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[edit] Other cards

This driver should also work for the Network Everywhere NC100, which is mostly a rebranded Linksys LNE100TX, but I haven't had time to check. (niteice)

[edit] Vmware networking

Does anyone think that this might work for networking within vmware?? it could be possible as all that would have to be done is to compile a driver of the AMD PCNET ethernet card.

  • No, this driver is for tulip-compatible cards only. Apparently, the author started with the FreeBSD dc driver (same device) and ended up using it as more of a guide rather than a code base, since IOKit is very different from how the FreeBSD kernel works. Someone with enough time/patience could certainly port the FreeBSD PCnet driver, but it would be much much more than a recompile. (niteice)

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