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We've recieved quite a bit of press recently, so we'd like to offer you a full listing of articles about the OSx86 Project and its work.

[edit] Notes

  • This is not an exhaustive list, so if something is missing, feel free to add it.
  • Some of these articles are paraphrasing others which directly reference The OSx86 Project
  • Some of these articles may refer to piracy or even associate The OSx86 Project with illegal software piracy. Please note that we do NOT encourage piracy, we are primarily a resource for those who legally own a copy of OSx86
  • There are currently over 100 articles posted on major news sites that talk about The OSx86 Project
  • Not to brag, but we totally coined "OSx86"
  • All listed items from "" were on the front page.
  • Many periods are incomplete, we are working on fixing this

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[edit] February 21, 2006

OSx86 Project Back after DMCA Attack

Maxxuss Site Shutdown, Apple to Blame?

Mac Enthusiast Site Gets Copywright Violation

[edit] February 20, 2006

Mac Sites Under Fire - The Globe & Mail

OSx86 Project Re-opens after DMCA Blackout

OSX Intel Site Returns

OSx86 Forums Come Back

OSx86 Forum Re-opens after Removing Links

[edit] February 18, 2006

Let A Million Replicated OSx86 Sites Bloom

[edit] February 17, 2006

OSx86 Project Halted after DMCA Violation

RIP OSx86 Project

Apple slaps DMCA Notice on OSx86 Project

Apple Legal Gets Tough on x86 Hackers

[edit] February 15, 2006

Clubic: Mac OS X sur PC... l'Empire contre-attaque ! - French Ochrana Intel Mac OS X prolomena Apples Mac OS X 10.4.4 für Intel gecrackt - German Apple Seeks (Poetic) Justice

MacSlash: Mac OS X 10.4.4 Intel Cracked

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Apple Seeks (Poetic) Justice

MacNN: Apple, OS x86 Project poetry

The Mac Observer: Apple Hides Warning to Hackers in OS X

MacDailyNews: Apple offers hidden poetic warning to would-be Mac OS X for x86 hackers

[edit] February 14, 2006

Mac4Ever: 10.4.4 cracké pour PC Apple's OSx86 10.4.4 Security Broken

Slashdot: OSx86 Cracked Again

Engadget: Apple's OS X 10.4.4 for Intel already cracked?

Gizmodo: News Flash: OS X May Not Be Bulletproof

OSNews: Apple's OS X 10.4.4 for Intel Already Cracked

Hardmac: 10.4.4 MacIntel on an off-the-shelf PC

MacBidouille: 10.4.4 MacIntel sur un Pc du commerce ? - French

MacFixIt: Patch allegedly allows Mac OS X 10.4.4 to install on generic Intel hardware

[edit] February 9, 2006

The Mac Observer: X86 Project Gets Windows Translator WINE Running on Intel iMac

[edit] February 8, 2006

MacRumors: WINE for Intel Macs? Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen um 16 Uhr - German

MacSlash: Darwine Now Functional On Intel Macs

MacWorld: Windows on Macs? Try some WINE

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Road to WINE travel-able, but filled with potholes... Windows-Emulation Wine für Macs mit Intel-Prozessor dank Darwine in greifbarer Nähe - German

AppleInsider: Briefly: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X 10.4.5, WINE

MacDailyNews: Darwine now functional on Intel Macs, run Windows apps on Apple Mac without Windows

MacNN: Windows on Mactels using WINE

Tevac: Wine per OS X Intel - Italian

MacPlus: WINE : Windows sous Mac - French

The Blackfriars Blog: WINE Arrives for Intel Macs

[edit] February 7, 2006 WINE Arrives for Intel Macs

[edit] January 30, 2006 OSx86 10.4.4 Leaks

[edit] January 27, 2006

Lifehacker: Dual boot Windows XP, Mac OS on a ThinkPad

[edit] January 24, 2006

Real Tech News: Intel Core Duo a Train Wreck CPU?

