 (1,6 GHz).
  • Graphic card : 128 MB DDR2 NVIDIA GEFORCE M 8400GS. GraphicsEnabler (Works Duplication Mode).
  • Ram : 4096 MB 667 MHZ DUAL-CHANNEL DDR2 SDRAM.
  • Hard disk : 120GB SERIAL ATA (5400/Min) WORKS NATIVE. Dual Boot GPT OSX/WIN7.
  • LAN : BROADCOM 440x (WORKS) with AppleBCM440XEthernet.kext you have to add the flag: max_valid_dma_addr=1024.
  • Firewire : WORKS NATIVE.
  • Keyboard/Trackpad Multimedia front key: Works, with 2 finger scrolling (VoodooPS2)
  • Sound : Works with VoodooHDA
  • Wireless : Dell 4311 b/g - Works Native.
  • Ricoh 7 in 1 Card Reader : works with voodoosdhc (no xd support)
  • Power management : Works with Sleep.
  • ShutDown/Reboot : Reboot works, to shutdown you have to do it manually
  • Kext used : VoodooHDA - VoodooPS2 - platformuuid - VoodooBattery - FakeSMC - AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext - AppleBCM440XEthernet
  • Programs : DSDT AutoPatcher and other fixes

[edit] Fujitsu

[edit] Lifebook A1120

Icon N.png
  • Install Method: iBoot + MultiBeast
  • Update via standalone Combo from 10.6 to 10.6.5
  • Bootloader = Chameleon
  • Patches/Drivers = EasyBeast,Non-USB keyboard/mouse
  • Problems = No sleep, no Intel GMA4500MHD drivers (you will have 1024x768 stretched without QE/CI).

[edit] HP

[edit] G60-635US

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : Snowleo 10.6 Distro + 10.6.5 Software Combo Update
  • OsX Version : 10.6.5
  • CPU : INTEL CORE 2 DUO (2.19 GHz).
  • Graphic card : Intel GMA 4500, Used patched, 3100 Kext for Native Resolution, no QE.
  • Ram : 3 Gig DDR2
  • Hard disk : 320GB Hitachi HTS545032B9A300, Dual Boot OSX/WIN7.
  • DVD-RW : HP DVDRAM GT30L, Native
  • LAN : Realtek Ethernet, used RealtekRTL81xx.kext
  • Keyboard/Trackpad Multimedia front key: Native with 2 Finger Scrolling
  • Sound : Works native, need to manually switch between headphones and speaker.
  • Wireless : Atheros 9285, works native after 10.6.5 Combo Update
  • Power management : No sleep, can decrease brightness using function key.
  • ShutDown/Reboot : Work Native
  • Webcam : Webcam works, but microphone not recognized.

[edit] HP Pavillion DV2915nr

Icon N.png
  • Install Method: iAtkos S3 V2(GUID Partition)
  • Update via software update from 10.6.3 to 10.6.5
  • Bootloader = AsereBLN v1.1.9
  • Bootloader Options = Graphics Enabler
  • Patches = Utilized Pre Selected by default,Extra Directory, fakesmc, Disabler, EvoReboot,RTC
  • Drivers = AHCI SATA,VooDoo HDA,Apple PS/2,Battery,NTFS 3G
  • Intel Graphics Drivers = Intel EFI String and X3100
  • Network Drivers = Marvell Yukon 88E8001 and Broadcom for wireless with airport enabled.
  • Problems = Will not wake from sleep.
Parts Device Working Notes
Processor Intel Core2Duo T5550 1.83ghz Yes Works with both cores enabled.
SATA Intel ICH8 Yes Works OOTB
Graphics Intel X3100 Yes Without QE Enabled Works at 144MB, 1280x800 by selecting, Intel EFI string and x3100 from iAtkos.
Audio HDA YES Selecting VooDoo HDA from iAtkos
Wireless Broadcom 4311 Yes Switched hardware mini PCI WiFi Intel 3945ABG to Mini PCI WiFi HP Broadcom 4311 and selected Broadcom from iAtkos
Ethernet Marvell Yukon 88E8001b Yes Works with Marvell Yukon 88E8001 Selection from iAtkos.
USB Intel Highspeed 2.0 Yes Works OOTB
Trackpad Alps Trackpad Yes Right and Left Clicking works but scrolling and tapping don't work.
Battery Intergrated Yes Shows up on menu with Battery selection from iAtkos.
Webcam Intergrated Not Working Will work with the right 3rd party app.

