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Dell Dimesion 8400

OEM: ACHI Mode Pentium 4 (SSE, SSE2, SSE3, MMX)

3.2 GHz Socket 775 
4GB 800 DDR3 
Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT (OEM ATI Radeon X300)
Audio AC97
Ethernet Broadcom Nextreme BCM5757
Intel ICH6 chipset
Creative lab sound blaster not supported by Mac OSx at all. AC97 through Intel chipset.  

Hackintosh Used

Mac OSx 10.6.6 + 10.6.1+10.6.2 combined update by Hazard Intel & AMD SSE2, SSE3

Graphic achieved monitor native resolution after installing NVEnabler through MULTI-BEAST by TonyMac. On first boot, load -f arch=i386 as Snow Leopard 10.6.0 default is 64 bit.

Even run MS Office 2011 for MAC and Opera browser without any visible handicap . Internet through USB-N LAN adapter (Ralink RT2870 for MAC). Network printing 2 printers with 4 Windows computers working smoothly with Apple generic print driver.

The only thing I am looking for solution is sound. Proper AC97 kext was installed but yet no sound. I may have to learn how to copy Ubuntu 10.10 AC97 sound driver into Mac OSx.

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