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[edit] OSx86 Translation Guide

By default, deadmoo image has just english language files. We can choose your mother language in system preferences, but it doesn't work because no language files are found.

This problem can be solved just copying original language files from an original MacOSX and inserting them in your OSx86 installation.

This language files are located in /System, /Library and /Applications directories. It's composed by a folder with a .lproj extension. So, for example, if we want to retrieve language files for Safari from a PowerPC MacOSX:

tar -cvz -f SafariLanguageFiles.tar.gz /Applications/*.lproj

Or, if you want to spare disk space, just get your language files:

tar -cvz -f SafariLanguageFiles.tar.gz /Applications/

An then, in our OSx86:

tar -C / -xv -f SafariLanguageFiles.tar.gz

If you want to know what language files need to be installed, just execute this in your OSx86 instalallation:

find /System -name *.lproj && find /Library -name *.lproj && find /Applications -name *.lproj

Too much files, I know. All of them are 1GB, 220MB compressed. Anyone who upload it in P2P networks?

That's all. I hope this guide can be an aid for many non english speakers. Bye.

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