[edit] Lenovo

[edit] G560

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : iBoot Vanilla Retail 10.6.3 (CPUS=1) EFI Partition (Munky Method)- Chameleon RC5 r650 Bootloader + 10.6.5 Combo Update.
  • CPU: Core i5 450M Out of Box (All Cores with Chameleon RC5)
  • SATA Hard Disk: (ICH Family) Yes Out of Box
  • SATA DVD+/-RW: (ICH Family) Yes Out of Box
  • Graphics: GT310M Yes Out of Box (Brightness with keys + HDMI works too)
  • Audio: HDA Yes "VoodooHDA-2.7.2.pkg" + Mic working (Keys for loudness work)
  • Wifi: AR9285 works with IO80211Family.kext from kexts.com or use 10.6.5 beta kext [3] - Bandwith not satisfying + limitation to 54Mbit
  • USB: USB 2.0 Yes Out of Box
  • Bluetooth: Yes Out of Box
  • eSata: Yes Out of Box
  • Ethernet: Realthek RTL8101E Realtek driver is loaded but no connection
  • Trackpad: Synaptics Touchpad Yes "10.6.5 Synaptics Trackpad Enabler.pkg" - runs only in 32bit mode
  • Webcam: yes it works with 10.6.5 Out of Box
  • Sleep: works with 10.6.5 (maybe 10.6.6 too), you have to turn off legacy usb support in bios, no need for sleepenabler, only on battery
  • not working LAN RTL8101E tried different driver but no connection even if the driver is loaded successfully
  • all kexts can be downloaded from [4]
  • update to 10.6.6 + Chameleon RC5 r730 + VoodooBattery.kext 1.3.3 + FakeSMC 2.7.2 (Delete Plugin inside the package for Radeon, X3100) + system-type in com.apple.boot.plist from 1 (Desktop) to 2 (Laptop)
  • TTAV134 has build a Bios Version 2.08 with removed whitelist - so you can apply a Dell 1510 (BCM 4322) "IdeaPad G460_G560_NIWEx208_X32_X64_no_whitelist.zip" [5]
  • Bios update works without whitelist - BCM 4322 runs with 300Mbit -perfect.....

[edit] Y450

Icon Y.png
  • Core 2 Duo P7350 Work with dsdt
  • SATA Hard Disk (ICH9 Family) Yes Out the Box
  • PATA DVD+/-RW (ICH9 Family) Yes Out the Box
  • Graphics GT240M work with dsdt
  • Audio ALC269 Yes LegacyAppleHDA.kext and HDMI worked
  • Wireless Intel 5100 AGN No No Working kext as of yet
  • USB USB 2.0 (ICH9 Family) Yes Out the Box (Make sure you don't have SleepEnabler kext installed for native 480mpbs speeds)
  • Ethernet Broadcom BCM5784M Yes Broadcom BCM5784M Kext (32/64 bits)
  • Trackpad Synaptics Touchpad Yes VoodooPS2 Kext (Fully working with 2-finger scroll and tap-to-click)
  • Battery Intergrated Yes Battery Icon with modded AppleACPIBattery (32/64 bits)
  • FireWire Unknown Yes Out the Box
  • Webcam Bison Webcam yes it work

all KEXT that i used can download from this[6] if someone will have troubles with webcam (like me) try CamTwist application before

[edit] Thinkpad T60 (2007-G4U)

