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Dimension 3000 2.4 GHz Celeron D 512 meg of PC3200 ram 40 gig WD hard disk factory intel graphics, and NIC Creative Labs Live (not working yet) Dell mouse and keyboard

this pc loaded up with the 10.4.6 with sse2 update, the software loaded without a hitch and was easier than most windows installs, the machine runs great, I did have to set the video card to use 8 meg of ram. I loaded OS/X 10.4.6 in the first partition of the drive and plan to install windows in the second in the near future. I will post back with my results.

I never got Win Xp installed as I'm still working on the sound config, I pulled the SB live because I seen people were having luck with the stock Dell AC97 sound card that is on board in this system. I also played with a pre-release that is patched of OS/X 86 10.4.9, all I got after boot was a fast long screen on commands and the system would reboot. Then I reinstalled and installed the 10.4.8 auto update from MAC, same screen as the 10.4.9 that was patched. I even got my hands on JaS OS/X86 intel Amd,sse2,sse3,Beta v.2 this loaded fine but gave me a panic and a message saying "Panic- cannot find driver platform for ACPI" I tried commands -x, -s, -f, cpu=1, platform=acpi, platform=x86PC, ACPI=off I still kept getting the same panic message so I went back to 10.4.6

One thing I did notice that makes no sense, I replaced the 2.4 celeron D with a Pentium 4 512k cache 2.66, and the machine seems a little cranky. I'm mot sure whats going on there as well

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