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PearPC is a Power PC emulator. Since when OSX was on Power PC CPU Platform, you would have to use Pear PC.

[edit] Installation

  • First get a MAC OS X Tiger/Panther ISO
  • Then you need java from
  • Install PearPC (see Weblinks)

Once it is downloaded you will have to open APE.jar(The jar file is a java file) Then set the ram to how much you want then you will create a HD Image file i put mines as 20GB then you want to save it as a .IMG then select the HD Image u made in one of the text boxes NOTE : i used a seperate partion with 30GB in so make sure you have enough disk space Then you put the ISO. IF it is 1-5 ISO files just put Disk1 or the first disk then start the emulator wait 40 seconds to boot then go to Utilities->Disk Utility Then select your HD Image then select Partion then select Partion 1 Then Partion Then exit Then continue with setup and also you dont need to select custom install because its not a Modified Image Then it will shut down after it go's half of the precent.Dont panic just replace disk1 to disk2 then start it again and do the same later disk's .

[edit] Weblinks

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