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : iAntares 10.6.3 v2.2 - Chameleon RC4 Bootloader + 10.6.5 Combo Update.
  • Kernel : Darwin 10.5.0 (32 Bits)
  • Chipset: ICH7
  • Graphic card : ATI Radeon Mobility x1400 Working with full resolution and QE/CI Enabled.
  1. Using any text editor, edit the info.plist file from ATIRadeonX1000.kext and change the following string: from 0x71461002 to 0x71451002.
  2. Install RadeonHD.kext(Modified by sweec) for resolution changing.
  • Sound : SoundMAX Intergrated Digital HD - AD1981HD : works with VoodooHDA.kext(Mic not working).
  • Lan : Intel pro/1000 : works.
  • Wireless : INTEL 3945 : not working.
  • ShutDown/Reboot : Works.
  • Kext used : VoodooHDA - VoodooPS2 - VoodooBattery - FakeSMC - EvoReboot - RadeonHD
  • NOT WORKING PARTS : Original Intel 3945 a/b/g wireless card
  • NOT TESTED : External Display.

[edit] Thinkpad X60T (6363-AQ8)

Icon Y.png

[edit] Thinkpad R61i (8932-FDG)

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail + Empire EFI Boot CD or MyHack Installer - both works fine.
  • Bootloader : Chameleon 2 RC5 rev619
  • Kernel : x32 (no x64 kexts for Intel X3100 :( )
  • Chipset: ICH8
  • Power Managment: Apple Vanilla PM works! Modded DSDT and smbios.plist is far enough
  • Graphic card : Intel GMA X3100 - QE/CI out of the box
  • Sound : CX20549: works with newest VoodooHDA [on 02.12.2010] with Vectorize enabled in kext's info.plist
  • Lan : Broadcom BCM5787 - works with newest modded IONetforkingFamily.kext from insanelymac AND wiht DSDT fix to make system actually see PCI card - that fix is included in DSDTSE so no point in pasting it here
  • Wireless : INTEL 3945 which is in most of *60x-61x models doesn't work, but if you're lucky to have Thinkpad a/b/g, which is actually atheros chipset, just use legacy kext or edit info.plist of atheros plugins in IO802Family.kext
  • ShutDown/Reboot : Works (in case of any problem enable RestartFix option in Chameleon)
  • Kext in /E/E : AppleACPIPS2Nub, VoodooPS2 (with thrackpad plugin removed), AppleACPIBatteryManager, FakeSMC, VoodooTSCSync, VoodooSDHC
  • Changes in /S/L/E : VoodooHDA added, BCM plugin of IONetworkingFamily.kext changed
  • NOT WORKING PARTS : Original Intel 3945 a/b/g wireless card, external display (there are some solutions for X3100 but I didn't have time to test them)
  • NOT TESTED: FireWire port - i didn't use it on windows or linux so I don't need it on my hack, although OS X detedts my firewire I do not have any piece of technical shit to connet to that port :P

[edit] ThinkPad T510

Icon Y.png
  1. Install first 10.6.4 Update. Mac crash st it and say to reboot, then you can install 10.6.5. If you install 10.6.5 first it crash too and you may end up with broken system (for example without webkit and also without safari)
  • Bootloader: Chameleon 2 RC5 r651
  • Kernel: i386 (AppleRTC is 32-bit only?)
  • Chipset: Intel PM55 Express
  • Powermanagment: no-DSDT, so don't wake up after sleep and at shutdown cooler still working
  • Graphic card: work with updated nvidia driver from tonymacx86 [7]
  • Sound: VoodooHDA 2.7.2
  • Lan: Intel lan enabler kext from multibeast
  • Wireless: not working
  • Kexts: Easybeast, VoodooPS/2, Intel Lan kext
  • Bluetooth: working
  • NOT WORKING PARTS: sound, wlan, UltraNav, sleep and Shutdown
  • NOT TESTED: FireWire (but recogized), eSata, Display Port and VGA Port, SmartCard reader, SD-Cardreader, Express-Card

[edit] ThinkPad R60 (UL1DXGE)

