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[edit] Penguino_Loco

I probably need to explain my name... whenever I design or mod an app, I sign as penguino_loco (which is Spanish for crazy penguin, as in Linux). I have partially moved away from Linux because of the newfound abilities of Mac and Windows (mostly Mac, but Windows gets way too much heat than it should - but this is not the place). My main goal as a hacker is to contribute to open-source projects and to assist others as best I can. I would describe myself as a hacker... a hacker defined as being an active member of the community, using my God-given talents for good (mostly), and being proficient in the three foundational operating systems : Macintosh, Windows, and *nix. For those of you ahead of me in years, I should explain... although Macintosh is still partially based on Unix coding, it is shying away from it, therefore I think it necessary to separate the two. I hope that I'll be able to provide assistance to those who may stray across my guides; should you notice an error, please changes it... however, if it is major, please notify me an allow me to rewrite the guide... I take great pride in my work and in doing it right!

[edit] Who I Am

I do actually plan on adding content to this page... but for now I'm working on my guides. Check out my discussion page for my guides!

[edit] Guides

I hope to post my guides in this section instead of under my discussion section (it was a mistake, edited wrong page); however, it may take until July 1 because I must update the links to the guides and I'd also like to finish the section on forcing a network card into OS X 86. For now, my guides will appear in discussion section; however, when I post the second part of the force NIC guide, I'll move them over!

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