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[edit] Hello everybody !

[edit] Wiki editing rules:

  • no tonymac guide or link into your editing

[edit] The Reminder

  • a little reminder for all of those who wish participate in Wiki's editing:
    • Pls make an effort to read the Guide of how to edit Wiki and use the formal model to do it
    • We don't allow direct links to copyrighted material
    • We don't support tonymac's tools

[edit] HCL 10.8.3 and higher/Portables model prefilled

as you can see, you have now a prefilled model for HCL/Portables for the new 10.8.3 and higher.

this is for facilitate you the Wiki's editing. You must use this model to add your complete config.

[edit] The Last Reminder

  • We have put in place some pre-filled models to facilitate your Wiki's editing and also to have a clean and legible Wiki ...BUT... the most of you don't follow this and some people decide on their own to change these pre-filled models.

so I'm forced in the future to "delete" any Wiki's editing that doesn't respect these models.

  • Despite several reminders about the fact of not to putting tonymac's links in your Wiki's editings, we found that some people continue to do so.

then know that in the futur, any Wiki's editing who refers to one of tonymac's tools or putting links to tonymac will be ''fully'' deleted without notice

Thank you for your understanding!!!

[edit] Portable format


you did revert my editing twice on the HCL_10.8.4/Portables without giving reason on the edit. My edit mainly consisted of removing empty templates (makes the wiki harder to read), removing unneeded italics (the css file should be edited for this) and adding the QE field to each device.

You should note, that the QE field is very important in choosing a portable device, because without QE the whole OSX gets laggy (playing Quicktime, animations) -> short: unuseable. If the tag QE isn't included, many additions only consist of "does work" which doesn't make clear if QE is supported. In contract to an usual PC, the graphics device can't be changed, so the whole purchase gets worthless concerning OSX.

Because of this, I suggest to add this field and make it required (as it was on earlier wiki entries).

To my understanding, the wiki's role is to provide help choosing a device and making OSX possible on it. Without the tag QE the process of choosing a device is getting much more difficult.

Best regards

Administrator's answer:

Hi  :)

We introduced the preset templates to facilitate to users the Wiki's editing and to have a clear, understandable, readable and convivial Wiki. And you are not authorized to remove them!!! This is the reason why I did revert your editing twice.

For more infos, please read this and this

About QE/CI tag, you can just add its support in the "Notes" case, something like that:

Just putting QE/CITick.png tag is not always understandable, especially for a newbie.


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