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the first three efforts are more or less bullshit. the data ends up in non-flushed buffers. the only viable option is remote debugging because there isn't a real time debugger for darwin. setting up both machines might be problematic because a debug x86 mach_kernel would be needed on the ATI machine and darwin/gdb on the other machine. apple has some good documentation:

ah, and another thing: the drivers might be just a first compilation attempt on x86 and therefore extremely buggy and unreliable. it might be better to actually re-write the ATI drivers instead of fixing apple's drivers. up to now, that's speculation, but it's nevertheless likely.

[edit] It might help to redirect output to an NFS server

mkdir /tmp/blah mount server:/blah /tmp/blah kextload -v 3 ATIxxx >/tmp/blah/output

On my ThinkPad T41 (Radeon 7500), I can load all the kexts I want -- it doesn't crash.

Anything I should test ?

-- NFS server: the NFS operations and the network stuff are both buffered, so it won't probably work. but it's worth a shot I guess.

the question is whether the kernel extensions are really associated to the radeon 7500 - have you checked with ioreg -l? can you select different resolutions and control the VGA port (refresh rate etc)?


Nope, it's not associated (which is probably why it doesn't crash). There's apparently no support for the 7500. That would explain it :)

[edit] Pics of Working Radeon 7K PCI


How can I post a Pic??

For those with AGP Radeon Cards you may want to disable QE. This may let you get OpenGL and GA working on your cards(R7K, R8500, R9000, R92xx, R95xx, R96xx, R9800, Rxxx) I don't know if you can disable Core Image Support for R96xx or better cards or if this will be trouble if you can't.

You still won't be able to change the screen Rez/Refresh Rate as the ATI.ndrv's are PPC ONLY code.


I have an x1300 and it has no problem detecting the display, but I have two monitors and rather than detect two displays, it simply mirrors the display on the second monitor. I can't seem to find any way to get it to detect the second monitor.

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