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This page is outdated and should not be updated further. The content below is preserved purely for historical reasons. As such, any instructions or suggestions on this page may damage your system. Follow them at your own risk.

This is a local copy. Find the real copy with full links on the research.gwgaming wiki.

To use this guide, you should know stuff already... not for newbies, sorry.

[edit] Steps

  1. Install Darwin 8.0.1 under VMWare
  2. Install MacOS DEV DVD under PearPC (Use the default 3.5 GB Image that Prassys Installer Creates)
  3. Get DITTO and PATCHED Rosetta (oah750d)
  4. Under VMWare add more harddisks into your VMWare:
    1. Add a new Hard Disk that will be your main hard drive as you will get Ditto and Rosetta from there.
    2. Add a new Hard Disk using the Fake VMDK with your pearpc drive image
    3. Make your VMWare cdrom to use the Darwin 8.0.1 CD Iso file.
  5. Get in Darwin and go to /Volumes/YourHD/FolderThatHaveRosettaAndStuff
    1. Do a cp -RLv oah750d /Volumes/YourPearPcImage/usr/libexec/oah
    2. Mount your Darwin cd by doing :
      1. mkdir /mnt
      2. mount -t cd9660 /dev/diskXsY /mnt (find the info you need with "disktool -l")
    3. Do a cp -RLv /mnt/System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext /Volumes/YourPearPcImage/System/Library/Extensions
    4. Do a cp -RLv /Volumes/YourPearPcImage/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Bom.framework /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks
    5. Do a tar xvzf ditto.tgz
    6. Do a ditto -rsrc /Volumes/YourPearPcImage /
  6. Wait for DITTO to finish up.
  7. Get into your mactel installation, Smile, go to terminal and issue :
    1. DiskUtil repairPermissions /
    2. Reboot, and voila everything is working.

[edit] Example of a .vmdk file content

# Disk DescriptorFile
# Extent description
RW 6290928 FLAT "drive.img" 0 <--- the *First* number in this line is the SIZE in BYTES of your PearPC Image / 512 or ( Size / 512 ).
# The Disk Data Base
ddb.virtualHWVersion = "4"
ddb.geometry.cylinders = "16383"
ddb.geometry.heads = "16"
ddb.geometry.sectors = "63"
ddb.adapterType = "ide"
ddb.toolsVersion = "0"

[edit] Noob guide

  1. Download needed files
    1. you need vmware 5
    2. you need to get Darwin
    3. you need Patched Rosetta
    4. you need Patched Core
    5. you need Ditto
    6. you need Transmac
    7. you need Pearpc
    8. Install Files
    9. Install Vmware
    10. install Transmac
    11. unzip Darwin CD using WinRar
  2. install Pearpc and Dev DVD (longest step)
    1. follow this guide, and use your Dev Tiger DVD,
  3. Set up your virtual Machine
    1. Open up Vmware click new Vertual machine, then click next, choose custom, then click next, click next again
    2. Choose "Other" for guest Operating system
    3. Under version choose "FreeBSD", click next, click next again
    4. Choose how much ram you want to use, more the better
    5. Click next, click next, click next, now you should be at a screen about your hard drive
    6. Choose use Physical Disk (if you have a free ATA drive and you want to run native) else choose create new
      1. physical Disk next screen
        1. click ok to the message box, click next (leave it as phisicaldrive0, if its wrong we fix it soon...)
        2. click next, click next
        3. double click your hard drive, make sure it has the correct capacity
        4. if not click edit virtual machine and click the hard drive click remove, click add...
        5. chose the next Phisical drive, continue with step D and E until you have the right drive
      2. New disk screen
        1. Click next, Click Next, Click Finnish
    7. Add the Darwin Image
      1. double click the Cdrom Drive
      2. Choose use CDrom Image
      3. Goto where the iso is
  4. Install Darwinx86-801
    1. start the virtual machine (wait for it to boot, and for it to finish the count down...)
    2. when it asks for which hard drive choose 1
    3. when it asks how to install choose 2 (manual)
    4. if it asks you anything aggree
    5. when you get to the pdisk prompt type: Auto hfs
    6. then press enter (of course)
    7. then type q
    8. follow the prompts, if it says default is .... just press enter
    9. it will fail :( so press enter and reboot
    10. Then when it boots press ESC and choose to boot off of CD
    11. For HD choose 1 again, and For how to install choose 1
    12. when it asks for the format choose HFS
    13. follow the prompts...
    14. create your root user :) then reboot
  5. Copy extra files over using Transmac
    1. Unzip Coregraphics, Rosetta, and Ditto into one file
    2. open up transmac
    3. Goto Options|show hidden files (so its checked)
    4. in the uper half part go to where the files are (rosetta etc.)
    5. int the bottem half for drive choose Volume Image File, choose the image Tiger Dev Kit is installed
    6. usr/libexec/oah is where you overwrite Oah750d (just drag your file to the bottem pane and agree and overwrite)
    7. /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/ is where Coregraphics goes
    8. create a new folder in the folder where /System and /Usr are and alot of others....(the main folder) call it ditto
    9. open up that new folder named ditto, and move your ditto file in there (unziped)
  6. Mount your Pearpc Tiger .IMG
    1. open up Wordpad (must use wordpad)
    2. right click you IMG file and copy the number of bites for Size (not size on disk)
    3. enter that into your calculator and devide that number by 512 i will refer to that as num1, and your img file as OSX.img
    4. follow the text vmdk making above
    5. save it as pearimage.vmdk (in the same folder your OSX.img file is
    6. now make a new hard drive in vmware by clicking on Edit Virtual Machine settings in vmware
    7. click add.., click next,click next, choose use an existing virtual disk, click next and choose the file you just saved
    8. click finish, click ok
  7. Install time Oh YEah!
    1. boot up darwin, and login as root (after the line that says type press enter)
    2. type cd /Volumes
    3. type ls
    4. you should see two diffrent names underneath, ones the darwin install, you named it, the other is OSSX you didn't name (most likly) but you should tell the diffrence
    5. which ever isn't Darwin (the one your booting) its going to be refered to here as Pearpcdisk
    6. type cp -RLv /volumes/Pearpcdisk/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Bom.framework /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks
    7. type /volumes/Pearpcdisk/ditto/ditto -rsrc /Volumes/pearpcdisk /
    8. Wait for it to finnish (took me 12 min might take you longer)
    9. type diskutil repairpermissions /
    10. type reboot
  8. Your done boot it up and have fun with your apple! :)

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