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List Of Programs Running In Darwine

Here, you may list programs that run in Darwine. Please leave in details reguarding your method of installation. Some procedures thus far have been installing in Windows and pointing Darwine to the .exe on the Windows installation, or installing directly through Darwine.

Question: Where can one add the request to check whether an application works with Darwine? For example, I would buy a MacBook Pro if Scientific Workplace works on the Intel Mac!!!

Answer: The forums would be a good idea!

Don't Forget the OFFICIAL Wine Application Database

Please go to the official Wine Application Database.

Working Applications in Darwine

Make sure to add your OS version, Darwine version, and any specific patches you may have applied. Please add a user comment box with the <pre> tags when giving feedback on working applications.

  • Adobe Photoshop 6
Installer runs as normal, as does application.
  • mIRC (Installer)
  • FlashFXP 2.0 (Installer)
  • WinRAR (Installer)
  • WinZip (Installer)
  • Windows Media Player 5 (Stand-alone)
  • Microsoft Gif Animator (Stand-alone)
  • Notepad (Stand-alone)
  • Notepad 2 (Stand-alone)
  • Solitaire (Stand-alone)
  • MS Calculator (Stand-alone)
  • MS FreeCell (Stand-alone)
  • Mines (Stand-alone)
  • Any Image Converter (Copy Files)
  • Pinball (WinNT\2k\XP) (Stand-alone)
  • IrfanView (Stand-alone)
  • Resource Hacker (Stand-alone)
  • Winamp (Copy Files)
  • UltraISO Media Edition (Installer)
  • Adaware 1.06 SE (Installer) (Updates must be done manually)
  • µTorrent 1.1.3 (Stand-alone)
  • 7-Zip
  • Paint - User Comments:
download http://www.pcnineoneone.com/tweaks/Paint95.zip and get the dll (put the dll in same dir as the .exe) 
[from here http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/download.php?mfc42download0UEhPHWFiP]
  • Opera 5.11 (Installer) - User Comments:
Runs great.
Unfortunately for me the right and left click are switched on the mouse.
Works well. Program was installed on the windows hard drive in XP.
Accessed the executable in the ACDsee folder in the Program Files directory.
Ran it in OSx86 with Darwine. No problems.
  • SpaceMonger (Stand-alone)
  • Putty (Stand-alone)
  • Emule (Copy Files) - User Comments:
Everything works. Kad works, searching works, downloading works, etc.  I was rather surprised on how well everything worked.

  • "Copy Files" = Program's installer fails, but if you can aquire the program's main .exe and other files (copy it over from Windows), it will run.
  • "Stand-alone" = Program is an extremely simple .exe file and requires no installer or additional files to run.
  • "Installer" = Program uses an installer, and will install successfully for some.
  • "User Comments" = Feedback from users; may show useful tidbits for installing.
  • Prestosoft ExamDiff Pro 3.0 works.
  • Microsoft Visual Foxpro 9 (Don´t try to install it, just copy the folders to your machine and then it's ready to work)
  • TXLINE (stand-alone) TXline is an easy-to-use, Windows-based, interactive transmission line calculator for the analysis and synthesis of transmission line structures. TXline lets users enter either physical characteristics or electrical characteristic for common transmission medium such as: Microstrip, Stripline, Coplanar Waveguide, Grounded Coplanar WG, Slotline.

Non-functional Applications

  • AIM (versions 1-5, none work)
  • Any XP-only app
  • Autocad R14
  • Autocad 2005
  • MSN 7.0
  • SpyBot SD 1.4
  • Skype
  • Trillian 3.1
  • FlashFXP 3.02-3.2 freezes on connection with any server.
  • Google Talk
  • Photoshop
  • MPEG2Repair has a runtime error
  • Mario Forever installed no picture
  • Snood installed no picture
  • Bittorrent
  • FooBar2000 installs but can't play files
  • ID3-TagIT 2.3.4 errors on install
  • ID3-TagIT 3 installs but wont run, needs .NET
  • GrabIt installs but won't run, crashes on loading the main gui
  • Magic Online won't install, and running a version copied from Windows (magic1.exe) gives "The MSS DLL is incorrectly installed in the windows system directory"
  • CDisplay installs but doesn't work
  • DVD Shrink 3.2
  • POPPeeper installs, runs but fails to get conection to net
  • ePrompter installs, doesn't run
  • Unofficial Stand-Alone Internet Explorer
  • BitComet, asks for MSXML 3.0 which cannot be installed.

Darwine Problems

  • Cannot edit the config file ./winecfg runs but doesnt output to the config file (which we are still unable to locate)
    • Solution: Just edit user.reg, then add [Software\\Wine] and save the file! Then HKEY_CURRENT_USER will bi writable by wine and by winecfg!
  • It will fail on any application that checks the windows version
  • It cannot load .DLL files Sometimes, wine can't find the DLLs. Loading is not a problem.
    • Copying the right .dlls from the windows directory to the application's directory makes some apps work!
    • However, a much more elegant solution is to actually tell WINE where to look for DLLs by setting the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
  • It won't work with applications that use OpenGL


Some speculate that Darwine will rapidly improve over the next few months. Since Apple OS X86 and Windows XP run on very similiar hardware, expect many cross-overs. Darwine may soon be able to run XP applications seamlessly in Aqua, such that it is comparable to Rosetta's ability to run PowerPC applications. However, do not expect Windows XP to be able to run Apple-only software due to the lack of a wine-like project that virtualises OS X on windows. Due to the lack of Windows OS support for features such as Quartz Extreme and Core Image, any project created would run more slowly on Windows. Apple's windowing system would also have to be rewritten, making this task seemingly impractical.

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