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This is a list of installation guides that will help you to get OSx86 up and running.
If you are new to OSx86, please use one of the guides in the Recommended section. Good luck!

Please don't put your link anywhere but only in the right section.

'Caution!: Some of these guides don't adequately explain the partitioning process! This is critical as you can easily trash everything on your drive. Newbies should take time to fully understand what partitions are. (See partitions).


10.4.8 Guides

Complete OSX 10.4.8 Dual Boot guide
Intel only! You can use this guide with Kiko's combo update or JaS' SSE2/SSE3 update. Dual boot using Acronis so no need to mess with your boot.ini.

Full guide to dual booting three OSes
This is a full guide to dual booting Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu all on the same computer. This is for Intel only using the JaS install DVD. It incldues everything from partitioning to press the buttons. Spanish French German Japanese

10.4.7 Guides

Simple 10.4.7 Update, currently Intel Only!
Got the point? Intel Only at the moment, don't even dare to try this on your AMD machine... (Technically should work with Venice Core Athlon 64's)

Complete OSX 10.4.7 Dual Boot guide
Very clear and easy guide. No need to mess with with Linux live cd's or with your boot.ini. Also covers the creation of a 'rescue diskette'. This one is also Intel only by the way... not for AMD (Technically should work with Venice Core Athlon 64's)

OSX-X86 Official Home Page
This is a universal installation guide for all disk images from 10.4.1 to 10.4.7 so far. This guide applies to the Jas image....

10.4.6 Guides

Simple 10.4.6 Update
Easy way to update to 10.4.6. Broken OS not included

Complete OSX 10.4.6 Dual Boot guide
Very clear and easy guide. No need to mess with Linux live cd's or with your boot.ini. Also covers the creation of a 'rescue diskette'. (Note - Website may force you to use Firefox browser in order to view the page; disabling JavaScript temporarily will stop this and it displays fine in IE 7)

Complete MacOS X86 10.4.6 Installation guide
Details step by step how I went about installing a HOTiSO release DVD (really a clone of a JaS release) on my VIA chipset AMD Athlon 64 laptop. Contains many tips and tricks contained around the forums all in one place and is more complete than most other install guides I've seen(manga).

10.4.5 Guides

Mac OS X86 10.4.5 Installation guide
This is a installation guide that should be used if you are starting from scratch with a myzar's DVD in hand it installs 10.4.5 written By DR Choc if there are any questions about this installation guide please leave a comment at the bottom and I will try to help.(Warning, bad grammar ahead)

Install 10.4.5 on AMD using Myzars DVD image

FINAL VIDEO TUTORIAL (VMware for run Native) 10.4.5 With Myzar ISO for AMD and Intel System, excellent !! Check It - Now available in English and Spanish !!

Install Mac OSX86 10.4.5 on VMware 5
Clear, straightforward, and simple guide to installing Mac OS X86 10.4.5 on VMware.

10.4.4 Guides

Just use the Myzar image and in options in the customize button don't check the Hacked 10.4.5 install box.

How to install 10.4.4 on Dell Inspiron 8500

10.4.3 Guides

10.4.3 build 8F1111A install guide
The first complete start-to-finish 10.4.3 installation guide!

Install and Configure OSx86
This is a start-to-finish guide for 10.4.1 with 10.4.3 notes appended.

10.4.3 Install Guide
A start-to-finish guide on how to install 10.4.3 and some troubleshooting info

Installing 10.4.3 with nForce SATA drives
Install guide for non-supported SATA drives.

10.4.1 Guides

Install OSX Tiger on Intel Machines (or USB Drives) Using Only Windows Software

A Complete 10.4.1 Install Guide & Forums
A complete install guide and forums for mac os x x86. This guide is extremely easy to understand with detailed instructions. This guide also includes dual boot directions and how to make SSE3 directions work on SSE2 in 10.4.1

The easiest native install (works on SSE2 and SSE3 processors)
The result will be a dual boot system with both operating systems running on a partition as big as you want.

Install and Configure OSx86
Also, covers solutions to common problems.

Tech|ZONE's Guide
Explains the Vinc0r DD Method with screenshots.

OSX.4.1 on your Intel

International Guides

Installation guide in Hungarian(10.4.4-10.4.7)
Magyar telepítési útmutató és wiki

Installation Guide in Turkish (for OSX 10.4.6)
Türkçe MacOS x86 Kurulum Rehberi

Installation guide in Spanish (for OSX 10.4.5)
Instalacion en español, con los torrents y parches para descargar.
Programas- Native Install - VMware Install
Installation in Spanish

Installation guide in Dutch (for OSX 10.4.3)
Nederlandse installatiehandleiding voor OSX 10.4.3.

Installation guide in Italian (for OSX 10.4.3)
Come installare OS X 10.4.3 su un PC.

Installation guide in Japanese (for OSX 10.4.3)
Mac OS X 10.4.3.

