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This is a list of installation guides that will help you to get OSx86 up and running.
If you are new to OSx86, please use one of the guides in the Recommended section.

Please do not copy the content form one site to another site, please use original content in your site.

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Some of these guides don't tell you how to partition, please see the bottom of the page for details on partitioning or see Partitions.


Information for new users

If you want to install OSX on your Intel or AMD computer, your computer processor needs to support at least SSE2. You can check for SSE2 support with a program called CPU-Z. It is recommended that your computer supports SSE3 for application compatibility, speed and performance. Make sure to check which version of OSx86 you need for your processor.

Wikipedia on SSE2 and on SSE3. These pages feature a list of supported CPUs. Using CPU-Z is more accurate though.

10.5.5 Guides

10.5.2 Guides

10.5.1 Guides

10.5.0 Guides

10.4.9 Guides

10.4.8 Guides

10.4.7 Guides

10.4.5 Guides

10.4.4 Guides

10.4.3 Guides

10.4.1 Guides

International Guides

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  • Installation guide in German
    Deutsche Anleitung zur Installation des "deadmoo" VMware Images auf einer Festplatte. Auch für Anfänger geeignet.

Update Guides

USB Drive Installation Guides

VMware Install Guides

Dual Boot

Native Hardware (after installation)

Other Helpful Information from this wiki

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