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[edit] Add custom files when using myHack installer

  • Restore Retail DVD onto a USB flash drive from an already working Mac (I've used a Mac Mini but a good working VMware would do the same job)
  • Install myHack installer on the flash drive (leave the settings as chosen by default, but tick an additional kext called "IOATAFamily.kext")
  • Then you have to add some kexts to the myhack drive:
    • Goto the flash drive and right-click on it
    • Choose "Get Info" and unlock the padlock-icon in the bottom of the appearing window (you have to type in your password)
    • And un-check the box which says something like "Ignore userrights on this device"
    • Then you can copy the kexts from my package to the drive by using terminal and type in (the stuff within the brackets are comments - don't just copy&paste these commands !!!)
      • sudo su (type your password)
      • cp -R /Downloaded/Folder/Kexts/*.kext /Volume/Mac OS X Installer/Extra/Extensions (alter these paths to your own!!)
      • cp /Downloaded/Folder/DSDT.aml /Volume/Mac OS X Installer/Extra
      • cp /Downloaded/Folder/smbios.plist /Volume/Mac OS X Installer/Extra
    • And now rebuild the kextcache for Chameleon to use these new kexts: so again type in your (still opened) terminal and alter the paths
      • kextcache -v 1 -m /Volume/Mac OS X Installer/Extra/Extensions.mkext /Volume/Mac OS X Installer/Extra/Extensions
  • After that you're done with the preparation - you should be able to boot from your USB flash drive now (don't forget to activate AHCI SATA mode in BIOS) and then use the usual Mac Installer Wizard like you would do on a real Mac
  • Once you finished installing Mac OS, again boot from the USB drive but now choose your fresh Mac hard drive in Chameleon's boot menu
  • If everything went well you should be able to boot into your new "Hack OS" but now you have to boot every time from your flash drive - so install myhack installer again (but this time onto your hard drive and not to the flash drive and again don't change any settings except the kext "IOATAFamily.kext")
  • And then add the kexts from my package again with the same procedure including the rebuild of the Extensions.mkext (but to your hard drive of course)
  • Reboot without the flash drive and enjoy your new HackMac ;)

[edit] Guides following this method

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