Icon Y.png
  • Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 128MB -> works, with QE/CI but some limitations: You won't be able to change the resolution without changing the boot.plist, only 1 monitor is supported, fullscreen applications are only possible with a little trick, most of all games won't work with this
  • WLAN: Intel ...? -> no chance to get it working..
  • LAN: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet -> works, with some limitations for e.g. the MAC address has to be set after every reboot (the driver isn't able to read out the address from EEPROM), some difficulties with Bonjour bases applications (e.g. you can't remote iTunes with an iPhone)
  • Sound: SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio -> Sound works except integrated microphone and microphone jack - haven't tested the SPDIF port of the dockingstation, recommend to buy an additional USB sound card
  • Dockingstation: works, but is ´passive´ so it's just like a port repeater, taking the laptop out of the dock causes Mac to crash
  • Laptop lifestyle: Battery level indicator: not tested, closing the lap: even doesn't turn off the backlight ...
  • CONCLUSION: you won't be able to use your laptop as ´laptop´ anymore, if you've problems with Windows and are sick of it you can try Mac, but for advanced users it's no fun to work with a machine like this - however my brother is using it for months since he's famous for is Windows-crashing "skills"
  • well then if you still wanna try it - here's the package, it's important to place the .kext files in the proper folder, either /System/Library/Extensions or /Extra/Extensions like the folders are named
  • you'll find somekind of a guide to use myhack here Using "myHack installer" with additional custom kext files
  • you can fix the recently mentioned fullscreen problem just by installing PinPoint - if you enter any fullscreen mode in applications like VLC, QuickTime the cursor will crash and become some kind of invisible - PinPoint draws a circle around the cursor and for some reason this is preventing the cursor from crashing
  • and finally, a screenshot of my system

[edit] Nec

[edit] Versa M370

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method : iAtkOS S3 V2 - PC EFI 10.6 + 10.6.5 Combo Update.
  • Kernel : Darwin 10.5.0 (32 Bits)
  • Chipset: ICH8
  • Graphic card : Intel 3100.
  • Sound : HDA888 : works with VoodooHDA.kext(HeadSet not working - Mic OK). (For Headset USB Dongle 'Konig' CMPSoundUSB12 Works OOB)
  • Lan : Intel pro/1000 : works with Intel82566Kext.
  • Wireless : INTEL 4965 : not working, Replaced with Konig WL USB miniDongle (RealTek 8191CUs)
  • ShutDown/Reboot : Works with EvoReboot.
  • Sleep : Crash machine severely at this time (using 10.6.5 sleepenabler, even with pmVersion=21)
  • Kext used : VoodooHDA - VoodooPS2 - VoodooBattery - FakeSMC - EvoReboot
  • NOT WORKING PARTS : Original Intel 3945 a/b/g wireless card
  • NOT TESTED : External Display.

[edit] Packard Bell

[edit] Easy Note NM86

Icon Y.png


  • works great with retail DVD minimum of kext
  • audio: use voodoohda 2.56
  • problems
  • wireless adapter: realtek RTL8291SE Nohope for now
  • not tested
  • ethernet adapter:Broadcom netlink BCM57780
  • HDMI
  • Touchpad
  • WebCam

[edit] Samsung

[edit] N150

Icon N.png
  • Install Method: iBoot (w/kernelopts: UHCIreset=no EHCIacquire=no) + Mac OSX Snow Leopard Retail DVD + Netbookinstaller 0.8.5pre
  • Audio: works (w/VoodooHDA.kext applied through KextUtility)
  • WLAN: Atheros WPA2 (w/IO80211Family.kext installed through KextUtility) but no DHCPassignment until now...
  • LAN: Marvell Yukon
  • Webcam: works
  • Video: resolution until now... 800x600
  • IMPORTANT: you'll probably also have to execute sudo pmset 0 to all powermanagement features, otherwise the system won't boot correctly (you also should remove the /var/vm/sleepimage after pmsetting via KextUtility)

[edit] R480/R580

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method: iBoot + Mac Osx Snow Leopard DVD Retail + 10.6.5 Combo Update + Multibeast
  • Chipset: Intel HM55
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 430m
  • Audio: Realtek HD ALC 269
  • WIFI: Atheros 9285
  • LAN: Not supported
  • Video: GeForce 330m
  • SATA & IDE: SATA work enabling AHCI in BIOS.

