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This QuickStart guide provides you a quick overview of the whole process of installing OSX on an Intel/AMD computer:

1. PearPC is a powerpc emulator that allows to install OSX for x86 DVD (ISO), and creates an IMG file.

2. vmware is a PC emulator that allows to install darwin (the operating system used by OSX) on a virtual computer, running on our PC.

3. Once darwin is installed on vmware, we can use the IMG file created by PearPC, and copy its contents on top of darwin, and replace just two modified files from the original DVD.

4. At that point, we can run OSX for x86 on a virtual pc using vmware.

5. Now we can create a new vmware virtual pc that uses a real harddisk to install darwin again.

6. vmware allows us to copy from the virtual setup to the real harddisk one. So OSX gets copied on top of Darwin. If we change our computer BIOS boot harddisk to the one we used, then OSX boots natively.

7. At this point we can make a backup of the installed OSX, using a tool like Norton Ghost, so next computers setup will be as easy as restoring OSX on them, using Norton Ghost again, thus saving us from 1 to 6 steps.

8. Finally, we may want to install OSX on a partition instead of using a whole harddisk. It is as easy as restoring OSX, using Norton Ghost, to the first partition of the harddisk. It has to be the first partition, it does not work on others.

9. We can install Windows XP or Linux on the remaining harddisk partitions. We can easily setup a boot manager to select the operating system to use.

Ok, now that we understand the steps to do, lets go for the details:

  • TODO - add details ;)

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