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KQ Computers is a PC Programming Corporation committed to the release and development of mac apps and os x for PC consumption. If you have any questions, go to [www.insanelymac.com].

Instructions on how to install Leopard on a HpCompaq DC5100 MT Base Unit


   1) Kalyway_Leo_10.5.1 Install DVD (You can obtain a copy from a torrent site of your choice.)
                   -A Blank DVD (To burn the install image of course!)
   2) DVD-RW Drive (Of course!)
                   -DVD burning software.
   3) Mac OS X Leopard License (Just in case you run into any legal problems, you can say you bought it!)


Now that the essentials are taken care of, we can get started with the process. If you just downloaded the Kalyway_Leo ISO image, burn it to a DVD with any image burning software of your choice. Once you are finished, re-insert the DVD back into your computer, and then restart.

   1. After the HP logo disappears from your screen, it should boot to the darwin boot-loader on your DVD.
   2. Press <F8>
   3. Type in -v
   4. You should now see text scrolling on your monitor/display.
                   -Be patient as this can take as long as 10 minutes to complete depending on your system configuration and speed.
   5. You will be able to tell that the setup utility has loaded when the scrolling stops and a star-field wallpaper appears on your screen.
   6. Select your language, then click next.
   7. Now, we must format your drive to HFS+ format (Mac FileSystem).
                   -At the top of your screen, their should be a leopard menu labeled Utilities. Select this, then select Disk Utility.
                   -After Disk Utility opens, select your Hard Drive on the left hand side of the window. It should be labeled disk0.
                   -Now select the ERASE tab.
                   -Under the ERASE tab, there should be a drop down box (It should currently read MS-DOS Partition or something like that)
                   -Click on that box and select MAC OS X JOURNALED.
                   -Name the volume Leopard, then select the ERASE button at the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
                   -After the partitioning is finished, exit disk utility by clicking the red button on the top left hand corner off the window.
   8. Select continue.
   9. Click I agree.
   10. Select the Hard Drive Icon labeled Leopard, then select continue.
   11. Now select customize, and add these:
                   -Select Graphics or Video --> Intel --> IntelGMA900.
                   -Select Third Party Apps, and add any third party apps that you may want to your installation!
   12. Select Done or Continue.
   13. Select Install.
   14. Do not skip disk verification!! Only skip if you are sure that your dvd is free from defects or scratches!
   15. The rest of the install should be nice and simple. Enjoy and Good Luck! . .
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