Audio work use this:[8] VoodooHDA and remove AppleHDA. Sleep not work. Webcam works. Bluetooth works. Vga works. WiFi works. Trackpad use VoodooPS2Controller. Battery use Voodoo Battery 1.3.3.

Update: This method works on the R480-JT01CA (2/1/2011)

[edit] R530

Icon Y.png
  • Install Method: Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD [IATKOS S3] or [IATKOS S3 v2] + 10.6.5 Combo Update
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Audio: Realtek HD
  • LAN: Marvell Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E804Y
  • Wifi: Atheros AR9285
  • Video: GeForce 310m (GraphicsEnabler only, remove NVEnabler)
  • SATA & IDE: SATA work (ICH9)

When installing it does require fiddling with bios to allow (Possibly ACHI) to be set to 'always' not 'auto' as have run time errors. VGA/HDMI working (need to reboot with your screens connected). Audio works but with some problems with the internal mic, had to use VoodooHDA (but it screams and you need to go straight into System Preference>Sound and choose 2.Microphone, then drag monitor to zero but this is not the case with headphones inserted OR use the solution here: [9]). Wifi working (had to use IO80211Family from 10.6.5 beta, [10] but this only tested with WPA but does not work with WPA2 personal security on wi-fi router). Webcam works. Sleep doesn't work. COMPLETE UPDATED package with necessary kext for this laptop available here: [11]

[edit] R530

Icon U.png
  • Install Method: Iboot 2.5.1 + Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD Retail 10.6.3 + 10.6.5 Combo Update
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 M330
  • Audio: Realtek HD
  • LAN: Marvell Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E804Y
  • Wifi: Atheros AR9285 (WPA + WPA2 both working).
  • Video: GeForce 310m
  • SATA & IDE: SATA work (ICH9)

When installing it does require to change settings within bios to allow boot, disable speedstep and hypertreading, also set AHCI to manual and always, After installing, first use drivers as posted above, ive had some problems with the atheros one from the package, search for 9285 version. (overwrite .KEXT) After update all drivers from package needs to be replaced, except the NVenabler, remove this one also from extensions in system before updating otherwise kernel Panic.

Go to NVIDIA website and download CUDA driver if supported (Version: 3.2.17) and download Nvidia driver for the Geforce 320M series (256.01.00f03), package can't be installed, show contents and install separate components. after installing Geforce 310 will be fully supported (Open GL + High res and good performance).

(FYI Geforce 320 is a higher clocked 310 GPU, so 300 series will be fully supported, (not shown on NVIDIA website).

Webcam does't function well, and battery level indicator won't be displayed in tray.

ASAP i will post a link to download full KEXT Package.

[edit] Toshiba

[edit] Satellite A100-811

Icon Y.png
Parts Device Working Notes
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 (1.83 GHz) Yes Out the Box
SATA Hard Disk (ICH7 Family) Yes Out the Box
PATA DVD+/-RW (ICH7 Family) Yes Out the Box
Graphics Intel GMA950 Yes Out the box, but need DSDT patch for Laptop. Works only for 32 bit mode. 64 bit - not working (only one resolution). Install with an external monitor.
Audio AC97 HDA (ALC861) Yes VoodooHDA.kext (S/L/E)
Wireless 3945ABG b/g No
USB ICH7M Family Yes Out the Box
Ethernet Intel PRO 100 VE (0x10928086) Yes IONetworkingFamily.kext (with modifying AppleIntel8255x.kext) + delete AppleHPET.kext
Battery Integrated Yes (not testing) VoodooBattery.kext (32/64 bits)
FireWire TI PCIxx12 OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller Yes (not testing) Out the Box
Bluetooth Toshiba Yes ToshibaBluetooth.kext - x32 version, install only in the S/L/E
Card Reader Texas Instruments 5-in-1 Multimedia Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO/xD) Partially (not tested) VoodooSDHCI.kext (32/64 bits)
Touchpad Integrated PS/2 Yes VoodooPS2Controller.pkg (can be installed in /Extra/Extensions/ folder)
Modem Integrated No I´m not using it.

