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Note this all this progress will be on a non-SSE2 enabled computer.


The fantastic emulator QEMU may not run Darwin/x86 7.0-7.2.

Also, using x86-64 emulation, it can install and run Darwin/x86 8.0.1

To run Darwin/x86 8.0.1 using x86-64 emulation:

Here is an sample command to use (on Windows with QEMU 0.7):

qemu-system-x86_64.exe -L . -m 129 -hda d:\darwinhd.img -cdrom d:\darwinx86-801.iso -enable-audio -localtime -boot d

And at the bootloader, you have to pass those option:



We currently can not get the Darwin Bootloader to start up in Bochs. Help will be required!

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