Paul Thurrott's Internet Nexus: Universal Binaries and Intel-Compatible Mac Applications

[edit] January 19, 2006

MacMod: Intel iMac boots Vista CD Intel imac boots vista cd (first stage)

[edit] January 16, 2006

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: The Hidden Message to OSx86 Trawlers Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen um 12 Uhr - German

[edit] January 15, 2006

Slashdot: Apple Sends Hidden Message to Hackers?

[edit] January 13, 2006 Apple's Hidden Message to Hackers: "Dont Steal Mac OS X"

MacDailyNews: Apple puts 'Don't Steal Mac OS X' message to would-be hackers in Intel version of Mac OS X 10.4.4

MacSlash: Apple To Hackers: Don't Steal OS X

[edit] January 12, 2006

MacSlash: Mac And Windows, Together At Last?

MacBytes: What Intel Macs Really Mean for Apple... and Everyone Else.

[edit] January 6, 2006 Run Windows apps in OS X

[edit] December 19, 2005 Apple-Betriebssystem auf Windows-Rechner - German

[edit] December 6, 2005

Hack a Day: Hack-A-Day Extra

[edit] December 1, 2005 OSx86 Project Has Some Words About AppleInsider

macosXrumors: Site owner protests against AppleInsider’s bad conduct

[edit] November 23, 2005 Mac OS X x86 10.4.3. gekraakt, driverupdates inside - German

The Inquirer: Apple OSx86 10.4.3 security still wide open

[edit] November 22, 2005

ThinkSecret: Briefly: New 10.4.4 seed, Mac OS X for Intel cracked again

Tevac: Anche OS X 10.4.3 (per Intel) violato - Italian Rosetta soll alle PowerPC-Programme unterstützen - German Mehr zu Mac OS X 10.4.3 auf Intel-Rechnern - German

MacBidouille: La sécurité de la 10.4.3 X86 cassée - French

Apfeltalk: Mac OS X: Hackers Delight - German

OSNews: Rosetta Emulation to Feature Altivec Support

Mac Rumors: Rosetta Supports Altivec?

macosXrumors: Mac OS X 10.4.3 x86 cracked, new features discovered

[edit] November 21, 2005

OSNews: Crackers Again Crack OS X for x86 10.4.3 Security Broken Mac OS X 10.4.3 - Intel TPM restrictions bypassed... again Auch Mac OS X 10.4.3 für Intel-Prozessoren geknackt - German

NewsForge NewsVac: MacOS 10.4.3 Security Broken. And we're a little surprised..., Maxxuss strikes again!

LXer: Can Mac OS X in x86 dethrone Microsoft's Windows 10.4.3 voor Intel gekraakt - Dutch Neueste Beta-Version von Mac OS X x86 geknackt - German OSx86: New Leak, Rosetta Update, ATI Drivers, x86 iTunes

MacBytes: 10.4.3 Security Broken

[edit] November 20, 2005 OSx86: 10.4.3 Security Broken

[edit] November 15, 2005

PC Magazine: Can You Build a Mac on Intel Hardware?

ExtremeTech: How to Build an Intel Mac

[edit] November 10, 2005

The Apple Core: Mac OS X on x86 reviewed

[edit] November 7, 2005

Macfeber: Photo Booth för både Intel och PPC

[edit] November 5, 2005

PearPC (Chinese): OS X 10.4.3 已经被破解? - Chinese

[edit] November 4, 2005

The Inquirer: Intel OSX looks more like Power PC

Hack in the Box: Full OSX 10.4.3 DVD leaked

PC Pro: Apple's Intel-ready OS X on a par with Power PC-based range

The Mac Observer: Intel Version of OS X Now on Par with PowerPC Cousin

Mac Rumors: Intel and PowerPC Mac OS X Up to Date?