Install method: External Monitor + Legacy Boot CD (or iBoot) + Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail + Combo Update 10.6.5 + MultiBeast

Notes: IONetworkingFamily.kext must be installed in S/L/E (not in the /Extra/Extensions), same VoodooHDA, ToshibaBluetooth. VoodooPS2 can be installed in /Extra. Successfully update to 10.6.6 by ComboUpdate. For solving problem with Cable Unplugged (ethernet) - delete AppleHPET.kext (S/L/E).

Other kexts (/Extra/Extensions/):

  • EvOreboot.kext
  • fakesmc.kext
  • JMicron36xATA.kext
  • JMicron36xSATA.kext
  • LegacyAppleRTC.kext
  • NullCPUPowerManagement.kext

Troubles: 64bit mode doesn't work.

[edit] Satellite A135-S4527

Icon Y.png
Parts Device Working Notes
Processor Intel Dual Core T2080 (1.73 GHz) Yes Out the Box, detected as Core Duo 1.73 GHz
SATA Hard Disk (Intel ICH7 Family) Yes Out the Box
PATA DVD+/-RW (Intel ICH7 Family) Yes Out the Box
Graphics Intel GMA 950 Yes Out the box, but need DSDT patch for Laptop.
Audio AC97 Intel HDA (ALC861) Yes Works with VoodooHDA.kext 0.265
Wireless Atheros AR5006X a/b/g Yes Out the Box
USB Intel ICH7 Family Yes Out the Box
Ethernet Realtek RTL8169 Yes Out the Box
Battery Integrated Yes VoodooBattery.kext
FireWire TI PCIxx12 IEEE 1394 Host Controller Yes Out the Box
Keyboard Integrated PS/2 Yes Works with ApplePS2Controller.kext
Touchpad Integrated PS/2 Yes Works with ApplePS2Controller.kext
PCCard Integrated (Texas Instruments) Yes Detected with Chun-nan´s driver, but untested
Modem Integrated No
Card Reader Texas Instruments Card Reader No


  • Boot in 64 bits mode is not supported because the processor not have 64 bits instructions.
  • In a coldboot startup, CPU fan is off and is necessary reboot or connect/disconnect the power adapter to fan start working, probably caused because ThermalZone (THRM)isn´t present in DSDT.
  • Don´t go to sleep, instead go to "Doze" (only power off monitor, fan still powered), wakeup (from "Doze") works only with external USB mouse or Power button.

[edit] Satellite A200-AH7

Icon U.png

Model No. PSAE0C-AH708C

Distro: iAtkos S3 V2 - 10.6.3, Updating to 10.6.4 and then to 10.6.5 works.


iAtkos S3 Main System


  • Chameleon V2 RC4


  • Leave as is (No Changes)

Main Hardware

  • Sound: Voodoo HDA (See Issues below)
  • PS/2: Voodoo PS/2
  • CPU Power Manager: Voodoo P-State
  • Laptop Hardware: Battery, Card Reader, TSC Sync
  • VGA: INTEl, EFI String, GMA 950 27A1(32Bit), GMA 950 27AE(32Bit) (choose Both)
  • Network: Wired= INTEL PRO V100


  • System fan works sometimes, solution: just unplug Power adapter and plug it back in to make the fan work normally. Searching for a better solution...
  • Loud Feedback coming from speakers, seems to be due to the Microphone Gain volume stuck at full. Replace VoodooHDA.Kext with version 2.6.0 to resolve the issue.
  • Internal Wireless does not work. An external adapter may work.
  • Webcam does not seem to work although the Blue LED lights up near the lens.


  • Updating to 10.6.6 works successfully by downloading the combo update from the official website.
  • Run "Repair Disk Permissions" each time you update.
  • If keyboard & Track-pad stop working, just boot into safe-mode using -x and the reboot normally.
  • If sound stops working, it's most probably because the update placed a new AppleHDA.kext in the (Extensions) Kexts folder. Just delete it, perform a Repair Disk Permissions and reboot.

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