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The link to IBM's rebuttal seems to be dead, should be replaced with an archived copy.

I think the use of "evil" is not appropriate in this article.

The entire article is very non-neutral, needs work. Comments such as "yes, even more so then at present" don't belong in an encyclopedia.

This isn't an encyclopedia.

  • This article is biased to the point of being absurd. Does anyone have any REAL information on TPM?
    • Was this copied from Wikipedia? This isn't an encyclopedia...

The information is not a call for absurd, but a call for awareness. It's a logical issue: when your older brother says you can keep your diary locked in your desk drawer, be sure he can unlock it anytime. The article doesn't need to be neutral, it's not supposed to lick the feet of the higher bidder. Duped, yes, blindfolded, no. This page needs rework and update. I made a few link checks and found them dead. I have a TPM module aquired for research purposes and I am still at discovering all it can and cannot do, meanwhile documenting myself about it. - Thrakkor, 21.09.2011

I think that this article is not very exact. Please read this article and compare the information, one of both must be wrong. According to that article, there's no such voodoo involving DRM and all this stuff (in fact the article states that Macs don't come with TPM anymore). I've been researching a bit and the crypto keys avilable in the SMC seem to be universal (and not per computer) and it seems like Netkas implemented'em correctly in FakeSMC long long time ago. -- 23:46, 7 November 2011 (GMT)

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