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Can we please have the menu.lst frob grub so we can see how grub loads Mac Os X?

I followed the procedure -- differing only in using the current version of CentOS (4.1) -- and now have a crippled machined. In the last phase of the installation, the CentOS installation failed (the error message mentioned a likely cause of not enough disk space -- unlikely given that 25 GB was allocated to /). I am tired tried installing CentOS again and evertyhing seemed okay until I tried to get the machine to read a CD.

At first, I thought that maybe I had a bad CD but quickly learned that the machine could no longer read any CD. The really strange thing is that reads DVDs without problem. This situation is a problem in that almost all the software that I work with is on CDs.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this problem, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks! -Greg

"correct us if we're wrong", yeah.. you kinda are.. since grub is such a fine bootloader it can trick windoze into thinking its first partition :P.


re : Fedora Core 4 Kernel Panics

I've not got an Intel Mac myself, but thought this might be of interest :

FC4 doesn't seem to like the Intel 915GUX motherboard.

FC3 works ok on them though, and if you upgrade with yum to FC4 going straight through to one of the newer kernels I have been told that that will work, but have not tried it myself.


Tim Kirk.

Any chance of someone posting screenshots of this solution working?

Can we use chain0 method instead of the GRUB?

Can't create any partitions it basicly shows me the entire drive as a single partition that it cannot identify.

Now I don't have enough space for bootcamp, guess i'll start reinstalling AGAIN -Andri

Could you put some steps as to how you might end up with just windows and mac? I think I know how to do it but I can't be bothered to try - especially on unreliable hardware incl a 10yr old hdd which is my only spare. Can you exit the linux installer after configuring the GRUB?

AS the GRUB is the last step of the installation, you'll have linux installed anyway

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