OSNews: Apple: System and Method for Creating Tamper-Resistant Code

[edit] November 3, 2005

Slashdot: Intel Mac OS X Catches Up With Older Brother Intel OS X Finally Catches Up With Its Older Brother

[edit] October 31, 2005

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: OSx86 up to 10.4.3 Mactel roundup

Hack in the Box: Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3 Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3

[edit] October 25, 2005 Building the $200 OSx86 Mac

[edit] October 8, 2005 Apple Seeds New 10.4.2 Build - There's A New MS In Town

[edit] October 5, 2005

Im Test: Der selbstgebaute Intel-Mac - German

[edit] September 27, 2005

The Mac Observer: The Slacker's Guide - Mac OS X & the Intel Universe

[edit] September 20, 2005 Jobs Says Pirates Will "Burn in Hell"

[edit] September 14, 2005 Apple Bolsters Mac OS X for Intel Development Efforts

[edit] September 12, 2005

Apple Seeds New Mac OS X for x86 Build, Locks Out Pirates

[edit] September 8, 2005

BoingBoing:HOWTO Install Mac OS X on a commodity Intel PC in 8 steps

[edit] September 7, 2005

MacFreak: Intel-techneut geeft meer info over OSx86 - Dutch

[edit] September 5, 2005 Intel Employee – Apple Will Likely Use Stock Intel Processors

MacBidouille: OSx86 Project - French

HardMac: OSx86 Project 收藏:x86平台Apple迷的家园 - Chinese?

[edit] September 4, 2005

TT-Hardware: MacOS X pour n'importe quel PC... - French Installer MacOS X sur tous les PC - French?

[edit] September 3, 2005

The Inquirer: Apple Intel fan club starts

Flexbeta: Apple Intel fan club starts

[edit] September 2, 2005 Windowsprogram i full fart på Intelmacar - Swedish

Macfeber: Windowsprogram under Mac OS X! - Swedish

[edit] August 29, 2005

Index: Tényleg fut - Hungarian?

[edit] August 27, 2005 Running Windows Programs in OSx86

[edit] August 18, 2005

Slashdot: Mac OS X on x86 Videos Get Apple's Attention Apple pakt howto's voor x86-versie Mac OS X aan - Dutch

[edit] August 17, 2005 Build Your Own Mac for $199

[edit] August 15, 2005 Hackers set OS X free from Apple Hackers bypass Mac OS X chip-security

IDG Japan: Intel Mac以外でx86対応Mac OSを走らせる手法がネットに公開 - Japanese

NewsForge: Apple OS for Intel cracked to run on PCs OSx86 spreading like wildfire Mac OS X auf PC - Transplantation gelungen - German

MAKE: Blog: Build Your Own Mac for $199

Infinite Loop: OS X on $199 budget hardware

PC Advisor: Mac OS for PCs available

TechSpot: Mac OS X on your PC... yes, it’s true! Hackers Put Mac OS X On PCs

Computerworld: Pirated version of MacOS for x86 available for install

Insanely Great Mac: Roll your own OSx86 boxen for $199

[edit] August 13, 2005

Heise online: Mac OS X auf 0815-PCs - German

Gaming Horizon: Hacked Mac OS X Hits The PC

gizmag: Mac hacks allow OS X on PCs

[edit] August 12, 2005

Information Week: Mac OS X For Intel Hacked, Runs On Any PC

Wired News: Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs

MacFreak: Mac OSx86 draait nu ook op PC's, maar... - Dutch

The Mac Observer: Hackers Get Mac OS X Running on Non-Apple PCs

MacDailyNews: Hacked 'OSx86' Apple Mac OS X for non-Apple PCs spreads via BitTorrent

PCWorld: Pirated Version of Mac OS for PCs Available Run OS X on your PC Mac OS X on Intel PC's? OSx86

Gear Live: Hacked OSx86 Will Run On PC Hardware

MacBytes: Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs

[edit] August 11, 2005

Slashdot: OS X Running on Non-Apple Hardware

Softpedia: Mac OS X Cracked and Running on a PC?

BetaNews: Mac OS X for Intel Leaked, Cracked

theory.isthereason: Mac OS X now running wild on PCs!

[edit] August 10, 2005 Mac OS on x86 PCs? OS X for Intel Cracked, Successfully Running on PC Hardware Mac OSx86 in the Wild!

[edit] August 8, 2005

MacWorld UK: Apple forbids Mac OS X on non-MacTel Macs

PC Magazine: Apple on the Brink

Addict3d: OS X hacked onto Generic x86 Hardware

[edit] August 7, 2005 OS X Hacked Onto Generic x86 Hardware

Warp2Search.Net: Install Mac OSx on Intel... NOW.

