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By far the easiest way to dual boot Microsoft Windows Vista and OSX86 is by using the vista bootloader. This highly configurable bootloader can boot Vista, XP, OS X, Linux, or Unix-like BSD systems.

The bootloader can be installed using Vista or copied from another vista-machine.

The vista bootloader can be configured manually with the windows-tool bcdedit.exe or with EasyBCD.

[edit] EasyBCD

EasyBCD does a one click install of the Windows Vista bootloader. To add OSX86 to the bootloader, see here. Easybcd.png

I tried this myself and i made a quadboot (xp, vista, osx, ubuntu) without any hassling with boot configs. Just download the tool in windows xp, use the 'install vista bootloader', and start adding your operating systems. Also it may be of interest to note that the Windows 7 beta boot loader is sufficiently close to Vista that EasyBCD works as described on Windows 7. I've successfully set up a dual-boot OSX and Windows 7 set-up. I'm confident it would work just as easily for XP, Vista and Ubuntu with EasyBCD used to edit the Windows 7 boot loader.

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