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[edit] Thanks!

Thanks for the help!

[edit] error parsing plidt fileloading darwinx86

Whent I boot on mac, I have this message : error parsing plidt fileloading darwinx86 pleaze HELP Nat'nCore

[edit] Getting MacOS 9 to work on your PC

Apparently, the author of this part of the FAQ never heard of SheepShaver, which let's you run from OS 8.5 (7.x on Linux I think) to 9.0.4

[edit] PS/2

My PS/2 mouse and keyboard won't work in OSx86. I am using the Deadmoo image. I do hear my USB scanner do something while booting, should I try unplugging all my USB stuff? .

I have an Gigabyte Motherboard with an NVIDIA Video card that has 128 Megs RAM. I got Tiger running on it but how do I increase the resolution of the screen?

Anwser: See [[1]]

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