[edit] August 6, 2005

Daring Fireball: Trusted Wiki on OSx86

[edit] August 5, 2005

MacDailyNews: DRM chip in Intel-based developer Macs prevents Mac OS X from running on non-Apple PCs

Softpedia: Rumors about a TPM chip inside Intel-powered Macs

The Mac Observer: CNET Confirms Security Chip in Intel-Based Developer Machines Apple Security Chip Flawed? - India

[edit] August 4, 2005

CNet Much ado over Apple-Intel developer box

Engadget: OS X running on a TCPA/TPM-free x86 PC? Apple adopts controversial security chip

[edit] Incorrect Information

The following articles contain information that is, in fact, incorrect. They have been placed here to present an alternative viewpoint. Please take them with a pinch of salt (rice?). Apple verwende keine TCPA-Chips in den Entwickler-Macs - German

Slashdot: No DRM for Apple in Intel-based Macs

MacSlash: Apple Not Using Trusted Computing Architecture

[edit] August 3, 2005

Punto Informatico: MacOS X x86 è su Torrent Apple adopts controversial security chip

MacAddict: Inside stories (this is not a static link, so you may not be able to view this news item)

MACup: Trusted Platform Module 101 - German?

Computing: Apple adopts controversial security chip

[edit] Incorrect Information

The following articles contain information that is, in fact, incorrect. They have been placed here to present an alternative viewpoint. Please take them with a pinch of salt.

Open For Buisness: Palladium Not in Apple Dev Kits

[edit] August 2, 2005

MacSlash: OS X Intel Leaked; DRM Found

MacNN: Apple uses DRM to restrict Intel for OS X

techPowerUp!: Apple x86 OS X DVD leaked

Doom9 News (this is not a static link, so you may not be able to view this news item) Apple používá DRM - Czetch

digit: Apple blokuje oprogramowanie - Polish

TechIMO: Mac OS X Intel Leaked, DRM Exposed

Macsimum News: A look at 'Trusted Computing'

Macsimum News: Can you trust 'Trusted Computing'?

Noticias: Mac OS X sobre Intel ¿el primer sistema operativo "Palladium"? - Spanish

Tevac: OSx86, the Official Wiki of OS X on x86! - Italian

Open for Buisness: Apple’s DRM Move: The Work of a Ulysses?

O'Grady's PowerPage: Think DRM: Apple Adding Trusted Computing to OS X

[edit] August 1, 2005

Slashdot: Mac OS X Intel Kernel Uses DRM

Mac on Intel: Use of DRM verified in Mac OS X for kernel Mac OS X for Intel To Use DRM

Engadget: Apple uses Trusted Computing techniques in its Intel dev kit

MacDailyNews: Apple's Mac OS X Intel kernel employs DRM to prevent OS from working unless authorized

Apple Matters: Intel Inside! Now Improved With Delicious DRM

MacPress: DRM impede Mac OS X de rodar em qualquer PC - Spanish/Portuguese? OSX för x86 med DRM-skydd - Swedish

MacUser: Hackers examine OS X kernel for Intel-based Macs

Insanely Great Mac: OSx86 has DRM

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: DRM on Mactel Machines? OSx86 has DRM

MacGadget - German (this is not a static link, so you may not be able to view this news item) Los nuevos Mac con soporte TCPA - Spanish

dobleclic: Tecnología DRM en los nuevos MAC - Spanish

Des DRM dans le noyau de Mac OS X/Intel - French

Doc Searls' IT Garage: User Management Inside Tiger x86 bevat Trusted Platform extensie - Dutch

MacGeneration: Des DRM dans le noyau de Mac OS X/Intel - French

Little Gamers: New apple and how they plan to f*** us over I guess :( - Amusing little comic about the OSx86 Project's announcement for your enjoyment.

[edit] July 31, 2005

Boing Boing: Apple to add Trusted Computing to the new kernel?

[edit] July 30, 2005 Mac OS X86 Install DVD Leaked!

[edit] July 21, 2005 OS X x86 GUI requires a CPU with SSE3

[edit] July 13, 2005 OSx86Channel Website

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