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Acer Aspire 3614MLI

JaS 10.4.8 SSE2/SSE3 plus some tweaking: ALL hardware is working.

CPU: Celeron M 1.6 MHz/Intel GMA 900/512MB RAM Graphics: 1024x768x32 only due the acer machine (MLI). Working with QE/CI (after repair permisions and owner of AppleIntel915.kext and AppleIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext. If dont get QE/CI running install again Intel915 suport from instal CD and repair permisions and ownwer again. Delete Extensions.mkext and Extensions.kextcache and reboot. Must work. Delete AppleIntel950.kext and AppleIntel950.bundle if installed: better dont install Intel950 support) USB: Working ( after install IOUSBFamily-261.4.2(Intel)-log.dmg from Apple, use the non -log version inside ) Ethernet: Working ( perfect ) Audio: Working ( install only AC97 support from Jas CD ) Wireless: Working, tested linking whith my G4 powerbook ( replace 1080211Family.kext, with the one from an apple update release -MacOSXUpd10.4.5Intel.pkg- please install whith Pacifist ) DVD: Working ( perffect, test recording OK) Trackpad: Working ( perfect ) Keyboard: Working ( perfect ) Battery Indicator: No( PowerManagement.bundle fix not tested yet, but I dont care a lot about )

So what more can I say... cheap and nice. Beg your pardon, English is not my mother language.

This 10.4.8 I have same Resolution problem with Dell 700 m machine? Network is not working ,either wireless /Ethernet too

If there is any solution for this please let me know Cheers!

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