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This Guide Uses the 10.6.6i Hazard.

[edit] Prep Work:

  1. Get Snow Leopard (10.6.6i Hazard edition)
  2. Alternative get VMware image of SNOW leopard

[edit] Install

  • Format your Snow Leopard drive

(NOTE: The ENTIRE drive must be reformatted with GUID partition-- there are ways around this, but this guide doesn't cover those) How to format as GUID: Open Disk Utility, click the drive, click "Partition", on the top left of the panel choose your desired "Volume Scheme", then click "Options" and choose "GUID"

  • All instalation should work ok, a more detailed tutorial will be posted soon.

[edit] Troubleshooting

  • Pentium 4 D requires the legacy kernel by qoopz or you will be a Kernel panic.
  • Update G31M-GS-R bios to 1.03 reset to defaults you got 2 options here Disable USB 2.0 or USB Legacy Support
  • If you get stuck at mbinit it is the USB problem from above
  • Installing to a USB drive will force you to disable the USB 2.0 or the drive will fail to boot after UUID search
  • If you get a grey / black screen alternating on boot you will need to reboot the system with -s flag finish the Apple Setup and reboot in normal mode

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