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In this guide can you learn how to parch your iPartition 3 Disk from Coriolis.

  • Requirements
    • An empty CD
    • You need to download generic.iso here

[edit] What is the Coriolis Systems DVD?

This DVD is a professional partition editor for Mac, but that's of course not bootable in PC's We gonna hack that.

[edit] Method 1

Burn the downloaded file generic.iso with nero, or Disk Utility on your empty CD.

  • Put the BootCD in the CD/DVD-Drive, and (re)boot your PC.

  • When the CD is booted, press Enter. Now you will be asked to fill in the 2 nummeric drive-number (let it empty for now!).

  • Remove the BootCD from your drive, and replace it trough your Coriolis Systems DVD. when he no longer makes noise, press Return (So your BootCD doesn't boot your HD, but your DVD).
  • The most important step: Enjoy! . .

[edit] Method 2

Use the program Mac-on-Mac, the opensource program to boot your cd. Download it here

Sorry for my very bad English :O

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