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What's the point of this page? Won't all hardware supported by 10.4.4 be supported by 10.4.5 since we use the same kernel?

Even if we use the same kernel, other files such as kexts can be different.

==Please write different processors only.== "There is no difference beetween a 2.4 GHz P4 'C' and a 2.8 GHz P4 'C'. They both have Hyperthreading, FSB 800, SSE2 and 512KB L2 cache." The speed of your processor is irrelevant; 'cores' etc should be reported. cleaned up a bit but needs much more.


to whom it may concern:

tried with a myzar 10.4.5 image, installation without problems, just follow the onscreen menus.

Aopen mz915-m barebone - all mainboard components incl sound and all connectors fully working, only onboard GMA900 not tested. Sapphire Radeon x300 SE 128mb PCIe - works with QE etc at 1024x768. Was unable to set other resolutions. Graphics glitch which left a square with garbage on the screen where the mouse pointer was at the press of the mousebutton. Dlink-something 520 wlan card - not recognized. Just bought a card that had "Dlink" and "520" in it's name, apparently the " " variety doesn't work unlike the ones listed in the HCL, or require some additional steps to get working. Apple bluetooth keyboard was also working with a nondescript cheap bt usb stick.

In general, a system based on the aopen barebone will work pretty much out of the box. Won't be able to provide further information from here on as I just gave it a try and deleted the installation after being unable to set a widescreen resolution which I would have needed. Anyone using 1024x768 still should be fine though. Might try an install on a 17" vaio laptop still or see if anything changes in the future in regards to the gfx drivers.

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