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Does anybody think that there should an article stating ideal set-ups. A list of parts that work best and only the ones that work best apart from just one on hardware compatibility.

7-27 JK - I'm in total agreement. Just went through hell like everyone else trying to decide what components to use, etc, to build a machine, then spent several hours trying to get it working. If there was an 'ideal setups' guide which was broken down such as 'Setups working fully out of the box' and 'Setups that need network/sound working' and such, I believe it would help everyone greatly!

Asus P5B Deluxe: This board is marked as working with Jas 10.4.8 Reseed, but its not. It doesn't even boot the cd install, because of the jmicron ide controller. There's a patch that some guy made for this, but he didnt specified wich md5 has the iso on wich its supposed to be applied. Anyway it only fixes the installer, not the ide hd support so you will only have s-ata. ¿could anyone explain how to make it work? In case its not really compatible please take it out from the compatibility list since i made my decission on buying it out of this list!

p5b is compatible with 10.4.8! see instructions!

Use a SATA CD/DVD rom drive

Hello I have the same problem too with an Intel Guardfish DQ965GF. It doesn't boot. It checks the processor, it starts for a few seconds and the black screen with a few lines on the top freezes. My mobo appeares to be accepted in the table below. What is happening?


i'm italian and also my p5b deluxe don't work! the patch for jmb is only for the sse3 intel only reseed but don't work. we need the md5!!!PLEASE WE NEED IT! i want to try with an ide to usb adapter... please if you find the correct iso contact me here! thanks....mistico86

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