Installation guide in Arabic
Arabic guide to install OSX using the Vinc0r's DD method with screenshots.

Installation guide in French
Guide d'installation en français de l'image VMware "deadmoo" sur disque dur. Convient pour les débutants.

Installation guide in German
Deutsche Anleitung zur Installation des "deadmoo" VMware Images auf einer Festplatte. Auch für Anfänger geeignet.

Installation guide in Polish
Polish guide to install OS X using Vinc0r's DD metod or install DVD.

Recommended Guides
Good Guide that tells you how to build a $200 Macintel. Based on Windows Installation.

Install on a Partition, Simple and Accurate
Don't try this guide if you have a DVD image. However, if you don't have anything to start with, follow the instructions here :

10.4.3 build 8F1111A easy install guide
An easy way to install OSX 10.4.3 on your pc. Absolutely no computer knowledge needed, also covers the creation of a "get my stuck pc to work" disk.

Hacking a Mac
Oriented to installing OSX86 10.4.3 8F1111 Jas4b patch on a stock Dell, but applies to other systems easily -- very simple and complete and readable "walk through" of the process, good for low-tech folks. Also long background discussion of the OSX86 project and its implications.

The Best Guide On The Net!

Dual Boot

How to Create a Simple Dual Boot System (Win XP/Mac OS 10.4.6/10.4.7/10.4.8)
A simple guide on how to get a dual boot running in less than 25 minutes!

How to dual boot OS X with Xp and any other operating system
An extremly simple guide on How to dual boot OS X with Xp and any other operating system.

Triple booting Windows, Linux, and OSX86
A guide on how to get a triple boot up and running.

HowTo: Dual boot Mac OS X86 and Win XP
Step by step guide of dual booting Win XP and Mac OS X (10.4.1)

The easiest native install (works on SSE2 and SSE3 processors)
The result will be a dual boot system with both operating systems running on a partition as big as you want.

Uses CentOS and Grub.

10.4.3 Install Guide
A start-to-finish guide on how to install 10.4.3, dual boot and some troubleshooting info

Use Multibooting Reference
Shows how to use WinGrub in place of Grub according to above article.

UNEASYsilence's "Non-Destructive" Dual Boot Guide
GUide to install Tiger using a disk image, without destroying your Windows installation. The process is simple, but slow at times.

360Insider's Dual Boot XP/2k
Brought to you by Justin Nolan, the code cracker of OSx86

Install to a USB Hard Drive
How to install OSx86 on a USB Drive.

Install on a Partition, Simple and Accurate
Start with this one if you want to install. Created by members of the OSx86Project

Install OSx86 in two ways
Two ways to install OSx86.

A Complete 10.4.1 Install Guide & Forums For ALl!
This install and dual boot guide is very simple with forums which means that THERE IS TECHNICAL SUPPORT! This webite also has a guide to convert SSE3 directions into SSE2. ENJOY!

Native Hardware (after installation)

Laptop Install w/ home-made dongle
(This is a forum link regarding laptop install problems, especially blue screens at boot. An external monitor is needed, or if you have none, this describes making a dongle that will pacify the OS.)

How to patch .kext for ATI Radeon
Enable QE and CL with your ATI Radeon card and set your custom resolution

Change the resolution
(this works on, lets say 90% of all computer hardware. before trying, pray you're in that 90%)

Post installation hacks to speed up your computer
A collection of the best forum posts

Nvidia Video Drivers for OSX86
(A third party driver install package offered my the MacVidia project. Allows you to adjust your resolution if you have an NVidia video Card)

Other Helpful Information from this wiki

Speed Tweaks

Building Darwin

AC97 Audio Guide

Good Tips and Tricks

[Possible] Guide to Networking

The proper boot order

If you get a "HFS+ partition error" the easiest way is to format your hard drive and just start over. Download Gparted Live Cd ( which is only 30MB. Boot into that and then read the online documentation on how to create and format your partitions and disks. Create 3 partitions of any size, as long as the X86 partition is larger than 7GB. Create a NTFS partition, a EXT3 partition, and a FAT32 partition.

Get into your BIOS setup (On a Dell, you usually press F2 at the DELL logo bootup) find somewhere in there about UMA memory settings, and change it to 8MB instead of 1MB, or you have a big chance of having black and white setup and such in X86. Dell Inspiron 1150's cannot have the UMA changed, sorry.

Install Windows first. Either Vista or XP is fine, but beware, I just installed Vista and it takes of 10GB! Then Install Ubuntu Linux (donwload the ISO or get a free ship-it CD from them, shipping is free) or another flavour as long as it has GRUB built into it. I recommend Ubuntu for it's ease of use and GRUB. Then Install X86. Using DiskUtility to format your FAT32 partition as FAT32 once, then format it with HFS Journaled (HFS+). The installation only takes about 10 minutes or so, but Vista takes a little longer and so does Ubuntu.

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