Stock XP and OS X Dual Boot

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Resize xp partition
download I386 Ubuntu
boot it with external cd-drive or with pen-drive linux
open partition-editor
use the mouse gui to drag the end of the partition "Acer" to be smaller so there is at least 9.5gb of disk space after it in the picture.
click and format the empty space as a blank partition, and apply the changes.

Make future OS X install bootable

reboot to inside xp
Add chain0 to drive C
open control panel>>system>>advanced>>startup and recovery click edit and add this line to the end of the page."C:\chain0="OS X""

Install OS X

Install some version of OS X with cd drive or some other method but make sure you use disk utility to format the partition you just created and DO NOT install any boot-loaders or anything like that, when windows boots up it will ask you; boot xp or osx.

  note: after installing any drivers or kexts during the leopard boot dialog ALWAYS add the "-v -F" option(this is case sensitive), and always load kexts with KextHelper.
drivers may vary from machine to machine
but go compatible hardware to find if your machine is listed what drivers you may need and what methods do/don't work.

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