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[edit] What Is A kernel

The kernel is the heart and center of the OS, the kernel is considered to be the OS core and it is the third code part to load at power boot time.

[edit] Mach Kernel

Macintosh / Hackintosh computers (a.k.a. mac computers) relay on apple's kernel named "XNU" that is based on the mach kernel architecture, the mach kernel is an independent kernel, meaning that whatever OS would like to use it can, there for it is independent of the OS that uses it (unlike other kernels), mach kernel was developed at the "Carnegie-Mellon University" at 1980 and implemented at many systems, the mach 3.0 version used as the first baseline for apple's XNU mach kernel.

the mach kernel is responsible for:

  • preemptive multitasking, including kernel threads
  • protected memory
  • protected memory
  • virtual memory management
  • inter-process communication
  • interrupt management
  • real-time support
  • kernel debugging support
  • console I/O

XNU kernel also contains BSD components on top of the mach architecture, this is gives apple OS X the Unix-like OS status, since these components is based on FreeBSD which is Unix-like OS, these components impact the way you work with the OS, the way threads and memory are managed (created, forked, terminated), it brings the shell notion, 'etc' config, and 'dev' as hardware device representation, it incorporates the unix user management and the security model and it support some of the POSIX API.

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