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This driver is not the last step to make your NVidia card work, it is only a first step, so if this doesn't work then follow the instrucitons for the special case according to the problem. If after this you still have problems please be patient as this is only a beta version!.


[edit] Description:

This is an installer for an NVDriver build for np_, the aim of this installer is to make it easier to install the driver.

[edit] Features:

at this time only do a backup of the previous drivers installed (original and NVDriver of np_), install the NVDriver Beta1 build 2 and finally reboot the system.

[edit] Plans:

  • set the device id for the cards which are working
  • collect information on the cards which don't work
  • make a translation to other languages
  • make corrections to config files (ie. eliminate "Graphics Mode" in com.apple.Boot.plist)

[edit] What doing to my system?

[edit] Actual version

NVDriver package v0.1 (NVDriver Beta 1 Build 2)

[edit] History

NVDriver package v0.1

  • Initial version

[edit] Supported devices

GeForce Ti 4600 (vend=10de, dev=0250, rev=0A)

[edit] How use this installer

[edit] If don't work?

[edit] How colaborate?

[edit] Link's

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